Saturday, December 12, 2015

BSL Collapse 3.1 - Why, indeed?

Commenter Dog People Are Nuts (DPAN) made a great comment the other day.  It was in response to this comment on the last page:

Maybe they aren't 'real dogs' though. If pit bulls are successfully banned, it will be easier to ban the next mauler.

Divide and conquer ;)

DPAN's response to that was [with my comments in bold]:

It's not tackling the root of the problem. Why have pitbulls been allowed to even get this out of control? Because they are dogs. Would mutant cats or budgies have been allowed to kill over 20 people per year with impunity? [in a word...NOPE] Hell no; a single death would cause a massive outcry and the breed would be outlawed and forced into extinction.

If BSL is passed, don't expect it to be enforced. Pits are banned where I live [where is that] and I see them all the time (and yes, I've reported them when I know where they live). Why? Because if no one has the guts to enforce even the most basic dog laws, no one would be meeean enough to deprive someone of their BEST FRIEND doggie woggie and then have it put down just because it's the wrong breed, which it can't help! Aww, look, it's wagging its tail!  [This sums the core issue to perfection]

Some of these bans wouldn't be necessary if the dog laws that already existed were sufficiently enforced: Leash laws, containment laws, laws pertaining to declared dangerous dogs (eg. muzzling), breeding laws, licensing laws, number if permitted pets laws, bans on individuals from having dogs/pets. If these aren't enforced, why would BSL?  [because the laws of DOG are above those of MAN]

The above addresses the core issue:  We are expected to worship each and every dog, and to put Dog's interests above all other.  Indeed, WHY would BSL restrictions be considered by us mere mortal humans?

I live in the U.S. State of Florida.  Florida has "pre-emption" laws, thereby prohibiting local entities from imposing ANY sort of breed specific legislation.  As much as I love Florida, I consider this complete BS.

Certain cities were allowed to "grandfather in" their pre-existing BSL restrictions.  This includes the city of Miami and a few other places.   

Now, Miami has been host to TWO DBRF's within about a year of each other:

Devon Jade killed by Pit Bulls.   Consider:  Pit bulls are not allowed in Miami-Dade County.  And, this:  Yep, look like full-blown SHIT BULLS to me!

Carmen Reigata killed by dogs (pit "mixes"  wink, wink).

Lets crunch some numbers:

- Miami / Dade USA:  5.5 million population.
- United States:   322 million population.

DBRF's in Miami - 1 per year the past 2 years.
DBRF's in USA - 42 per year, as per 2014 statistics.

So, statistically:

You have a 1 in 5.5 million chance of being killed by a dog in Miami.

You have a 1 in 7.6 million chance of being killed by a dog in the greater USA.

From that we can determine that, currently, Miami people have an above average probability of being killed by a dog than your average American.   This is in spite of Miami's Pit Bull ban!

See how easy it is to play with numbers?   I can set the goalposts anywhere I want.  I can "prove" that pit bulls kill less than 1 person every 5 years if I go back to, say, 5000 BC!   In any case, statistically, I just destroyed Miami's pit bull restriction even though I find it perfectly legitimate.

In any case, as DPAN pointed out, BSL will wash out in the face of the overall dog culture.  The key to a pit bull (or any sort of doggie restriction) is to FIRST undermine the canine supremacy movement.  When that is done, THEN and only THEN will the BSL restriction take hold.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, December 7, 2015

BSL Collapse 3.0 - Pit Bulls are Gods.

Another in this series.   What is wrong with the BSL movement?   Well, #3 on the list is "You refuse to acknowledge the connection to the greater dog culture.  Look, pit bulls are dogs and thus under the protection of The 10 Commandments.  What are you going to do about THAT?"

During the height of the Mickey debacle, a few posters made the observation that many Mick supporters had a FaceBook page featuring some toy dog, or even (the horror!) A CAT.

Forget about Per Se pit bull support.  Why do toy dog owners, cat owners, and even petless people support MICKEY?

Mick received massive support across all segments of the population because MICK is a DOG.  It is THAT simple.  Thanks to a 80 year social engineering project by dog lovers, it is now politically incorrect to critique ANY dog for ANY reason!  It doesn't really matter if its ALL dogs, a SUB-SET of dogs (i.e. pit bulls) or an individual dog (i.e. Mickey, Goose, Gus, etc... etc... etc...).

Always remember Commandment #5: 

Thou shalt offer no unkind words against Dog, nor shalt thou lift a finger against Dog for any reason.

It is now a basic social value* that we love each and every dog unconditionally.  Since it is a given that the dog's behavior does not matter, how can the dog's parentage matter?  If we cannot blame a dog and/or the owner for what it ACTUALLY DID DO, how can we blame it for what it might do?

[*A basic social value is something that EVERYONE is expected to adhere to.  Examples would be:  Finish school, get a job and always wear clean underwear.]

Therefore, when you push for a pit bull ban you are speaking the unspeakable.  You are shoveling against the proverbial tide of Dog Culture.  The statistics you put forth are nothing but noise:  Is not Fido the arbiter of every outcome?  Is not the victim always to blame?   Are not the interests of Dog always the overriding consideration?  Who cares how many lives are taken by Dog when those lives do not matter, and indeed are Dog's to take?

If you want to get traction on BSL, you must first undermine the dog culture.  You must destroy the notion of Dog's overriding superiority.   BSL becomes a no brainer upon realization that Dog is NOT a sacred animal NOR is Dog a person.  Indeed, Dog has no more right to occupy our spaces than anything else with more than 2 legs.  Dog exists to serve us, NOT the other way around.  When the rights of a person and the interests of Dog intersect, Dog loses. 

Friday, December 4, 2015


Happy Holidays!

Two murder by dogs in Michigan in two days!   Fido is rocking and rolling to make this the BEST year ever!  Consider this and this!

On another note...

A new, and if I must say... a very OFFENSIVE Mickey Meme!

Updates on the WMBC page!

Mick has Valley Fever, but not Tick Fever.   This may be a good thing, depending on which is more lethal.

Also, MASH is overflowing with dogs!  WHAT TO DO?   You can donate goods directly via Amazon!   Check out their wish list!

Given that I cannot promote any bad behavior, one of these should NOT be delivered to MASH at any time for any reason.  Got that?  Good.