Sunday, February 13, 2022

The trouble with Pibbles

Pitbulls.   Pitbulls, everywhere!   The other day, my ring cam chimes.  I go to the door (should have checked the video first), and what do I see?   An at-large pitbull, what else would it have been?   He charges when I open the door, so I slam the door in his face.   Fido may have only been selling girl-scout cookies, maybe not.  Best to err on the side of caution.

The proliferation of pit bulls is just astounding.  It seems that, everywhere I go I see pitbulls.  Many of my neighbors now have them.  Its very common to see someone walking one or more pitbulls whenever driving in or out of here.  The other day I saw a woman walking her 2 pitbulls:  She is totally detached, focus entirely on her smartphone, holding the leashes loosely.   I was hiking a state park yesterday and saw multiple pitbulls, one of them off leash (who growled at me).

I have a hypothesis that may explain this mass proliferation of pitbulls.  I now hold the belief that pitbulls reproduce similar to single celled organisms, not mammals.   Each pitbull undergoes a mitosis every 24 hours or so.   By that I mean that each pitbull divides in half, creating 2 pitbulls in its place.  The exponential growth of the pitbull population can't be explained in any other way.  

The below meme sums up what I am contemplating here:

Coming to a neighborhood near YOU!

Have a great Sunday!