Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy Belated New Year

Hello my dozen or so regulars!

Happy 2015 to all!  Check out on the right... 2015 is shaping up to be a banner year for dog on human killings.

Got a message from an individual regarding a mega barking dog FAIL.  Will be composing an essay on that within the next week or so. 

Thought for the day:  First principles.  These are foundational laws/truths from which everything else flows.  If you accept a first principle, you must accept all secondary and tertiary principles resulting from that first principle.  In other words, if you accept that 1+1=3, then 10+10=30 and so forth.  When you hit the wall, you must examine your first principles.

On a lighter note, this dog needs an owner.   The little bugger actually looks a bit cute.   A pit bull head on a dachshund body?!!!  How much better can it get?!   Look, everything above your knees are safe... how can you go wrong?


  1. Make that 13! I'm a new fan to all the dog blogs. The world is WAKING up. I haven't even been personally affected (yet) by these maulings. But, I'm the kind of gal who learns from others. . . the more you know, the better you do.

    Thank you for spreading the truth

    1. Greetings! Thanks for writing. Feel free to comment whatever and whenever you feel appropriate.

  2. I saw that pitshund. Looks like it got the worst traits from both parent dogs.

    1. On the bright side it might be low enough to stomp to death.


  4. A new year means new maulings. Here's my advice for other people when their children encounter dogs:

    Teach the child not to even get near the dog. Don't pet it, feed it, or even look at it, no matter what noise it makes or what it tries to do. Just quickly walk away before the beast finds your child to be a tasty screaming treat. Do not encourage the dog owner with any praise or attention. It's what they want. Deny them their ego food.

    Teach the child not to even like dogs. They're not likable beasts. Falling for the mutt machine is just society's expectations and they're unreal expectations as is. Do you really want the stress of losing money to an unnatural creature that doesn't even pay rent or gasoline bills? At least your child will grow up to help support you. The dog will not.

    Teach the child to be against dogs. The more humans rise against groups like the ASPCA and such, the better all of us will be in the long run. Seriously, they've been running this abysmal show for too long and it's time for the carnival of freaks to pack up and hit the tracks. The price tag is too high for this low-quality circus act that these groups have been doing.

    Educate your child about the pure dangers of dogs and having them in cities and suburban areas. Dogs have no place here in human society. They are merely guests. They are expected to behave. If they do not behave, they are OUT. No compromise.

    Tell them not to believe in anything the ASPCA puts out, not even their pledges. Their pledges are total bullshit and will be one of the many culprits in getting the fruit from your loins killed if followed. The ASPCA and other organizations like them are only in it for the money, not your child's safety. That's your job anyway, parents (it's also your job to teach your hooligans how to behave in public places but that's for another topic on another forum).

    Last, but not least: Supervise (meaning WATCH for any stupid parents reading this) your children AT ALL TIMES. A dog can attack in different ways at any time of day, including keeping you awake at night. Keep a weapon handy if you find the mutt at your doorstep tearing down the doorknob or yapping at your window. Kill it, for the safety of yourself and your offspring. The authorities will not help you. Animal Control will not help you. Your neighbors will not help you. Animal Rights activists will not help you. Animal groups and organizations will not help you. It's just you and many other victims like you fending off living weapons from tearing them to shreds or driving them insane.

    Do you want your child to grow up disfigured all because they wanted to pet a strange specie of canine that has a bad name as is? If I were you, parents reading this, I would not. Fortunately, I am not you and I will not suffer any headache or heartache since I am not liable to make extra foolish mistakes that will get the fruit of my own loins killed as I don't have kids. It's survival of the most adaptable, ladies and gentlemen. Start surviving. This is gonna be a fun doggy shoot, I can tell. I would joke about this but the mounting numbers of dead and driven insane are too far off the charts currently.

    Happy 2015!

    1. @anon 11:05 -

      Great comment. Not much to add, though I look forward to more comments from you in the future.

      Do you have a name or a handle?

    2. Puma, which is another name for Mountain Lion, an endangered species of big cat that's been unjustly targeted by mutt lovers across the nation. It'll be my name for now. I'm sure we've met before somewhere, Animal Uncontrol. Thank you for reading the long comment I had posted before.

    3. Puma- You might like what I do with my kids re pits. I wanted to teach them to spot these monsters from 100 yards for safety sake, so we made a game out of it. I was inspired by the classic game "punch bug" aka "Slug Bug" (less the punching, the kids are only almost 3 and 4.5).


      I taught them to look for, point out, and loudly say "MAULER!" when they see one. MAULERS include any pit bull, bulldog derivative, rottweiler, large mastiff war type dogs. This is worth one point.

      You get a second point for IDing the mauler as a pit, pit mix, am bull, rottie, etc. (Best guess, but this is pretty easy IMO)

      A third point is awarded if you find a good escape route, and its doubled for creativity.

      It's a fun ongoing game. I WANT them to know the dangers, to stay far away, and this has worked like a charm. You can't create avoidance if they cannot *spot the mauler*! And it's amazing how fast, and far away, they can spot and ID them, proving that its easy to ID a pit. So easy a 2yr old can do it (started the game awhile back).

      It's also funny when the owners hear them and get mad, or one of the kids loudly say "Mommy you have your knife, right?", or other gems like "Thats a bad killer dog", or the classic "Pits eat kids faces off!" The best is when the child of the mauler owner tries to tell my 4yr old that HIS dog is really nice, and gets "Thats a MAULER, maulers are NOT NICE" in return. Schooled by a preschooler. LOL forever.

      (Sadly, my 4.5yr old is up to 15, Im at 10 (I get half points), the almost 3yr old is at 5- and this is like round 10, and only started late last week. Sigh.Its a PIT HOLE here, and since they are even in spaces that ought to be dog free, there is no escape. This is NOT morbid IRL either, we play it right alongside "I Spy" and "Punch Buggie!". Its a learning game that can save a life. )