Thursday, September 28, 2017

Flying the Dog Friendly Skies!

Listen up good, peons!  Fido's right to fly exceeds yours!  Suck it, proles!

A woman was dragged off a Los Angeles-bound Southwest Airlines flight Tuesday after telling crew members she had a life-threatening pet allergy. There were two dogs aboard.
“Everything was very quiet up until a decision was made that this woman would have to be physically removed from the plane,” said Bill Dumas, who provided video of the incident to KTLA. “She just put up a lot of resistance and was adamant about not being taken off the plane.”
In a statement, Southwest said... any passenger without a medical certificate may be denied boarding if he or she reports a life-threatening allergic reaction and cannot travel safely with an animal on board. The passenger was unable to provide a medical certificate, the airline stated.

Get your ass off that plane, you two legged hooligan!   How dare you be allergic to DOG!

Here is the video:

Flying just keeps becoming more and more ridiculous.  Perhaps soon, humans won't be allowed to fly at all?  

The comments on YouTube are absolutely priceless.  Consider such priceless gems such as "stop acting like a privileged bitch! follow the instructions and get your ass off the plane. why does everyone think they're entitled to some special treatment these days?"   I suppose that is due to the fact that some people cling to the antiquated notion that human rights exceed dog rights?  What right does someone have to bring a dog on to a plane, anyway?  Oh, I'm sure it was some sort of "comfort animal" (i.e. pet) the dog worshipper could not do without. 

Have a great evening, everybody!