Wednesday, February 18, 2015

On False Equivalence

False Equivalence FAILS promote the Animal Uncontrol problem.  Indeed, it is probably the #1 rhetorical gimmick employed by the "enemy".  Victim Blaming/Shaming is probably #2, although the 2 gimmicks may overlap.

In any case, here is a good example of False Equivalence:

Me - Did you see those last 2 ISIS videos?  Those ISIS guys are total savages!
You - If you want to see a "savage", go look in the mirror:  You just ate a cup of yogurt that contains HOW many live bacteriums?  You are a genocidal monster!

Note that the two are not equivalent.  Generally (amongst the sane population), the lives of bacteria are considered to be of less consequence than that of human beings.  Therefore, the latest ISIS outrage is not comparable to eating a cup of yogurt.  Yes, both actions took lives but they are not the same thing.  The 2 scenarios are falsely equivalent.

Pursuant to that, the dog bite epidemic in general, and the Pit Bull mauling scenarios in particular are likewise "protected" by fools and liars that regularly engage in false equivalence.  They say, "Chihuahuas bite MORE than Pit Bulls!  Lets ban them first!"...  Is an excellent example of false equivalence.  Even if that were true (I don't know and I don't care) the claim simply does not matter as a chihuahua can not do anywhere near as much damage to a human body as a pit bull.  Hamsters and gerbils bite too... has anyone had their head crushed by a gerbil recently?  I am thinking never.

Moving along, false equivalence has promoted the pro-barking movement, and is indeed one of the main reasons our neighborhoods, parks and public places now sound like kennels.

"Hey, parakeets CHIRP, Cats MEOW, and gerbils have SQUEAKY EXERCISE WHEELS!  So what if Fido barks for 29 minutes out of every half hour, day and night and that can be heard for a half mile radius???  QUIET YOUR PARAKEET YOU THUG!"

Comparing the noise LEVEL and DURATION of dogs to ANY other animal, wild or domestic, is classic false equivalence. Indeed, it is the GODZILLA of false equivalence!

So, we have 2 things to consider.

1)  Noise LEVEL.  Decibel level.
2)  Noise DURATION.   How long the noise disturbance occurs.

Dogs win on both counts by a huge margin - they are the majority of low hanging fruit.

Indeed, it is rare that I can go ANYWHERE and not hear dogs barking.  Due to my aggressive elimination of the nuisance barkers across the street, I have no nuisance barkers within 100 yards or so.  At present, I have no critical dog related noise issues.  However, if you extend that radius to ~250 yards, you have NOTHING but barking.  I step outside and pretty much any time of the day or night and I hear:

Barking to the WEST
Barking to the NORTH
Barking to the SOUTH

Why no barking to the East?  Simply because that is empty land (owned by the local public water utility).  It is devoid of human beings, which translates into DEVOID OF MALICIOUS DOG OWNERS.

Moreover, I am subject to barking:
- When camping.
- When hiking.
- When grocery shopping.

The only reason I am not subject to the non-stop barking of others dogs INSIDE my home is due to the block war I started and won over that a few years ago.  While I can hear dogs bark outside, they are at least far enough away that I do not hear them INSIDE.

Going forward, anyone trying to "defend" or deflect the barking scourge with false equivalence will have their ass handed to them.  Strictly for your own sake - DO NOT TRY IT.

Have a great evening!


  1. My neighborhood sounds like a kennel and I can't even open my back door without my neighbors loudmouthed St. Bernard going off like a case of explosive diarrhea. Most of these people really aren't taking proper care of the dog. Example: the St. Bernard. It is not allowed in the house unless it is unusually cold, it's confined on the small back porch and can't even wander the small back yard. The dog is bored, lonely, under exercised, under stimulated, and desperate for companionship. Why are people permitted to keep an animal in this manner? I can't even complain to animal control unless I have a WITNESS. What other CRIME requires me to provide a witness? If this isn't desperation to NOT do their job I don't know what is.

    1. I can hear this dog in EVERY room of the house, even the bathroom (which isn't against an outside wall) with the door closed and water running. Btw, the Chihuahua thing isn't true.

    2. St. Bernards can be killers, too. Be careful!

    3. Animal control agencies hold barking victims to an unreasonable burden of proof. It's time for these agencies to get hit with some BIG lawsuits.

  2. Huge breeds kill quickly due to their size. Small breeds kill slowly due to their hyperactive boredom. Both create infected bite wounds due to the uncleanliness of their teeth and saliva. No matter which dog you get, it will still be a danger in one form or the other. It's either death by hypertension or death by getting ripped apart. I don't want either poison to be picked, thank you. I like a world of choice, and I choose neither type of dog. Why even have them at all? Why aren't there statistics of chronic barking across the nation? Really, all we hear are bites, but chronic barking is much more common! How many people have gone insane because of the chihuahua next door, or one of those tiny ball sized mixed-bred mutts that look like rats? Be aggressive when getting rid of chronic barkers. Passive-submissive people go crazy because of their don't-do-anything attitude.

    Too bad nobody of sane mind outside of these forums will understand this.

    1. Hi Puma, agreed - being attacked by a "lesser" dog is NOT a "good" thing, simply that it is not the same thing.

  3. I agree with Puma. Chronic barking is much more common than fatal dog attacks.

    Speaking as one who has been involved in advocating for victims of these attacks, I have this to say: The attack victim advocacy is WAY better organized than we are. Yes, the pit bull fan is still better organized. And funded.

    So, what should we do? Get organized -- and fast. That big $500k judgment against a barking dog is a huge game changer for us. Let's use it for all its worth!

    1. Agreed: The civil judgement is a good bludgeon to use against the malicious and irresponsible - print off a copy of that complaint and send it to the owner of every yard barker in your neighborhood.

      On organization: This "movement" needs a national figurehead, and such a person has not yet emerged. Part of the problem is, every time a grassroots movement emerges, it gets taken over by demented animal rightists and/or dog worshipers who take it in the wrong (but oh so right for them) direction.

    2. The figurehead might be ripped down by the enemy to destroy morale and scatter us, thereby ruining the movement. It has to be under the waves, and when the time comes, we rise from the deep like a giant sea serpent. After we make our damage, we hide back into the depths. They're well-funded, but we have anonymity and the internet, so we can use this like guerrilla warfare. We cut the legs out from underneath them, then cut off the head. The internet can be used to destroy reputations and bring to light what's in the shadows.

      Get what I mean?

  4. Ah, yes, the dog worshippers. As in, the people who tell us that we should get dog owners on our side, and that the barking is NEVER the dog's fault.

    1. And, if I may indulge in a bit of self-promotion, here are some quiet weapons that we can use in this war: