Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dog Shit Everywhere

Why would those of us without dogs want a yard full of dog shit?   Do we shit in their yards?  What would happen to us if we did?

Write your public executives TODAY and demand that failure to "scoop" be a high misdemeanor with high fines.   Jail time and revocation of dog-owning privileges for chronic offenders.

Assault by dog

Assault is legal.

Wait a minute:  Let me qualify that.

If you point a gun at someone in the state of Florida, you automatically get 5 years in jail.

You use a gun against someone, you automatically get 10 years in jail.

So, if you want to hurt someone, choosing a gun is a poor choice.  Likewise, knives, bats, motor vehicles, even bare hands will also get you in trouble.

So, what is a violent miscreant to do?

If you want to project intimidation and bring serious harm to people your best bet is to get a dog.

Think about it.  How many dog owners literally terrorize their neighborhoods?  How many dog owners who "sic" their dogs on others wind up in jail?   A half a million US citizens are victims of a dog attack, serious enough to demand medical assistance, every year... how many of those result in jail time for the perp owner?   The mantra is "blame the owner, not the dog".  Yes, until something happens, then blame is fixed firmly upon the victim.     Consider the case of the dog that murdered a 2 day old infant in McKeesport PA.  The dog was rehomed, and the owner let off with a fine.  Also consider that the dog in question had behaved in a threatening manner in the past, including killing the family cat.   Who would want a dog like this loose in their community?   The dog in question is clearly a threat to human (and animal) safety.

Write your public executives today and demand that any dog that kills or seriously injures a human be prosecuted for the full extent of the crime:  Assault or manslaughter depending on the outcome.  Also demand that ALL vicious dogs be summarily put down.  While the act is the owners responsibility, we are contemplating an animal that will use violence against a human being to get what it wants.

Barking is torture

Stop the Torture

“Unnecessary noise is the most cruel abuse of care which can be inflicted on either the sick or the well,” Florence Nightengale

Why do we allow this torture to continue?   Malicious dog owners torture us on a regular basis with the needless, loud exclamations of their pets.  The noise pollution in question serves no useful purpose... or does it?  Perhaps the purpose IS to torture!?

A barking dog can generate a noise level in excess of 105 decibels.   Lets compare that to a few other common noises.  Consider this:

Now, a barking dog is nearly as loud as an automobile horn!   Consider someone honking their horn with no good cause.  Now, consider many of YOUR neighbors doing the same, throughout the day and night with no good cause.

A barking dog is 4 times louder than a garbage disposal.  Would you want your garbage disposal running day and night at 4 times its normal volume?

Back to the torture angle.  The US Government deployed loud noises, including loud animal noises, against the Branch Davidians in Texas Knowing full well that animal noises was an intolerable irritant that would bring people to the psychological breaking point.  The US Military did the same to Manuel Noriega in the late 1980's.

So, the above raises the question:  Why are our neighbors allowed, by law, to deploy a military weapon against us?   Military weapons such as artillery and flamethrowers are not protected by the 2nd amendment, so why would a military weapon such as tortuous noise be tolerated?   Particularly in a suburban neighborhood?

This also raises the question, why would someone want to do this in the first place?  Who are these monsters among us who subject us to unrelenting torture on a daily basis?  How can the public authorities, paid by our taxes, allow this to continue?

Write your public officials TODAY and demand that the torture cease immediately.  Empower law enforcement to seize yard barkers and punish the owners.  Demand Full Civil and Criminal liability for those who use their dogs to torture you.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Animal Uncontrol

This is a blog dedicated to ameliorating the various animal control problems that exist in world society.  These include but are not limited to:
- Dog attacks on humans and other animals.
- Endless loud barking.
- Animal waste polluting our waterways.
- Dog at large.
- Property Damage.
- Sloth and corruption in public animal control agencies.

We will agitate for positive change with the goal of restoring peace and tranquility to our communities.