Thursday, May 28, 2015

Free at Last!

Mick has been moved from the jail to his new digs!  And, it appears to have cured his cancer!

I'm sure everyone is doing the happy dance:

From the WMBC page:

Note that I spiced that pic up a little.

Take a deep breath and STAY HAPPY!

[UPDATE]  News video on the incident.

Schill is a classic:  "Not a Victim"?   Know what, I need to take back what I said above.... these people are not degenerates, and calling them that is insulting.... TO DEGENERATES!

Sure, PERHAPS Schill had no obligation to notify the family.  How about authorities?  Does ANYONE represent the victim or We the People in any dog related matter?  How did this come about?  Is there even a trace of legality anywhere in this debacle?  The dog is sick, so lets just let him off the hook?  These scumbags (and that includes the authorities) are making a mockery of our justice system.

On a better note, there is some hope for humanity:

I LIKE those odds. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Open Thread .02b

Happy Memorial Day!

Conversation starters:

Head down to Miami to adopt your illegal Pit Bull!  Courtesy of the CITY no less!

Hey, didn't they BAN these beasts in Miami waaaay back in 1989?   Didn't voters vote to UPHOLD that ban a few years ago?   Aw, hell.... Kudos to Miami Dade Animal Services for standing up to that RACIST LAW!   Ban Pit Bulls, INDEED!  What are they going to do next, send all the Jews to concentration camps???   Hey, if a DOG can have 5th amendment protections, he SURE AS HELL can have 14th Amendment protections!!!!

Mickey Fans outraged at news program for... reporting the news!

" I'm sickened that the first thing said was he mauled a child. So anyone who does not know this story automatically discriminates."

UM... that would be due to the fact that he DID maul a child?  And, the NEWS is about reporting facts, not extreme dog nutter agendas?  Perhaps the assumption was, unlike the Mick foamers and a few activists, the entire world does NOT know the full story?   I tell you... Mick's fans NEVER disappoint!

Learn the dog-nut entitlement/supremacist mentality in one article.   According to this article, its all your fault.  Get used to it!

The articles suggestions... with mine added!

Write a friendly letter and include what you think the dog is saying.   Excuse me, your dog tells me you are an asshole.  I am inclined to agree.

Offer to pay for a dog trainer’s first home visit.   What home?  I just seized it in a judgement.  

Buy us a bag of dog treats.   Exactly, because.... I exist to serve you?  How about I shove that bag of dog treats up your ass?   I will stick it up there right next to your head.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

Mickey has moved to a new facility!

The Court has approved Mickey to move to a new private facility.
MASH has been a great home to Mickey over the past year, however given Mickey's recent diagnosis, it was determined that a private facility, where he could receive 24 hour care, would be better.
Mickey will have a similar size room, but the room is much nicer and was specifically designed for a dog in long term boarding. Mickey will have windows in his room, so he will be able to see outside. Mickey's new room is very quite and, however soft music is played in the background during daytime hours. Also, Mickey will have flat screen TV in his room with Dog TV. Finally, as this is a private facility part of Mickey's boarding fees include staff taking Mickey out of his room a minimum of 4 times a day for potty breaks, and playtime. The play area is a large inside area with state of the art artificial turf and drainage. As we said MASH is a great place, but the change to Mickey's living conditions will be like upgrading from Motel 6 to the Ritz Carlton.

Until the move is completed Mickey Cam will be down, however once the move is done, we anticipate Mickey Cam to be up and running again shortly thereafter.
The facility Mickey is very secure, as such, Mickey will not be allowed public visitors unfortunately. However, John and Annie will continue to visit Mickey.
The cost of this facility, though expensive, has already been covered. We are asking for no monetary donations at this time.

We anticipate Mickey moving next week after the Holiday weekend.

The facility Mickey will be going to has not been named, nor will it be named. However, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mickey's Attorney John Schill.
At this time we would like to thank Sheriff Joe and MASH for being a great home to Mickey over the past year!"

Aren't you all so HAPPY for St. Mick!

[EDIT]  Here is the news item on Mickey.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Book Review

Misunderstood Nanny Dogs.
Author:  J. Thomas Beasley

Published on May 2, 2015
Misunderstood Nanny Dogs?(Amazon Link) the new book by attorney J. Thomas Beasley, examines the horrors of pit bull maulings and fatalities and proposes common sense solutions to the "Pit Bull Problem."


I read this book, not once but twice.  First time, a page here a page there.  Second time, read end to end in one sitting. 

Me, being who I am, I would like to review the other reviewers.  Consider this:

The above indicates a very contentious social issue.  There are 2 reviews:  1) Those that consider it the Book of the Dead, and 2)  Those that consider it the Greatest Story Ever Told.  Did any of these people actually read the book?  Not ONE 2, 3 or 4 star review.  Anybody?

Hell, *I* will be the first to give a third point of view.  Perhaps I am the only person to actually read the book.

I will give it 7 out of 10.  3.5 stars.  In my magnanimity, I may round that up to 4 stars.

The author wrote a very good, very readable primer on the dangerous dog problem.  The writer has a good writing style, and I would read other books by this author.  His research and statistical analysis is excellent.   I would not debate anything presented in the book (unless paid to do so LOL!).

Any potential reader should consider that this is a primer.  If you have been following this issue, there is not much new here.  It does not delve into related social issues or root causes.  The purpose of the book is to initiate the general public to the problem.  The over-arching point is, these dogs do create a disproportionate amount of carnage, therefore prejudice against them at both a personal and societal level is wise.   So, with that said, it serves its purpose well. 

This is where I waver a bit... why a 7 and not an 8 or a 9?   While this is a primer, I think that reporting on this issue without tying it to the larger dog culture (even if just briefly) short changes the reader.   To the non-initiate, reading this book leaves the impression that this problem came out of nowhere and exists in a vacuum.  

For example, at one point in the book (spoiler alert!) the author makes the point that toys such as "Jarts" have been recalled from use after causing 3 deaths in 18 years.  Juxtapose that with the fact that Pit Bulls probably kill 3 people every month or so.  However, the author does not delve into why Jarts are banned and Pit Bulls are not only still available, but promoted as great family pets?   The "Pit Bull Lobby"!?  What about the "Jart Lobby" promoting those toys as perfectly safe for kids?   What Jart lobby?   Why is there a Pit Bull lobby and not a Jart Lobby?

The Pit Bull problem evolved, and persists, because dogs are granted a ridiculous amount of social and legal capital.  And, Pit Bulls are DOGS.  For example:  The one bite rule - it is a non-breed specific law designed to protect dangerous dogs and their owners from victims and complainants.   The problem persists because dog attacks are protected behavior.   Indeed, our society considers the victims the problem, NOT the dogs.

The author refers to the "Blame Machine":  Victims of pit bull attacks are summarily blamed for the attack.  I don't argue the existence of the "Blame Machine", merely that the exact same "Blame Machine" protects ALL bad dog behaviors!   Consider this essay from a few years ago.   Note that the dog in question was NOT a Pit Bull, yet the same Blame Machine launched a vicious attack against the victim, parents, authorities, and critics.   Anybody who complains about any dog for any reason is mercilessly pounded to dust by the Blame Machine.   I have been there many times.

In an equitable universe, the vile creatures would have been summarily banned decades ago.     Farm animals are zoned out of most places, and the largest cat I can own without restrictions is a Maine Coon (avg. weight ~18 lbs), yet I may own a back yard full of 150 lb canine supermaulers?  Anybody know why THAT is?  Anybody?  Bueller?

In any case, I digress (as I often do).   Again, the book is an excellent primer for the non-initiate.  Not everyone has the wherewithal to investigate all of this on their own.  

So, buy the book and don't forget to visit my blog.  THANKS FOR READING!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Party Time!

Anybody following the trial of Jena Wright in Iowa? has the details.

Here is the article on the original incident.

Know what, Colleen did such a great job of reporting the incident and the follow up I will refrain from my usual snarky dissection (for now, I probably won't be able to control myself for much longer).

Long story short - Pit Bull owner exposes its KNOWN MAULER to a 4 year old, which the mauler (predictably) mauls to death.


All I can say is:

This is a HUGE win!  This is EPIC!  For us, this is like the flag being hoisted over Iwo Jima!

Thumbs up, Iowa Jury!


Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Bait and Switch

Surprised when you get something you didn't expect nor were offered?  Sounds like the good 'ol Bait and Switch routine!

Animal rights foamers and dog fanatics pull the Bait and Switch on us all the time.  The most obvious example is "no one can identify a Pit Bull".  Indeed, they are unidentifiable when doing something wrong.  When they are behaving, they are readily identifiable as Pit Bulls.  I have posed the following question to Pit Bull fans on various forums, simply "If pit bulls are unidentifiable, how do you know your dog is a pit bull?".  This will be in response to a post of theirs where they state that their pit bull is simply the greatest dog ever (bait).  Yup... until it mauls, at which point it becomes an unidentifiable mutt (switch).

There was a good discussion about St. Mick of Maulsville under the last post.  Eileen tipped me off to the fact that they may be having a "parole" hearing for the Mickster later this week.  Indeed, Mick may be sprung from the jail.... look for Mickey in YOUR neighborhood.

In case anyone forgot, as a result of Mick's full due process (something reserved for HUMAN BEINGS), Mick was spared the "death penalty" (euthanasia) in exchange for LIFE in the jail (5 years or so).  He was NOT to be adopted out.  THOSE were the terms. 

The Mick situation goes to point as (Eileen pointed this out as well), the Mick foamers and AR nuts insist that dogs are people, and as such, have full protections under the US Constitution, CRA of 1964, Miranda, and similar:  They promote the notion that Dogs are people who deserve full due process when accused of any wrongdoing.   (Bait)

The Switch comes when the dog is "convicted" and "sentenced":  The same foamers that demanded a lawyer for Mick don't want the dog to face his COURT APPOINTED punishment, or to be held accountable in ANY WAY because.... its JUST a dog!  Its a wee little furbaby!  It ain't Charles Manson or some Nazi war criminal!  Its just a POOR LITTLE WOOGIE that had no idea what it was doing!  Moreover, unlike a human convict, a dog has NO quality of life in prison, unlike his human cellmates that can read, work out at the gym, write letters, and even be productive.  How many license plates is Mickey going to stamp?   Sending Mick to jail is just CRUEL, right?

This is another example of canine supremacists using the bait and switch to gain protection FOR the dog, while there is none FROM the dog.   Under the current regime, dogs have rights but no accountability.  This arrangement is the polar opposite of what it should be.

Think about it - if a dog is a person, should they not have to DIRECTLY answer for what they did?  Isn't a dog that barks all the time DIRECTLY accountable for disturbing the peace, the same as a human would be?   Shouldn't canine trespass be held to the same standards as a human trespass?

All this goes to point that "animal rights" has to be one of the dumbest concepts, ever.  A dog has NO concept of laws or due process.   Our criminal justice system means NOTHING to them, it is beyond their comprehension.   The idea of giving a DOG 5th amendment protections is breathtakingly retarded.  And, the Mickey debacle PROVES that.

If Mick's Ilk do get him sprung, I do not see a good outcome.  Either someone is going to try to kill the beast, or its going to attack somebody.  The AR foamers are going to own THAT one too!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What's the big deal?

When a dog keeps the neighborhood up all night, what is the big deal?   You sleepless folks now have all that extra awake time to pursue useful activities... spending 7 hours a day in bed is just plain wasteful, right?

Same goes for dogs that kill... hey, the life Fido took wasn't all THAT valuable, right?  So, who cares?

Pursuant to that, a classic case of the "who cares" came to my attention.  Check out Dogsbite Decatur Alabama for details.

Here are the juicy details:

- Dog named "Bowser" bites the nose off a 3 year old boy last June.  The victim will face many reconstructive surgeries to repair his face.

- Of course, the above is A-OK, according to Bowser's owner: "“Oh, he’s all right” and “It’s just the tip of his nose, that’s it.”   YEP... THATS ALL, FOLKS!

- Of course, true to form NOTHING is done about Bowser or his owner.  Nope... Bowser is set free to maul again!

- Then, the Merkelbachs [the boy's parents] found out about the Schilskeys, whose dog Sarge was allegedly attacked and killed by Bowser in Lake Arrowhead in late April.  “Sarge went over on his back with his paws up (and) the dog immediately chomped down on his chest and started to shake him,” Lynn Schilskey said.

So, the timeline appears to be that the dog was killed in April and nothing was done about it (of course), and then Bowser went on to maul the kid a couple of months later.  In any case, BOWSER AND HIS OWNER ARE TWO TIME LOSERS!

The result of all this carnage?  Bowser’s owners were cited, [Thank Dog for THAT] according to San Bernardino Animal Control officials, and the dog may be [!!] put down if deemed vicious at a public hearing scheduled in the coming weeks. 

Yeah, a dog kills another dog and then moves on to rip the face off a kid, so YES there is a SLIGHT chance it is vicious!  Not a big one, mind you, but its within the limit of possibility.  Kind of like time travel.  Or me being the first man on Mars.

Getting back to the original point - In the Dogocracy, any destructive act committed by dogs and their owners are simply of no consequence.  The lives they ruin don't matter.  In this case, Bowser got what HE wanted in both cases, so it is all good.

These people have no concept of the Golden Rule, Karma, or "what goes around, comes around".  To them, it is THEY that get to be the final judge of every outcome.  If you would be better off without a dog, or a nose on your face, they are firm in the belief that is THEIR decision to make.

Of course, a sane society would have KILLED Bowser and jailed the owner for a year, and removed all pet privileges IMMEDIATELY AFTER the first dog was killed.   THIS would have prevented the subsequent mauling.  HEY DOG FOAMERS - Maybe YOU don't think the people you hurt are of any consequence but WE DO.