Friday, February 13, 2015

First Amendment Apocalypse - Part I

Burn, baby, BURN!

I get a kick out of the “Save Mickey” Facebook page.  There, you have a bunch of degenerates PUBLICLY CELEBRATING a worthless mutt with not one but TWO notches in its belt (another dead dog and a kid with his face ripped off), yet these miscreants have the unmitigated CHUZPAH to demand the SILENCE of their critics.  Additionally, the page has now “evolved” to protect the interests of OTHER known maulers.

Hey “Save Mickey”:  YOU run one of the most offensive sites on the internet.  YOU should be grateful for freedom of speech every day!  You don’t like what other people have to say?  You want to shut everyone else up?  How would you like it if WE shut YOU up?  I don’t think you would like that too much.  Facebook COULD pull your forum, you know.

Pursuant to that, it looks like Mickey’s lawyer, John Schill, flunked his Constitutional law AND his ethics classes:  Note that I added a few comments of my own in [brackets].

We have been asked to post this message.

To Dogs Suck:

Rarely, if ever, do I get involved in the workings of this Page. However, today you tested my patience with your vile hatred towards Mickey. Mickey, a dog whom I have worked very hard to save, and care very much about.

I am sorry you do not understand people's love for dogs, and for that I feel sorry for you.
For myself, I do love Mickey. Yes, he has a checkered past [that is one way of putting it… Ted Bundy had a “checkered past” too!], there is no denying it. However, I do care very much about him, and I was devastated today when I found out he may have cancer.....

Now I see your posts, in which you hope Mickey dies, and they infuriate me. Whom are you to wish that upon any dog or any of God's creatures?  [Pit bulls are a creation of Man, genius.  They are consumer products designed and produced by one group of people to meet the needs of another group of people].

It was easy to ban you from this page, all it took was the admin to press a button. However, I still cannot get your harsh words out of my mind. [Kind of like the rest of us can’t get the image of Kevin’s face out of our minds?]

So Dogs Suck or whomever is hiding behind that name, I am calling you out. Post as yourself, and take responsibility for your posts. [how about YOU take responsibility for the carnage your monsters create. Words don’t rip faces off, counsellor] Then agree to meet me, so we can openly debate the value of dogs in our lives. I would be more than happy to pay for you to fly you to Phoenix, pick a neutral location, and even arrange to have the media present for this debate. Then you and I could debate this issue in the open, rather than hiding behind a keyboard. [So you and your dog-nut buddies can pile on?]

So Dogs Suck, it is time to put up or shut up.

John Schill

Somebody said something bad about dogs on the internet!  O the Dogmanity!

I am half-tempted to tell Schill that *I* am “Dogs Suck” (I am not) or at least filling in for the guy in this “Debate”.  I would be glad to debate Schill ON MY TERMS. 

Now, I grant that simply purging someone from your forum, by itself, is not outside the (legal) boundary of the Bill of Rights:  A right to speak does not translate into a right to be heard and no one should be forced to grant you a forum to promote your agendas.

That said, dog fanatics have clearly stepped over those bounds as they DO appeal to authorities to silence anyone critical of dogs:  Consider this essay from a couple of years ago.

Additionally, these fanatics will employ physical threats to silence their opposition. For example, the last “Walk for victims of Pit Bulls and other dangerous dogs” was cancelled due to death threats.  That sounds like an infringement to me.  What’s the point of the first amendment if anyone and everyone can bully others into silence?  Is it any wonder those who critique this status quo want to remain anonymous?  

It seems to me that these folks have escalated to "outing" their critics, which seems like a thinly veiled threat to me.

Moreover, freedom of speech is not merely a rule, it is an ETHIC.  It is simply what is right.  I catch flak from various people on this forum on a frequent basis:  Defenders of Jerry Lenton, folks who believe dogs are “persons”, left wing nuts on my “public assistance” essays, flak from the “HaterZ”, and a few other examples.  All these “Critiques” are left up for all to see*.  I don’t HAVE to do it, but I do so for the following reasons:

1)      Silencing your opposition is unethical and counter to the civilizational values that we ALL LIVE BY.  The bill of rights is not merely a set of laws used to limit what the government can do (it does that) it lays down our core rights as people.

2)      My critics do an excellent job of making fools of themselves, so why would I prevent them from doing so?

3)      (This is a knockout blow).  Your position either stands on its own or it doesn’t.  If you are in a position where you MUST silence your critics, you are admitting you own a lost cause.  “Save Mickey” CAN’T be criticized, simply because it can’t hold up to any criticism.  To them, facts and logic are like sunlight and holy water to a vampire.  

(* note that I DO delete commercial spam and there are a couple of other scenarios where I might censor a commenter – freedom of speech is not an “unlimited” right).

Everything I put forth has a foundation in First Principles.  When considering the Mickey/Kevin fiasco, it’s important to consider that there were FACTS of the matter that were DELETED from the “Save Mickey” page, such as:

-          Mickey had attacked and killed another dog prior.

-          Kevin was a GUEST on the property at the time NOT a trespasser.

-          The “bone” was lying on the ground.  Kevin did NOT take it from Mickey’s mouth.

Not that the above factoids really matter too much, in my opinion:  There is no reason for a dog to rip the face off of a 4 year old, so Mickey should have been destroyed on the spot and the owner jailed regardless.  However, the “Save Mickey” people will delete anyone posting the known FACTS of the matter as that conflicts with their agenda.

This tracks back to the overarching topic of the blog – what we are seeing here is the product of a degenerating society – one that puts the interests of individual killer animals about that of all people.  

More on this later… Happy Lucky Friday!


  1. I agree entirely, dogs that are dangerous to humans, who have a proven propensity toward viciousness, no matter what breed, should be put down for the safety of the public. The Mickey page is beyond disgusting and vile as are the people who defend this POS dog and its entire POS breed. I wish I knew someone at the prison so I could pay them to put antifreeze in Mickey's water. No dog will grow up to find a cure for cancer, or develop the interstellar engine, or solve the Grand Unification Theory. But someone's kid will-maybe even Kevin. I can't believe that people have nothing better to do than watch that POS animal lick its ass and sleep. Their IQ just go down a few points every day.

  2. I too, Hate Mickey.

    I Hate Mickey, and everyone who knowingly puts their friends', relatives', neighbors' and strangers' health and lives below their "love" for their dogs.

    I also HATE the misguided, and/or money grubbing lawyers who defend such dogs and their owners.

    I also hate barking dogs, dogs that jump on people, dogs that kill other dogs, dogs that kill and harass livestock, humans, wildlife, etc, and ALL THOSE OWNERS OF SAID DOGS that allow them to do these things.

    I love my dogs, but I know DAMNED WELL YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO HATE THEM, whenever, however or why-ever you want to, and you have the RIGHT TO SAY SO. Even if you hate them because of their color, or size or just because they are dogs.

    I have no right to expect you not to voice your opinions.

    And if they mauled a kid or livestock or made your life miserable by barking day and night, you have a right to wish them dead, even to demand them dead.

    So I too wish Mickey would die, preferably quickly and painlessly, so he doesn't garner any more sympathy, and because I don't want anything to suffer.

    I wish that some of the folks fawning over Mickey will someday feel the pain his victims felt, and publicly retract their support. Oh wait, that's a contradiction...

    But GUESS WHAT? This is the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave and it is MY RIGHT to even express CONTRADICTIONS!

    I can HATE Muhammed or Jesus or Buddha or the Prez, or the Founding Fathers, ANYONE I DAMNED WELL PLEASE AND I CAN SAY SO BECAUSE THIS IS AMERICA and not Saudi-Fucking-Arabia, thank you very much! And thank my Father and Grandfathers and Uncles and EVERYONE who fought to preserve that right!

    1. Exactly. I can't believe the way people allow their dogs to behave these days. My dog have a three bark limit. Once I hear number three I go to the door or window, open it, and tell him to STFU. And he does. Guess what? Dogs are TRAINABLE. Too many people just don't get off their lazy ass and train them; or are the kind of people who enjoy making everyone else's life miserable with their barking lawn ornament or fanged missile.

  3. ^^ what cazz said ^^

    "Your position either stands on its own or it doesn’t. If you are in a position where you MUST silence your critics, you are admitting you own a lost cause."

    bravo animal uncontrol :-)

  4. nobody covers the topic of mickey and kevin like you. i can't wait for part 2.

  5. I wish Mickey would have been put down, to begin with. The only way a dog bite is ever justified is in clear defense of it's owners or property, or if they're being attacked in some way and defending themselves. That seems to be the most rare kind. I don't hate dogs, but I do hate dogs that go onto someone else's property and attack them, their children, their pets, their livestock. I hate dogs that "somehow" get out and go on rampages. I don't care for dogs that won't shut the hell up when I'm walking by on the sidewalk and minding my own business. I don't care for the snarling monster next door that makes me carry a knife everywhere. It hasn't attacked anyone yet, though I hear it's bitten one of it's stupid owners. They like to scare it with firecrackers and hit it with hiking boots. Honestly, I don't care if it turns on them and rips them apart. I do hope it doesn't attack their small son, and if it ever comes near me, my son, or any other innocent person, I'm prepared to kill it. You don't have to agree with me on anything, it is your right to hate dogs and state your point of view. Still, an idiot who has a 100 plus pound pit bull and mistreats it, deserves to be mauled by it more than any innocent person.

  6. For a good laugh, check out the Facebook page called "Save Mickey The Martyr Gator"

    They called out The Schill Law Group for not saving Mickey the gator when he had a pibble snack last year.

    1. I was supposed to speak at that victims walk in Houston. Pisses me off that it was cancelled.

      You should've heard the park ranger last year at the walk in Philadelphia that Bill Johnson hosted... He told us that a few pit bull advocates called them and said "There's a hate group throwing a rally"... The park ranger asked "Who do they hate?" They replied "They hate dogs"... The park ranger replied, "Well, that's their first amendment right"..... LMFAO!

    2. Hey Jeff, Thanks for writing. I did check out that page and I almost barfed up a lung laughing! That guy should take over the "Daily Show".!

      Feel free to comment anytime.

  7. This post was hilariously wry and accurate to not only US law, but also the blatant and twisted bias towards pit bulls. Smart, good people lose their common sense when dogs are involved and when pit bulls come up, voice your opinions at your own risk!

    You're absolutely right; if one INSISTS on silencing their critics and sends people to 'out' them, their arguments don't hold ground. But again, the topic prevents others from seeing this. Oh the dogmanity. Oh the dogmanity indeed....

  8. First amendment rights should be burnt to appease pitbull lovers? How about moving to CHINA? Trying to censor and restrict the views of people and pet lovers that admit to the serious and growing PITBULL catastrophe in the USA and abroad is un-American.

  9. Pitbulls need to go extinct. Simple as that. You see one, kill it. It's only going to explode on some helpless child. Sure, it's fun to see pibbles maul their own owners, but they won't stop there until DEAD. Even though that dog killed it's own master, it will still kill any other person that it comes across, especially small children! It's still a menace even without it's trailer-trash pile of shit walking it! Yes, freedom of choice is good, but when you've failed to weigh the consequences of that choice amongst so many other different choices you could have made, you deserve what's coming to you! You choose to have a pitbull, you take the consequences that come with it with zero compromise. The dog DIES, be it by euthanasia or by a shotgun to the back of the skull. Pitbull chooses to maul the owner? Well good, but that still leaves it alive and that's the problem! It's still alive! It's up to the humans to kill it before it even has a ghost of a chance to kill again. It is guaranteed to kill again as it cannot deny it's genetic calling. Pits don't have a choice so might as well take it out before it mechanically follows it's genetic codes again.

    Pits are a crime against nature and mankind. Correct this mistake however possible! Don't hold back because clearly the pit advocates don't!

  10. The lawyer's name is "Schill" - priceless.

    The question that should be asked is, if Mickey were a human, would the reactions be different? I can almost unequivocally say "yes!" If a human had ripped the face off the boy, calls for the same fate if not worse (death) would be loud and clear from the same people who are rushing to the defense of this fucking DOG. A PET! These people need to be called out on their skewed priorities....

    1. Shaun, dogs are the epitome of pure wonderfulness. You will burn for your heresy.


  11. used to be a dog lover. I actually showed dogs in obedience as a child, and had a wonderful time. But lately, its been apparent to me that something is wrong with dog owners these days, this idea that a dog is more important than a person. Its crazy.

    I've come to this after my son was attacked by a pitbull. I've been attacked by a pitbull. We thought about getting a dog, a NICE dog for the kids. I did extensive research, and found some good breeds. I found a few less allergenic small dogs that were good with children. We have no allergies, but I was trying to think of people with dog allergies. I was stuck on just one thing though. I am willing to pick up after the dog. I don't love it, but I would. The extra money we can handle. We have a fenced garden. I used to train dogs, so I could socialize and train an animal to fit into human society. I am home all day, and could give a dog lots of attention. Its just that, when walking a small dog on a leash I am pitbull bait. I am bait for all large dogs. Its a huge problem, I spoke with many small dog owners. These people are afraid to walk their dogs down the street. Some of them go out at 5 am to walk their small dogs. They walk in a large group, away from big dogs. They drive huge distances to get to a place where they won't be attacked.

    And, even people are weird now. Getting a dog means living in that weird world, where people only relate to each other through their dogs. We're getting a cat I think. Or maybe a bunny. Dogs are starting to repulse me. For me now, dogs=getting attacked.

    I have met a family who owned a small puppy and it was killed at the dog park in front of their child. The dog owner said that she needed to get her dog into her car, and she would be back. She drove off, obviously free of any guilt whatsoever. This family will never get a dog again. Eventually, enough people will be hurt enough that something will happen here. I am trying to find a safe angle to introduce BSL into our community. Its not perfect, but at least it sends out a clear message that people are more important than dogs.