Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Things need to get worse....

... before they get better!

Following the meme of things "need to get worse before they get better", I've decided to open my own Super XXXXXXXL Pitbull breeding kennel.  Worst case, it will cover my beer expenses.

We have four fine bloodlines to choose from.  Choose your new super mauler carefully!

XXXXXL Pitbull.  Shown next to an African elephant for comparison.  You will be the envy of your entire neighborhood after picking up one of these beauties!!!!

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL Pitbull.  Forget about being the ENVY of the neighborhood, now you ARE the neighborhood!!!!

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL Pitbull.  Just tell your HOA that it is Fido's "job" to scare off aliens... they WILL buy it!  Here, Fido is about to take a dip in the Gulf of Mexico.  Watch out New Orleans!

 X*10^50000000L (thats an exponent for you math challenged folks)
Pitbull.  OK, now perhaps doggie worship HAS gone a little too far!


  1. it's all about covering beer expenses.

    dude, i love you!

  2. I'm sure some IDIOT would breed pit bulls that large if they could. That THING you have a picture of is a 175 pound pit bull 'guard dog' according to the moron who bred it. The entire point of a real guard dog is that it can be called off in an instant. The entire point of a pit bull is that it cannot be called off, bludgeoned off or shot off-it will continue to attack until it is DEAD. I hope when that shit animal attacks someone the moron who bred it is held STRICTLY liable.

  3. Domesticated dogs are extremely ugly creatures, both in looks (the bulging eyes of a chihuahua and the droopy faces of a mastiff to name a couple off the bat) and behavior (useless barking and killing innocent people even when trained not to), but the pit bull takes the crown for ugliest monster. The shitbull in that picture probably ripped off a few faces and got pardoned from a chemical sleep by murder-loving morons before getting it's ugly mug taken by the owner. Chances are that pretty much happened considering their nature.

    Seriously, this human society is anti-human. It really is.