Sunday, July 17, 2016

Post Hogmageddon

After my first, not so great attempt at hog hunting, I had a winner!   I shot dead a 320+ pound wild hog!   I put in the "+" because he exceeded the weight of the scale.  This was one big hog, it took 3 of us to haul it onto the ATV's trailer:

This one shot dead as a doornail at 50 yards.  BLAM!  And, he keeled over.   Not a very difficult shot at that distance.

Below is Mr. Piggy taking a shower, courtesy of the outfitter:

In my utter magnanimity, I will not gross you out with any butchering photos.

Onto the gun p0rn:

The indicated weapon was a Savage Model 16 calibered in .243 Winchester.  Power-wise, the .243 occupies a spot in between the .223 and the .308.   The rifle is topped off with a Nikon 3x9 power scope. Total cost - $700.00

Here are some photos of this beauty on the range:

Feeds from a 4 round detachable box magazine, seen below.

Here are some range results:

The following is a 100 yard group using Federal "Power Shok" 100 grain soft point bullets - Sub MOA using medium quality ammunition.  Savage makes a great rifle for the money.  I used this ammo on Mr. Piggy.

Below is a 50 yard group shooting the same stuff.  Note the "figure 8" and the floater.  The 3rd round was at 8 O'clock low.  I get the same sort of results with my Remington 700:  First 2 shots are almost through the same hole, then the 3rd opens up the group.  I estimate this is due to the barrel heading up, thus causing more "barrel whip" on the 3rd shot:

Now, does anyone know why I shoot pretty much right on target at 50 yards, but an inch or so high at 100?  A big smiley-face for anyone who knows the answer.

So many hogs.... so little time....