Wednesday, August 20, 2014

More BSL musings

I posted a comment on Craven Desires today, and I thought it was worthy of its own blog post.  This is the link to Craven's blog article.

(Not so) interestingly, the article generated many comments, several of them from Pit Bull aficionados defending the breed.  The usual laundry list of "Retorts" from this crowd spewed forth, such as:

- What dog bite epidemic?  If 800,000 people sought medical attention for any other affliction, it would be considered an epidemic.
- You can't identify a Pit Bull!   OK, genius YOU tell me what kind of dog you have!
- My Pit Bull never bit anybody!  If a pit bull cannot be identified, how do you know your dog is a Pit Bull?
- Stronger laws holding owners responsible is what is needed.  I agree with this, though it does not invalidate the pro-BSL position.   What policy positions are they putting forth (other than blame-the victim)?
- I do not have the time to read all this nonsense.   Possibly, but you certainly have time to write plenty of it!

So, anyway, here is what I wrote, I have made a few updates indicated in bold.

To FFYR and the other Pit Bull lovers commenting on this article:

We have a dog bite epidemic not only in this country, but the world. These "Bites" (attacks), levered against humans and other animals, are increasing in number AND severity and there is no end in sight. A disproportionate amount of this carnage can be traced back to various "power" dog breeds such as Pit Bulls. This is a real problem that needs to be solved.

Now, BSL may not be a perfect solution. I have written extensively on my blog about the shortcomings, inconsistencies, and other issues these laws may raise.

With that said, at least the BSL crowd is coming to the table with a solution. An imperfect solution, perhaps, but the world is not a perfect place.

So, the question I posit to you Pit Bull, power dog, and even dog lovers in general is this - what policy proposal would you put forward to ameliorate this problem?

If you were smart, rather than slamming the BSL folks, you would posit an alternate solution that might reduce the number and severity of dog attacks. Do you have such a policy position?

Now, if I were you, I would posit the following: Rather than ban or severely restrict the breeds, I would put forth a policy where ANY dog that mauls and kills is summarily destroyed, and the owner jailed, fully liable for enhanced civil penalties, with the following minimum sentencing guidelines:

- Maim or permanently disfigure a human being, 10 year minimum prison sentence.

- Kill a human being, 20 year minimum sentence.

- Kill another domestic animal, one year in prison.

- Any off property attack on human or other animal resulting in ANY injury, 2 years probationAny animal code violations within the probationary period result in 1 year in prison.

- Strengthening of self defense laws.   Dog attacks, including off leash "charging" by any dog over 40 lbs to be considered a projection of lethal force.  Castle Doctrine and Stand your ground in full force.   Self defense using any legal article, including firearm, completely legal.

- Update civil codes so statutory civil penalties are in force.  Dog owner 100% liable for all medical, veterinary, and property damage caused by their animals.   Dog owner shall also be liable for a minimum 200% punitive damage in all cases.  Civil damages may not be discharged in bankruptcy.  i.e. if there is a $5000 vet bill incurred as a result of the attack, the owner of the attacking animal is 100% liable for $15000 in damages that may never be discharged in bankruptcy.  

- All of the above result in loss of pet privileges for life.  Violators to receive an additional 10 years in prison for any violations.  

All sentences above to be served CONSECUTIVELY in the case of multiple attacks, i.e. if your dog kills 5 sheep then that is 5 years in prison with no possibility of parole.

However, I doubt you [pit bull owners] are going to promote or even tolerate a regime like that since many of your ilk not only defend the breed, you give overwhelming support to *individual animals* that maul and kill (i.e. "Mickey"). I almost never hear a call to jail the owner of one of these known maulers from your camp.

Therefore, if you are going to circle the wagons and defend the absolute worst among you as a *group*, then you will be treated as a *group*: If you keep standing as one, you will go down as one. Either throw the worst among you (human AND canine) under the bus or you will ALL burn together.


Monday, August 18, 2014

BUMP - Monsters among us

Hey, there has been an update in the Lenton Case!   Read about that here.

Consider my comments in BOLD.

"March 19, 2014 at 12:56 PM
PELL CITY, Alabama - A Leeds couple was sentenced today after pleading guilty to charges in the 2012 death of an 83-year-old man, who was killed by two of their Rottweilers.

[Yes, 2 of approximately 35 Rottweilers!   Anybody have a problem with 35 Rottweilers in a suburban backyard, where barnyard animals are probably banned completely?!?]

Jacqueline Lenton, 57, and Jerry Lenton, 57, were sentenced by St. Clair County Circuit Court Judge Bill Weathington during a hearing at the St. Clair County Courthouse in Pell City. The pleas and sentences were part of agreements worked out in consultation with the victim's family.

[If I were in the victims family, I would have been pushing for life for murder.  Probably settled for 20 years.   Hey, if a DUI killer can get 25, why not 20 for canine homicide?]

Jerry Lenton pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to a split 10-year sentence, with one year and a day to serve in prison. He is to report to the St. Clair County Jail, where he will serve his sentence, on May 12. The judge also ordered Jerry Lenton placed on five years of probation, the first two years under supervision, after his release.

[ A year and a day for the murdering dogger!  Well, that's 366 days more than most of them get!]

The family declined to comment after the hearing, but Chief Assistant St. Clair County District Attorney Lamar Williamson read a message from the family that "we believe justice was served."

[ In March 2015, Lenton gets to go back to breeding Rottenweilers.... its a win-win!]

Williamson said that the plea agreements were worked out in consultation with the family.

[Too bad they didn't consult with me]

"It's just a very tragic situation. Good people on both sides," said Don Colee, attorney for Jacqueline Lenton."

I would argue assholes on both sides, including the victim's family... they want to turn Lenton loose to wreak more canine havoc?   He's probably been "banned" from owning dogs for life but that has about as much stick as Teflon.... forget it, this guy will be back to breeding more killer dogs the nanosecond he gets out.  Count on it!   I would have pushed for the max at every opportunity.  Absent, an even aside from, a ban on these monsters we need to put the screws to the HUMAN element (which is ultimately responsible) AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY. 

Something like this happens to you, YOU have an OBLIGATION to screw them into the ground!  Turn them into ground up shit!  The rest of us need to relentlessly bash these people, outgroup them, and humiliate them at every opportunity.   THAT will ameliorate this problem.  You let stuff like this slide then YOU are part of the problem.  Get with it!

Also, read the comments on the original article - one of Lenton's fan club has been stalking me.  I find it quite complementary, actually!!   Keep it up, pal - it increases my site hits and gives me another opportunity for a snarkfest!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Another killing

A dog takes another human life.   So, who cares?  Dog willed that this person not live another day!  Hell, they might have grown up to be another Hitler! has the details.

I left a comment on the article.... I hope Coleen posts it.  It is NOT complementary to dog lovers (to say the least).

In any case, you have this dog, known to be a complete nuisance and probable threat to safety... kept locked in a back bedroom?  "but family members told police the dog had shown aggressive behavior in the past".   Are we surprised that Dog rips human toddler to pieces?

Now, if it is KNOWN that the dog is dangerous, why is the kid even near it?  Is this some advanced form of mental retardation I am not aware of???

It is one thing to discriminate against a dog based on its looks or breed history, but if the crotch-sniffer is a KNOWN PROBLEM, then why keep the damn thing around?

On the plus side, Fido was given a well-deserved dirt nap.   How about the 2 legged miscreants that facilitated this entire fiasco?  "as early as Friday, police said that no charges are expected to be filed in the case. Authorities are calling yet another child's horrific death by a family pit bull a "tragic accident." 

Thank Dog for that!  They are now FREE to adopt more Pit Bulls (or whatever canine killer is off the current blacklist), so LATHER, RINSE AND REPEAT.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

More foul, useless, noxious BARKING

So, here I am on my last day of my epic, 2-week, 6-state road trip.  I was going to land back at home last night but I got tired and decided to overnight in South Carolina.

I don't have much time to write, so I will keep this short...

Guess what woke my ass up this morning?  Anybody?  Was is meowing cats?  Squeaky hamster wheels?   Mooing cows?   Birds chirping?   None of the above?

Correct answer would be "none of the above" given that my rig is built well enough to block out those type of noises.

Indeed, there is NO rig built well enough to block out the type of shrill, screeching, explosively loud yelps that woke my ass up on a SUNDAY MORNING.

Indeed, the noise in question is SO incredibly loud, and has SUCH a nasty penetrating nature that using ANYTHING to block it out is like using a police issue bulletproof vest to stop the shock wave from a 2,000 lb bomb   If you are in the vicinity you ARE going to be disrupted.

Now, not that I SHOULD have to block it out.  I have a RIGHT to peaceful use of my personal space.  Indeed, it is the DOG OWNER that should control their "emissions".

And, you know what, if they refuse to control those emissions, we should do what we do with ANY other polluter - shut down the source of the pollution.   If individual shut-downs to not prove productive, then an en-mass solution must be implemented.

Oh, and the little shit carried on for at least a half hour - longer than most "consecutive disruption" laws.