Saturday, December 29, 2018

Double Trouble or "Here we go again!!!"

I awoke from my long slumber to find my neighborhood terrorized by 2 at large pit-type dogs.  Given the current social, political and legal climate such a thing was bound to happen sooner or later.

Here are the photos, courtesy of one of my "game-cams":

Consider the butt-ugly mutant on the left.  It should be illegal to even house something that hideous, much less turn it loose in the neighborhood.  The low-quality game cam shot does not do it justice.... this dog is U.G.L.Y!

In any case, they ripped the lid off my trash can (Which had been secured with multiple bungee cords), and spread trash all over my yard.  Thanks, doggers!

A couple of days later, I learned from another neighbor that these two had killed a cat in her front yard.  The cat was literally ripped to shreds.   She told me she "never wanted to see anything that horrible again".   Long story short, the entire neighborhood is on alert, and everyone is now carrying weapons.  County AC has been to the owner's home multiple times (They have received at least 4 complaints over 2 weeks that I know about), yet we still observe the dogs running loose!   I'm not absolutely sure who owns them, but my nextdoor neighbor thinks they belong to a party that closed on a home about a month ago.

I think I need to pay these folks a visit.  I wonder what would be a good way to welcome them to the neighborhood?

1)  Pass along a hard copy of the "Best use for a dead pit bull" article?
2)  Delivery of a restraining order?
3)  "No, I haven't seen your dogs, but try some of these really tasty meatballs I made this morning"?

Happy holidays, everyone!