Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dr. Laura Pwnd by Pit Nutters!

While in decline, the power of the Pit Nut, AR fanatic and dog worshiper reigns supreme!

Dr. Laura Schlessinger put in her place by angry pit nutters.  Who is SHE to challenge their overclass status?!?

Read more about that here.

Schlessinger promotes a version of social conservatism that I generally do not agree with.   She is a hypocrite on at least one issue.  That said, this case is interesting because a MAJOR celebrity was forced to her knees for the suggestion that a breed of dog is not the greatest thing since satellite TV!

Consider this:  Dr. Laura was considering adopting a pet dog (oh, how sweet).  Upon landing at her local animal shelter she realized that it was OVERRUN WITH PIT BULLS -

“So I went there one time, seeing what dogs they had. Well, it was about 95 percent pit bulls, or pit bull mixes,” she said. “Now, I know this is going to get somebody angry, but I think they should all be put down. First of all, they were taking up space and nobody was going to adopt them. That’s why they were all there. People were getting rid of them. So, all this money, and I spoke to the ladies there, all this money is going to feed pit bulls.”

But, isn't an individual dog's life worth more than every other living thing on earth COMBINED?  Hell, lets take our entire FOUR TRILLION DOLLAR Federal budget and spend it all on dogs!   Geez, Laura, you gots it all WRONG!

Laura follows up with:  “I remember when I was younger you could go to one of these places and find any kind of dog,” she said. “ So, that was kind of annoying.”

See, that was then, and this is now.  NOW we all hoist by our own petards as an unconditional love of dogs has reduced us to the lowest common denominator.... game bred pit bulls for everyone!  Only Hitler and Pol Pot would object!   Resistance is Futile!

In all seriousness (for a change) consider what Laura was getting at:  We have a MAJOR oversupply of pit bulls.  Pit Bulls are like hot weather in FL in July.  Pit Bulls are like snow in VT in January.  See, there ARE TOO MANY PIT BULLS!  We DO NOT NEED ANY MORE PIT BULLS!

Here is the question for the day:  Why do we have so many Pit Bulls?  Trailer trash looking for a quick buck?   Dangerous dog fanatics looking to PWN their neighborhood?   Social Justice Warriors  looking out for the "underdog"?  An 80 year social engineering project to make us all hopeless dog addicts?

Here is what I find interesting:  Pit nuts brought a MAJOR right wing talking head to her knees.  This woman never apologized for anything, as far as I can tell UNTIL NOW.  Consider:

“After reading the emails from pit bull lovers, I realize that my comments were hurtful. I apologize for causing any pit bull owner/fancier any distress,” she wrote.

Oh, the pit bull lovers have their panties in a bunch.  What am I to do?  BOO HOO!


  1. Hurtful? The comments are right on the money. Pit bulls do need to be put down. ALL OF THEM. A criminal dog designed for criminals needs to be put down. Also, somebody whack some common sense into Laura with a two by four. Pit bulls are here because of the nanny dog lie. Now that lie has been destroyed with the truth, and the pibble-kissers still have their heads up their shitbull's asses despite their One Rule completely shattered to hell. My guess is some pibble idiot weaved the lie, told it repeatedly over and over again, and as dumb as people are, believed it to be true. People will believe ANY lie told to them if it gets repeated like a fact. Well, the truth is far better than any spoonful of shit you morons have willingly eaten just because the spoon was being shoved up against your mouth. Yes, I'm talking to the ignorant and the weak-willed. Start growing a pair, you wussies! ALL OF YOU ARE SCARED BABIES! Say no to pit bulls! Get legislation to ban the breed no matter the cost, money or lives. It's about the safety of the future! Don't you want to grow old and watch your children's grandchildren playing on the front porch of your house? They can't play on your front porch if they're dead by your neighbor's pit! You won't even have grandchildren when your child has already been killed by shitbulls! Instead of laughing little ones there would be screaming and blood painting the walls scarlet! Is that how you want to live your lives? Again, say no to pits. They'll tear up your loved ones to bite-sized bits and then YOU'RE NEXT!

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    2. I compare nutters to these people. No matter how much information you throw at them they refuse to believe the obvious.

    3. That's why I suggested the two by four plank of wood to knock some sense into these morons.

    4. I would love for you to come at me with a 2 by 4. Talk about embellishment. You make it sound like everyone will get killed by a pitbull and nothing else. You do realize there are over 300000000 americans. More people have died from drunk drivers in 2015 then dogs have ever killed.

    5. I would love for you to come at me with a 2 by 4. Talk about embellishment. You make it sound like everyone will get killed by a pitbull and nothing else. You do realize there are over 300000000 americans. More people have died from drunk drivers in 2015 then dogs have ever killed.

  2. Social Justice Warriors looking out for the "underdog"

    final answer

  3. Yes there IS a glut of pit bulls, a dog most people are smart enough to NOT want for a pet. Yet pit advocates are still doing nothing about the almost million pit bulls that are euthanized yearly in the US, two thirds of them OWNER surrendered, and not because they're 'such great dogs' but because the majority of this FIGHTING breed fail at being decent, safe, biddable PET animals. I agree with her, pit bull should = euthanization. Get rid of the dangerous dogs. Get rid of the dogs people don't want. And stop the backyard breeders by passing BSL. The most common for of BSL is mandatory by law spay and neuter.

  4. Note that Dr. Laura did not retract her original comments. She only apologized for hurting the fee-fees of the pit bull fan club.

    1. Agreed, her final comments were more of a "non-apology", i.e. "I'm sorry you feel that way". Not really taking responsibility.

      That said, I was struck by this because, based on what I know of the good Dr. she has NEVER apologized for ANYTHING, even a half-baked pseudo-apology like the one given. I would have expected her to double down on her original comments: The surplus of pit bulls must be destroyed.