Saturday, December 12, 2015

BSL Collapse 3.1 - Why, indeed?

Commenter Dog People Are Nuts (DPAN) made a great comment the other day.  It was in response to this comment on the last page:

Maybe they aren't 'real dogs' though. If pit bulls are successfully banned, it will be easier to ban the next mauler.

Divide and conquer ;)

DPAN's response to that was [with my comments in bold]:

It's not tackling the root of the problem. Why have pitbulls been allowed to even get this out of control? Because they are dogs. Would mutant cats or budgies have been allowed to kill over 20 people per year with impunity? [in a word...NOPE] Hell no; a single death would cause a massive outcry and the breed would be outlawed and forced into extinction.

If BSL is passed, don't expect it to be enforced. Pits are banned where I live [where is that] and I see them all the time (and yes, I've reported them when I know where they live). Why? Because if no one has the guts to enforce even the most basic dog laws, no one would be meeean enough to deprive someone of their BEST FRIEND doggie woggie and then have it put down just because it's the wrong breed, which it can't help! Aww, look, it's wagging its tail!  [This sums the core issue to perfection]

Some of these bans wouldn't be necessary if the dog laws that already existed were sufficiently enforced: Leash laws, containment laws, laws pertaining to declared dangerous dogs (eg. muzzling), breeding laws, licensing laws, number if permitted pets laws, bans on individuals from having dogs/pets. If these aren't enforced, why would BSL?  [because the laws of DOG are above those of MAN]

The above addresses the core issue:  We are expected to worship each and every dog, and to put Dog's interests above all other.  Indeed, WHY would BSL restrictions be considered by us mere mortal humans?

I live in the U.S. State of Florida.  Florida has "pre-emption" laws, thereby prohibiting local entities from imposing ANY sort of breed specific legislation.  As much as I love Florida, I consider this complete BS.

Certain cities were allowed to "grandfather in" their pre-existing BSL restrictions.  This includes the city of Miami and a few other places.   

Now, Miami has been host to TWO DBRF's within about a year of each other:

Devon Jade killed by Pit Bulls.   Consider:  Pit bulls are not allowed in Miami-Dade County.  And, this:  Yep, look like full-blown SHIT BULLS to me!

Carmen Reigata killed by dogs (pit "mixes"  wink, wink).

Lets crunch some numbers:

- Miami / Dade USA:  5.5 million population.
- United States:   322 million population.

DBRF's in Miami - 1 per year the past 2 years.
DBRF's in USA - 42 per year, as per 2014 statistics.

So, statistically:

You have a 1 in 5.5 million chance of being killed by a dog in Miami.

You have a 1 in 7.6 million chance of being killed by a dog in the greater USA.

From that we can determine that, currently, Miami people have an above average probability of being killed by a dog than your average American.   This is in spite of Miami's Pit Bull ban!

See how easy it is to play with numbers?   I can set the goalposts anywhere I want.  I can "prove" that pit bulls kill less than 1 person every 5 years if I go back to, say, 5000 BC!   In any case, statistically, I just destroyed Miami's pit bull restriction even though I find it perfectly legitimate.

In any case, as DPAN pointed out, BSL will wash out in the face of the overall dog culture.  The key to a pit bull (or any sort of doggie restriction) is to FIRST undermine the canine supremacy movement.  When that is done, THEN and only THEN will the BSL restriction take hold.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, December 7, 2015

BSL Collapse 3.0 - Pit Bulls are Gods.

Another in this series.   What is wrong with the BSL movement?   Well, #3 on the list is "You refuse to acknowledge the connection to the greater dog culture.  Look, pit bulls are dogs and thus under the protection of The 10 Commandments.  What are you going to do about THAT?"

During the height of the Mickey debacle, a few posters made the observation that many Mick supporters had a FaceBook page featuring some toy dog, or even (the horror!) A CAT.

Forget about Per Se pit bull support.  Why do toy dog owners, cat owners, and even petless people support MICKEY?

Mick received massive support across all segments of the population because MICK is a DOG.  It is THAT simple.  Thanks to a 80 year social engineering project by dog lovers, it is now politically incorrect to critique ANY dog for ANY reason!  It doesn't really matter if its ALL dogs, a SUB-SET of dogs (i.e. pit bulls) or an individual dog (i.e. Mickey, Goose, Gus, etc... etc... etc...).

Always remember Commandment #5: 

Thou shalt offer no unkind words against Dog, nor shalt thou lift a finger against Dog for any reason.

It is now a basic social value* that we love each and every dog unconditionally.  Since it is a given that the dog's behavior does not matter, how can the dog's parentage matter?  If we cannot blame a dog and/or the owner for what it ACTUALLY DID DO, how can we blame it for what it might do?

[*A basic social value is something that EVERYONE is expected to adhere to.  Examples would be:  Finish school, get a job and always wear clean underwear.]

Therefore, when you push for a pit bull ban you are speaking the unspeakable.  You are shoveling against the proverbial tide of Dog Culture.  The statistics you put forth are nothing but noise:  Is not Fido the arbiter of every outcome?  Is not the victim always to blame?   Are not the interests of Dog always the overriding consideration?  Who cares how many lives are taken by Dog when those lives do not matter, and indeed are Dog's to take?

If you want to get traction on BSL, you must first undermine the dog culture.  You must destroy the notion of Dog's overriding superiority.   BSL becomes a no brainer upon realization that Dog is NOT a sacred animal NOR is Dog a person.  Indeed, Dog has no more right to occupy our spaces than anything else with more than 2 legs.  Dog exists to serve us, NOT the other way around.  When the rights of a person and the interests of Dog intersect, Dog loses. 

Friday, December 4, 2015


Happy Holidays!

Two murder by dogs in Michigan in two days!   Fido is rocking and rolling to make this the BEST year ever!  Consider this and this!

On another note...

A new, and if I must say... a very OFFENSIVE Mickey Meme!

Updates on the WMBC page!

Mick has Valley Fever, but not Tick Fever.   This may be a good thing, depending on which is more lethal.

Also, MASH is overflowing with dogs!  WHAT TO DO?   You can donate goods directly via Amazon!   Check out their wish list!

Given that I cannot promote any bad behavior, one of these should NOT be delivered to MASH at any time for any reason.  Got that?  Good.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

BSL Collapse 2.0 - the company you keep

Why did I not support The Pit Bull Awareness symposium held on October 24th?

Simple:  They aligned themselves with the radical, criminal group PETA.   The pit bull victim folks shot themselves in BOTH feet with that major, hump-the-bunk, boner.

PETA fails in every way on every level.

First, the entire concept of animal "rights" is a criminal ideology that directly led to the entire "Mick the Mauler" train wreck.  YOU animal rights punks own that disaster lock, stock and barrel!  Mick would have been put down but for the pervasive attitude, that YOU promote, that demands that DOGS have full constitutional protections!

OH, and on that note... guess what?   PADI the ear-eater's lawyer is now claiming protection under Florida's "stand your ground" laws.   Essentially, a DOG has an unconditional right to defend itself against a FOUR YEAR OLD.   Thanks, you bottom feeding, scum-sucking, miserable excuses for life.  Anyone with any ethics or sense of decency would despise each and every one of you with every particle of their being.

Second, while the entire mission of PETA is complete bullshit, they take it one step further by promoting this criminal ideology with various crimes and intimidation tactics..

Check this out:  PETA's "skinned" alive propaganda video was STAGED.  The vile, disgusting PETA miscreants ADMIT it themselves, so don't even try to argue it!   Indeed, this animal "rights" organization is FINE with torturing animals to death if it promotes their sick, twisted, disgusting, foul organization.  Great job, guys! 

You like owning pets?  PETA wants to ban the owning of pets.

You like eating meat, wearing leather or using ANY animal products in ANY way?  PETA wants to ban THOSE, too.

So, yeah, git home from your PETA meeting and feed your cats a can full of dead animals, you scum sucking hypocrites!  I fervently hope that MICKEY eats your face off.  Kiss my ass you pieces of shit!

EDIT:  Read this to learn more about PETA.

“I don’t believe that people have the right to life,” Newkirk has said. “That’s a supremacist perversion. A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy.”

STILL think that PETA endorsement helps you out?  If humans have no right to life, who cares how many are killed by pit bulls?   Indeed, human lives do not matter.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

BSL collapse V1.0

Happy almost lucky Friday!  Been on the road without a lot of time to blog.

As a follow up to this article, I'll delve deeper into some of the reasons the BSL movement is a mess.  This critique is not to slam them, but to make the movement better.   The truth hurts, you know.

Reason #1:  1)  The movement is DOGmatic and unflexible.  Most of you will not consider any reforms other than a ban.   You ignore all statistics that might indicate that a ban does NOT improve public safety.

Indeed, focusing entirely on the means is a fail on several levels.   Particular to this critique, it has lousy "optics".   Consider this comment from the Ethics website:

I think this is yet another case of people wanting to duck individual responsibility. It is easier to ban ‘scary’ dogs than require that dog owners be responsible for their animals. The same people who want all pit bulls banned are the same ones that would protest if a single mother was fined and jailed because her dog attacked someone. 

Ding!  Ding!  Ding!  Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a WINNER!

See, first you ban the BEHAVIOR then you ban the means.  It is the anti-social, destructive behavior that you want to prevent.  When a pack of dogs kills a jogger the attitude should be "that should not have happened" not necessarily "should those be legal to own?".

Lets look at it this way:  If I were to say "random murders are completely legitimate, so lets restrict high-capacity pistol magazines" the rational response to that statement would be "Did your parents have any kids that lived?".    If you are fine with murder, who cares about the means?   If the act is legitimate, then it must follow that the means are legitimate.

When you focus entirely on the means, this transmits the following messages to the larger audience:

1)  You are a fool with no integrity, or
2)  You are a criminal looking to excuse their own bad behavior.

Here are a few other insipid excuses the dumber BSL folks use to bolster their position:

After-the-fact accountability does not undo the harm.   This is true, but does not matter.  This is worse than a lie, it is a deception.   Lets do a Reductio Ad Absurdum on this:   I could argue that BSL is a waste of time because it will not resurrect anyone killed by Pit Bulls.  So, why bother?  Its not going to bring Roy McSweeney or Klonda Richey back to life, now is it?

So, you are doing this on an individual level:  You are saying that killing known maulers and jailing their owners is a waste of resources because it will not undo their heinous acts.   Again, this is true but is a total deception.   Roy McSweeney's murderers had been terrorizing that neighborhood for years, sending 2 other individuals to the hospital on 2 separate occasions - the outcome was totally avoidable.

Now, those willing to debate me on the above, please answer me the following:  If Blich's pit bulls had been killed and Blich thrown in jail after the FIRST attack, I am keen to know how a couple of dead pit bulls with an incarcerated owner would move on to kill Roy McSweeney in his backyard?  Is this "The Walking Dead - Canine Edition"?

See, intolerance of canine aggression prevents the dogs AND the owners from pursuing further mayhem.   Think about that for a while.

Bans are cheaper.    This is probably true, but is again a deception.   Who do you think you are, Milton Friedman or some shit?   This argument goes someplace you do NOT want it to go.

Let me ask this, what is the "economy" of criminally litigating folks that kill dogs that are tormenting them?   I'm sure you'd be fine with a pack of dogs terrorizing the neighborhood - going after them would not be cost effective, in your phony Austrian Economic way of pseudo-thinking.

However, when someone offends against the Almighty Dog, all of a sudden economics do not matter.  If someone were to shoot one of that roving pack, you would want no expense spared to reign in the horrible monster that committed the heinous act!   Call NASA and the Air Force!  Increase the debt ceiling another trillion!

Here is a clue:   Economics do not mesh well with health and safety issues.   We crush offenders because their behavior is intolerable, NOT because its somehow economically useful.  What are the economics of going after child molesters?   Think about that.

Face it, I could end every doggy problem in my neighborhood and it would be WELL within my household budget.  Again, this argument goes somewhere you do NOT want it to go, so I advise that you drop it.

One last thing.  Tom McCartney - if you are reading this or if you know him - KNOCK IT THE HELL OFF!   You are a flood troll of the lowest caliber and you are NOT doing your movement any good.   Dude, work on the netiquette, hmmmmKay?

Happy Lucky Friday!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

BSL collapse V0.0

There was a rather brutal takedown of the other day.  Here is a link to that article.

Here is a visual to go with the article under consideration:

While I take many issues with the BSL movement, I find this "takedown" unfair.  Colleen as a Nazi... Really?  Go for the Godwin Fail much?   Look, you can take anything or anyone and do a Reductio Ad Hitlerum on it, but that does not necessarily make any sense.  Hitler sat in chairs, so anyone who ever sat in a chair must be a Nazi, correct?   Hitler slept in a bed, so all of you bed sleepers must belong to an evil Gestapo, and oven babies day and night!  Mick Heil!

That said, the BSL movement does deserve some critique.  A constructive critique.  As I have noted many times, BSL is a perfectly legitimate arrangement.  Pre-emption laws are stupid and hypocritical.  Look, if I can't own chickens or goats, why the HELL do my neighbors get to keep a backyard full of 150 pound game bred fight dogs?  OH, that would be because they are DOGS and everyone has to kiss their ass day and night.  

So, what is wrong with the BSL movement?  Quite frankly, your movement is a mess.  The 2 cent version is, it lacks integrity.  I say this generally and not categorically.  Personally, I think that Colleen is the very best that the BSL movement has to offer.

I am going to write a series of articles on this, but leave off with a discussion document for now.  

SO, how is the BSL movement a mess?  Here is the short list of reasons.  Longer explanations to follow.

1)  The movement is DOGmatic and unflexible.  Most of you will not consider any reforms other than a ban.   You ignore all statistics that might indicate that a ban does NOT improve public safety.

2)  You ally yourselves with PETA and other radical groups.  Great way to alienate the 99% of the population that is not completely crazy.  For starters, the Pit Bulls Awareness Day symposium on October 24 has aligned itself with PETA.  Why not grab an endorsement from ISIS while you are at it?

3)  You refuse to acknowledge the connection to the greater dog culture.  Look, pit bulls are dogs and thus under the protection of The 10 Commandments.  What are you going to do about THAT?

4)  You conflate the means with the end.   The GOAL should be enhanced public health and safety.  Instead, it seems that a pit bull ban has become an end onto itself.  ALL dog bites are serious, folks!

5)  Focus entirely on a handful of spectacular events, while ignoring or excusing away the overall social harm related to dogs.  Being mauled to death has lottery odds.  You want to know what the NUMBER ONE page on this site is?   This one.   Barking is a scourge that destroys the health and quality of life of millions.  Nary a peep from the BSL folks... how about we ban the top 5 barkers by breed?  What do you think of that?

Enjoy your evening and feel free to comment.  I will follow up with articles on all 5 above.


Facebook Group - PADBAN

Interesting perspective on dog noise pollution:  Facebook page People Against Dog Breeding and Noise.

From the archives:  (copied without permission)

"I feel the need to keep re-posting this so it does go too far down this page. It is, after all the main reason I started this page. Can't find a quiet place to live, in any suburban neighborhood. 

Why Exposure to Chronic Barking is So Profoundly Debilitating

People who have never suffered through extensive exposure to chronic barking often find it difficult to understand why it should be such an incredibly upsetting, debilitating ordeal. This section tells you why that is, beginning with a discussion of how our bodies react to exposure to chronic noise.

The Physiology of the Upset Victim

The various organs of your body are connected in a way you may not have thought of before. Your eyes, heart, lungs, digestive system, and the smooth muscles of your vascular system (among other organs) are all connected to your brain by nerve cells, which are also called neurons.
Picture the way telephone lines run across the country connecting one city to another. The telephone line running from Los Angeles to San Francisco is not one continuous wire. It is many wires, each connected to the next. When an electronic signal goes from one city to another over the phone line, it travels in relay fashion from wire to wire until it reaches its destination. These particular types of neurons are like that. They carry electrical impulses from the brain in relay fashion, only instead of running from city to city, they run from the brain to the other organs of the body.

Because the brain is wired up to these particular organs through the same relay system of neurons, it can simultaneously create changes in all the connected organs at once by sending electrical impulses traveling along the neural pathway.

If your brain sends electrical impulses along the neural pathway telling the connected organs to speed up, the pupils of your eyes will open wider. Your heart will begin beating faster and your breathing will increase as your lungs begin to work harder. Also, the smooth muscles of your vascular system will react in a way that reduces the blood flow to your hands and feet and channels more blood deep into your body to the major organs. The one exception is your digestive system. When the speed-up message is sent, everything speeds up except your digestion, which slows down. The more things speed up, the greater the sense of tension we feel. When you feel emotionally upset in an excited, high energy sort of way, you are in a state of autonomic speed up.

If your brain sends electrical impulses along the neural pathway telling the connected organs to slow down, your pupils return to normal size and your heart rate and breathing slow. At the same time, the smooth muscles of your vascular system channel more blood into your hands and feet and less to the major organs. As you might expect, when the slow-down message is sent, your digestive system reacts by speeding up. That's why digestion is a more pleasant process when you're relaxed than when you're tense.
The more things slow down, the more relaxed we are likely to feel.

The Autonomic Nervous System & the Endocrine System

The organs of the body that are beyond our conscious control, like those listed above, together with the nerve cells that connect them, are known as the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).
Notice that when you hear the sharp report of a barking dog, it gives you a start. Physically you feel yourself give a little jump and you experience a sudden sense of tension. That feeling is the autonomic nervous system speeding up the inner workings of your body. As the barking continues on, the neurons continue firing and you become increasingly tense.

When a dog barks, he creates sound waves. Sound waves are real physical entities that have a real physical effect on our bodies. We can't see them, but they are there and they carry the output of the barking dog to the sensory hair cells of our ears, which then carry the report of the sound into our brains. The brain, in turn, stimulates the ANS, which makes us feel tense.

Hormones are chemicals manufactured within our bodies. Under certain conditions, those hormones are released into our blood streams by our body's various glands. Different hormones do different things. They regulate our growth, our metabolism, our sexual desires and our sense of well being and distress. While the ANS makes us feel tense, it is the endocrine system that makes us feel anxious when we are in close proximity to a barking dog. That's not surprising really. The hormonal (endocrine) system is regulated by a primitive part of the human brain that seems to respond instantly to the primitive threats and messages of desperation that are implicit in the voice of a chronically barking dog. That's part of why barking drives people wild.

To really appreciate the impact that chronic barking has on your autonomic and endocrine systems and, thus, your emotional state, you must also factor-in the length of time required for our bodies to return to normal after an acoustic shock like that which we receive when a nearby dog releases a loud, sudden, percussive burst of barking. If it happens only once, you may return to normal in a matter of seconds. However, with each additional episode of barking, your systems fire-up more quickly, and it takes a little longer to return to baseline. If it happens frequently enough, you will still be wound-up from the last outburst when the next one hits, with the result that you will be forever tense, and at no point will you ever be able to become truly relaxed in your own home.

Some people have an autonomic nervous system that works like greased lightening, while others have a relatively sluggish function of the ANS. The more readily your ANS fires up, the faster your endocrine system will kick in, and the longer it will take your body to return to a relaxed state after you are exposed to a flurry of barking."

I'm not sure if the above is 100% scientifically accurate, so take it with a grain of salt.  With that said, the World Health organization and USA EPA have long recognized that percussive, loud noises such as dog barking pose a real human health hazard.


Thursday, October 15, 2015

The next step down

Dog fanatics have been VERY successful in protecting the interests of dangerous dogs and their owners.  They have effectively neutered ANY intervention by authorities.

Barking laws?   Place the burden on the victim!
Biting laws?  Refer to barking laws!
BSL?  In the past year or so, we have had TWO DBRF's in Miami where PIT BULLS ARE BANNED!  Skeptical?  Consider this and this.

Consider that law is downstream from culture.   Our culture demands that the interests of dogs and dog owners is the overriding priority in all situations.  Fido's interests take precedence over all governing laws as well as the rights, interests and needs of any animal in his vicinity (and that includes us 2 legged "animals").   As long as the culture is completely dog-centric, our laws and law enforcement will be as well.

So, law enforcement is completely owned by dogger interests.  Is there any remaining territory for them to conquer?

Political agitators being what they are, they are working on the last bastion of defense that we have.  Self defense.

Consider this from the Watch Mickey Beat Cancer Page:

I wonder what their definition of "cruelty" is?   The mother beating a pit bull to get it to let go of her 2 year old child.  YUP!   Again, read the FaceBook page and consider the benefactors.  These folks think it is completely legitimate for a dog to rip the face off a toddler at the slightest provocation.  These miscreants do not care about any "cruelty" or "abuse" aimed at anything else.  This is a Pit Bull Protection Symposium and nothing else.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I, like most of you, crave a place free of nuisances.  More specifically, free from PET nuisances!   Dog owners are permitted to steal our peace, our health, even our very lives due to societies' Canine Superiority Complex (CSC).

Anyhoo, the other week I was travelling in my RV ("caravan" for you non-USA folks) and I happened to stumble on a DOG FREE CAMPING AREA!   Yes, THERE IS A DOG!   Er... I mean GOD.

Dog worshipers are probably reading this and, after scraping their brains off the ceiling and walls, demanding "HOW CAN SUCH AN OUTRAGE EXIST!  DO NOT THESE PEONS KNOW THAT THIS IS PURE EVIL RACISM!  DOGS MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER, WHY ARE THEY CREATING THIS HELL ON EARTH!"

Apparently, the policy under consideration has to do with the fact that the area in question has a very sensitive ecology.  There are a multitude of protected animal species in the vicinity.  Due to frequent observations of PET DOGS harassing and terrorizing said wildlife, no DOGS are allowed in the area.  These wild animals have enough problems without Fido making their lives a living hell.  The state stepped in and banned dogs completely over a wide area.  And, yes... these government environmental interests have a LOT of "juice".  I know, I used to be networked into that scene when I was a hike leader.  In a political battle, they would crush you like a bug.   They sent the dog foamers packing!

Now, while it is unfortunate that PEOPLE do not get the same considerations as wildlife (in this scenario, at least), I will take any advantage I can get!

At the time, I was staying in a state park about 20 miles away that was under no such restriction.  The Florida park rangers do a very good job of keeping canine visitors under control.  Note that I said "Very Good" and not "Perfect".   There was some yapping to be heard. 

This newly discovered destination will be my #1 go-to spot from now on.  Think about how great it would be to sit out and NOT WORRY about the peace being destroyed by some useless yard barker?   How wonderful would it be to be able to actually RELAX and not worry about someone else's useless, out-of-control, mutt?   Literally, I almost want to cry with relief.  

Note to dog owners, a word to the wise:  If you do not stop blaming everyone else for the problems you cause, and start taking responsibility, there are going to be more and more places like this.  AND, you will have no one to blame but yourselves.   Going forward, you are going to meet your match more and more often.  Just wait until the EPA gets on your shit.... your lives are going to be pure living HELL.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Just DIE already!

Update on the Watch Mickey Beat Cancer page!

Update on Mickey!!!

We have been informed that Mickey's tumor was a malignant melanoma. That is the bad news.
The good news, is that the tumor was mostly benign. The means that the tumor was caught very early on, and they got it all with the surgery.

This is going to continue to happen to Mickey. Tumors are going to pop up, and they are going to be removed. This is exactly why Mickey was allowed to be moved by the Court to his new facility.

Mickey himself is doing great! Happy and playful as ever. Though he is getting a little tired of having to wear a shirt all the time to cover up his incision.

Hopefully, we will have some new pictures later this week when John goes to see Mickey.

UGH!   This is #8 to the maximum.   Why not just turn The Mickster over to a sushi chef?   He's been carved up more than a Thanksgiving Turkey in Ethiopia.

Dog worshipers are the ultimate sadists.  They are keeping the beast alive for no reason other than to promote maulers and feed their own twisted egos!

Here is how it works:   Throw the Mick Proletariat a bone every once in a while, meanwhile filling the page with pleas to throw money at every other mauler in the known universe.   It is the scam of scams, and their IDOL suffers for the lot of them.

On a slightly different topic....

From the Pit Bulls Cannot Be Identified file, some folks think that Mickey Is a Fake.  Personally, I am not convinced.   The pics are intriguing, but not convincing. I do a lot of photography, and camera angle, sun angle, flash and various camera settings can make a big difference.

Here is my thesis - they would not be able to keep Mickey's death a secret.  Moreover, what purpose would that serve?   Why not make Mick a martyr?  Hell, blame the cancer on that carcinogenic 4 year old's FACE!  That would keep the foamers stirred up!

In any case, here are some photos:

Blue eyed Mickey.  Note that Mick has *apparently* been brown eyed in most of his photos:

Another juxtaposition.

Mick DOES look blue eyed in the left photo.  Is this the same dog?  Is it TRUE that a pit bull cannot be identified?   Perhaps they have chameleon like tendencies?

Again, I am intrigued but not convinced.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Ten Commandments

Read them.  Learn them.  LIVE them!

The dog culture creed:

  1. Thou shalt worship each and every Dog unconditionally.
  2. Thou exists to serve every Dog keeper, and must pay respects daily.
  3. Thou shalt realize that each and every dog and his keeper is the epitome of absolute perfection and wonderfulness.
  4. Thou shalt pay alms, and put the almighty Dog ahead of all else.
  5. Thou shalt offer no unkind words against Dog, nor shalt thou lift a finger against Dog or his Keeper for any reason.
  6. The Almighty Dog requires Blood Sacrifice, and that is yours to give.
  7. Grant that what is Dog's upon Dog, also grant everything that is NOT Dog's upon Dog.
  8. Thou shalt respect that the life of each individual Dog is of Infinite Value.
  9. Torment and death must come to thou that not serve the almighty Dog and His Keeper.
  10. Thou shalt go forth and wage war for the sake of Dog.

Sunday, August 16, 2015


Time for a celebration!   Padi, the dog that ate the ear off a 4 year old, is FREE!   I know everybody is happy for PADI!

Some back-story on Padi and the other persons of interest:

- Padi the pit mi, er, I mean LAB MIX (wink wink, nudge nudge).
- Dr. Paul Gartenberg, veterinarian.  Padi's owne, er, I mean "pet parent".   Gartenberg allowed Padi to roam free throughout his clinic as a "greeter".
- Cooper Smith, victim.  4 years old.
- Amanda ?, Cooper's babysitter.
- Emily, Gartenberg's daughter.
- Dan Dannheiser, Smith family attorney.

The 10 cent version is this:  Cooper and his babysitter, Amanda, were visiting Gartenberg's office.  Cooper was interacting with Padi, who bit him on the ear.  The injury will require at least 2 reconstructive surgeries.   Cooper was being supervised by Amanda at the time.   This interaction took place with Gartenberg's knowlege.

Typical to a dog attack scenario, or anything involving a dog for that matter, it is difficult to get real "news".  Instead of being given facts, we must endure various canine supremacist narratives shoved down our throats.

Consider this piece from ABC "news".  It starts off with a plea to save the dog, including how sweet and wonderful it was.  Biased much?

As usual, the comments on the above propaganda piece are pure GOLD:

"Euthanize the families lawyer and keep the dog. Fire the baby sitter".   Indeed, isn't it ALWAYS the babysitters fault?   Hell, if an ADULT is attacked by a dog lets just go ahead and blame the babysitter!

"Whip the kids butt and punish the parent for mistreatment of the dog. IF the dog was a greeter it surely was friendly to others.".   Only a dog nutter has the ability to load this much fail into 2 sentences.   They are beyond even self-parody.   Indeed, "whip the kid's butt" because as it turns out, the injury inflicted by the dog was insufficient punishment for not showing proper respect to a dog!   And, of course, there's the usual fail of "if it was nice once, it must have been nice to everybody".  If the dog ever behaved, it always behaved.

The "official" Padi narrative is this:   While being thoroughly ignored by his babysitter, Amanda, Cooper chased Padi into Gartenberg's office.  Cooper proceeded to torment and harass Padi, chasing Padi underneath Gartenberg's desk.  Cooper was behaving very, very dangerously and was indeed threatening the life of the poor, innocent pup.   At that point, Padi had no choice but to defend her very life by inflicting a small nip upon Cooper's ear.   Evil dog haters in county government then proceeded to "arrest" Padi and sentence her to death without any cause or reason whatsoever.  The parent's of the evil, deadly dangerous, 4 year old hired an ambulance chasing lawyer to file suit against Dr. Gartenberg, who is totally unaccountable for anything that happens at his office.

Here is the rebuttal by Dannheiser, Smith family attorney:"

My office, with the agreement of the Smith family, has created a proposal for the release of the Gartenberg family’s dog Padi. We expect the dog to be released to the Gartenberg family shortly.
The incontrovertible facts in this matter are that this four-year-old child Cooper, his babysitter Amanda, and Dr. Gartenberg’s daughter Emily were playing with the Gartenberg’s mixed breed dog Padi IN THE PRESENCE OF Dr. Gartenberg. Dr. Gartenberg did not feel it was necessary to watch over the children while they played with Padi and walked away as his daughter Emily took Cooper and Amanda to his office where Padi’s toys were kept so that Cooper could play fetch with Padi. At all times BOTH Emily and Amanda watched over Cooper and Padi. Both young ladies are responsible and intelligent girls who cared a great deal about Cooper.
Unfortunately, even though Emily and Amanda were standing there, Padi bit Cooper causing serious injuries. At no time did Emily, Amanda, or Cooper provoke Padi. Padi had carried a toy under an office desk and when Cooper walked to the desk to pick up another toy, while picking the toy up Padi lunged from underneath the desk and bit him and very unfortunately tore off a large portion of the child’s ear which will require the child to undergo multiple surgeries after which Cooper will be left with disfigurement.
The issue that is being missed in social media frenzy is that the confiscation of the animal and attempt to euthanize the animal has nothing to do with the Smith or Gartenberg family. It was a decision by the Manatee County Animal Control to utilize Florida statute 767.13 that provides that where a dog causes certain delineated injuries of the nature suffered by Cooper the dog is to be confiscated and destroyed. It provides for no judicial or administrative consideration of a totality of facts and circumstances. I believe that statute to be unconstitutional and have expressed that position. Whereas it is my responsibility to ensure that Cooper’s family is able to pay for his upcoming surgeries, we have no interest in this dog being euthanized and have worked diligently to encourage Manatee County to release Padi back to the Gartenbergs. I personally created an agreement to facilitate the return.

I do not know if the above account is super-accurate, either.  I would take it with a grain of salt, so to speak.

Interestingly, as per the above, Dannheiser facilitated the return of PADI to Gartenberg.  A lot of inquiring minds are asking:  WHAT THE HELL?   Why is the victim's lawyer advocating for the dog, and possibly even the DOG'S OWNER?

I found that situation VERY strange - here are a few of my theories:

- Dannheiser is a foaming at the mouth, raving dog fanatic and canine supremacist.  He is ignoring his client's best interest and pursuing a bogus animal rights agenda.   Consider:  ... It provides for no judicial or administrative consideration of a totality of facts and circumstances. I believe that statute to be unconstitutional and have expressed that position.   Again, IANAL, but exactly how does a dog have access to full constitutional protections?  Shall we issue PADI a pistol permit while we are at it?

- Dannheiser used PADI as a bargaining chip in the litigation.  In other words, pay up big time and do it NOW or we are going to kill your dog.  This is something I might be inclined to agree with.  I am sure Gartenberg would fight the lawsuit for years.

- Dannheiser and the family caved to various external pressures including social pressure, economic pressure, and death threats.  This is also very likely.

With the disclaimer that I was not there and probably do not have all the facts, I am going to render my judgement:

The dog should be killed and the owner confronted with civil and criminal liabilities.

Why kill the dog?   Simply because the threshold for using force against a human being is very high, and there is practically nothing this 4 year old could do to meet that threshold.  Enough of this "self defense" bullshit.... dogs should not be allowed to decide when force should be used against a human being - that is a right reserved for human beings.  Ergo, what PADI did was unacceptable, regardless of the surrounding circumstances.

Why go after the owner?   Gartenberg allowed the dog to run free in his facility.  He should be held accountable for anything it does in that facility.   Ergo, the dog was an "attractive nuisance".  If Cooper had found a loaded gun on Gartenberg's desk and proceeded to shoot himself or someone else, Gartenberg would be in jail right now.  Q.E.D.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Open Thread .02C

Happy almost Friday.  Some conversation starters ->

You two legged peons will be AZZIMILATED!   Mickey of Dorg will make it so!   You exist to serve the DORG.

Hey, its never the wrong time to bring up a justifiable use of force argument!

Defining justifiable force is easy:

Justifiable:  Any use of force BY a dog.  A dog may kill anybody ON his (owner's) land.  Also, a dog may kill anybody OFF his owner's land!!!   Indeed, a dog can attack anybody or anything, anyplace at any time for any (or no) reason and IT IS ALL GOOD!   Look, all dog behavior is good by definition... who are we mere mortals to argue seamless logic like that?

Not justifiable:  Any use of force used AGAINST a dog.  Look, dogs can do no wrong, so who are we mere mortals to interfere in the affairs of Dog?   A dog has an absolute, unconditional right to kill everyone (and everything) on AND OFF his land!  Who do you think you are trying to interfere?   Be a pal and let him chow down on your 4 year old, OK?

Dog works in mysterious ways.  Got a few tips on a hot case.  So, if the nutters are correct, I may simply SHOOT THEM DEAD when they come around looking for their DAWG?   Wait... I guess not.... I have LESSER RIGHTS THAN FIDO!   Read the comments.... they are true classics!

Hey dog owning morons - Fido needs a change in job description and that goes for BARKING and Biting!

Have a happy Friday!

[EDIT]  Hot off the presses!  Asheville (NC) Humane Society not to blame for adopting out killer dog!   Again, read the comments they are CLASSIC!

Hopefully the parents are better supervising any remaining children they have - and will teach them to respect other people's property.


I agree, the parents failure is tragic. They are 100% responsible. Nobody else.

Yep, the dog AND the owner are both as pure as the driven snow!   

Saturday, August 1, 2015

The stabbing controversy / Occams razor

Another doggy double standard outrage.  Man arrested and charged with animal cruelty after stabbing attacking pit bull.

Relevant Actors:

- Rocky Faircloth:  Pit Bull owner.
- "Semi":  Trespassing, attacking "Pit Bull"/unidentifiable breed mutt.
- Rodney Woodward:  Owner of victim GSD.  Stabbed Semi 21 times according to necropsy report.
- One injured GSD.

Note the use of quotes around "Pit Bull":  The comments on the article are true classics.  One robo poster relentlessly pursued the notion that pit bulls cannot be identified.  By anybody.  Because nobody has a clue about anything.  I made a few snarky comments in reply, but finally cut through the cubic light years of bullshit with the following....

All of this chatter is noise. The man that stabbed the pit bull/unidentifiable breed mix/whatever was within his rights. An animal invaded his property and attacked his animal. Defending his animal in the way he did is an enumerated right almost everywhere. Pit bull or not this was NOT a case of animal cruelty.
Prosecuting this man is clearly a case of out of control, unhinged and unbalanced dog nuttery with no sense of proportion. You love dogs? Goody for you: Respect the right of others to protect their dogs from predators.

What was even more interesting were the pro-BSL folks that took the troll bait and flamed back in reply.  WHY does the entire world view of SO many people, on both sides of this debate, depend on what kind of dog it is?  From my perspective, the precise breed isn't central to the point.  The central point is, do you have a right to defend your animal from a trespassing canine attacker, or any realistic threat?   If the attacking animal were a rottweiler, or a cane corso, or a BEAR, it would be a distinction without a difference.

In my opinion, when a dog attacks, we do not necessarily WANT it to be one breed or the other.  What we want is for these bad behaviors to cease.  THAT would be a good outcome.

Now, if the invader were a gerbil, then that would lend the animal cruelty narrative some legitimacy.  A gerbil does not pose a realistic threat to a GSD.  A gerbil is not going to kill or even seriously injure a GSD.   However, the attacker was apparently not a gerbil.  In my opinion, as long as the threat is very plausible, the use of force is justified.

Back to the BSL debate - Breed ID "deniers" seem to violate the principle of Occams razor - that being that the simplest, most obvious explanation is probably the right one.  In this case, if several people see the same thing and they all agree on what it was, then that consensus is probably correct.  Sure, there may be a conspiracy, but that notion should be rejected without proof.

For example, a bank is robbed.  A half dozen eye-witnesses ID the getaway car as a red '60's vintage Ford Mustang.  These are readily identifiable vehicles.  So, you are not 100% sure a Mustang was the getaway car, but we can be sure enough.  You are never 100% sure of anything.  Competing theories, such as the car is unidentifiable because all of the witnesses were not retired Ford design engineers, are not very interesting.  "Nobody can ID a car!   It may have been a Mercedes Van, or a Chevy Pick Up!" the apologista bleat.  Yes, that is possible but very unlikely.  They could argue the colors, too - "Maybe they were ALL color blind!  They can't tell red from green!".   Yep, and maybe I'm the grand Ayatollah.

So, according to the apologista, NOBODY involved could ID the breed of "Semi".  Not the vics, not the cops, not the AC officers, not any of the neighbors that had seen the dog previously, not the vet that did the necropsy.  Nobody!   How do these people think the rest of us function.  How do we find our cars the the parking lot?  How do we identify our friends and family members?   Perhaps that person who looks like your spouse is not really your spouse.... maybe their long lost identical twin killed them and has taken their place?

Perhaps, Animal Uncontrol did not actually write this article.  Perhaps that person was cloned by aliens and this is all part of some big galactic conspiracy to turn humans against their dogs?  Now, THERE is a theory you can sink your teeth into!

Enjoy your weekend!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The silver lining

That would be a silver lining for DOGS, not YOU... Peons!  What the hell were you thinking??

As per my last post, Mickey's original owner has been revealed!  The individual that abused and neglected St. Mick SOOOOO terribly that the Mick had no choice but to chow down on a four year old (who supposedly deserved to be eaten regardless, but who can keep track of those goalposts anyway?).  In any case, according to the foamers, we are talking about abuse so horrible, so unspeakable, it would make a Spanish Inquisitor immediately turn green and die from the sheer horror of it all!  O The Dogmanity!

Consider this pic from WMBC:

This is where Mickey use to live.

No green grass, not trees, no shade. Basically a sweat lodge, were he suffered, and was abused.

Mickey has come a long way since then.

Predictably, the WMBC commenters did not disappoint:

And, so forth.  Its tough to keep track of all the conflicting narratives.  Among them:

- Mick is completely innocent, yet being incarcerated was good for him.  So, shouldn't they be THANKING Kevin, the family, and the babysitter?  Hell, all this goodness could not have happened without them, right??   If it weren't for criminal mastermind Kevin "bone-jacker" Vicente, Mick would still be living in those HORRID conditions!

- Their "proof" that Mick was so horribly abused was... he lived outside in a doghouse.   Wouldn't that apply to ANY outdoor dog?  Where is the crusade to end outdoor tethering?   Again, shouldn't they be glad that Mick was IN the jail?   At least he wasn't outside where there are evil human children constantly trying to steal his food and toys.

- No green grass, not trees, no shade.  I have been to the Phoenix area several times.  This description fits the entire area.  IT IS A DESERT, FOOLS!   They are implying that the owner tore up all the grass and cut down all the trees for the primary purpose of making Dear Mick suffer.  Perhaps they should just BAN dog ownership in the entire US Southwest?

Reading the comments, there is a narrative that is conspicuously absent.  With the exception of a one-time comment by Schill, you NEVER hear the Mick horde apply any blame to the owner.   They make it sound like Mick's living conditions were something that just happened, that Mick just wound up in the doghouse by magic and was abused by.... whom??   Where is the vitriol aimed at THAT person?   Now, I don't read ALL of the comments, but enough to get the gist of the narrative.

The unspoken part of their narrative is that dog owners are ALL as pure as the driven snow, just like the animals they keep!  More bait and switch.  In the abstract, the foamers blame it on abuse/neglect/training, BUT when something actually happens, and / or if you actually must apply blame - put ALL of the blame on the victim, or at least someone else besides the dog and the owner.  

You'd think, given that they are infatuated with this dog, they would harbor at least some vitriol for the person that set Mick up to fail.  Hey geniuses - WHO put Mick in that doghouse with no trees, no green grass, no iPads and no cable TV?  Who was it who abused him?  WHERE is the resentment aimed in THAT direction?  Nope, they gotta hate on the victim, his family, and all us critics.... it was all OUR fault!

And, there is the reason these problems roll on.  60 years of the dogocracy have seen to it that no dog or owner is held accountable for anything, ever.   Obviously, because its ALWAYS someone else who made a mistake, deliberately did the wrong thing, or needs to change.  And, it doesn't matter what the complaint is.  Dog owners NEVER do wrong, never need to modify their behavior, or do so much as lift a finger.  They are the epitome of absolute perfection!   Its the REST of us that need to change!

Sunday, July 19, 2015


Kevin's Mom is suing Mickey's owner!

Very little mention of this, even on the anti-Mick sites.  Should be very interesting!

Here is the link to the case info.  Case details, such as the pleadings, are not available.  Might be able to find them with more digging.

Saturday, July 18, 2015


I just can't seem to get the following song out of my head these days.... I wonder why that is?

I have no idea.  In any case, a few interesting developments on the MICKEY front!

It appears there was some dissention within the Mickey Inner Party.   A voice mail message from John Schill to Annie Duddy (both part of the inner sanctum) during January went as follows:

"Annie I'ma having to delete your posts and if you continue to post Mickey is not there I'm gonna have to ban from Save Mickey. You cannot say he is not at MASH. That is not your pwace and you should never do so. Mickey cannot leave Mash. The only reason it is because I'm involved. You can't do it. Mickey cannot be known to be not at MASH. Why would you post like that? Who are you to post like that? You can't post that."

Extra consideration to the phrase Mickey cannot be known to be not at MASH.  Indeed, because that would have been a violation of a COURT ORDER.   Again, note this was back in JANUARY, and Mick was not released to his new digs until May.   This is consistent with the "Mickey Cam" being down for days at a time.  It would be no surprise that these "glitches" were intentional and the Mauler was released from confinement during those times.  Obviously, I cannot prove that but the theory is very plausible. 

Much to the consternation of Mick's rank and file (proles), the WMBC page has devolved into a spam page for "save this biter" or "prayers for that mauler" and the like. Very little info on the Saint himself.  The "Proles" of the Save Mickey movement had been more or less abandoned.  And, why not?  The big shots got what they wanted:

- Mauler is spared.
- Mauler is free from the jail.
- They have the legal precedent they need to save more maulers.

So, who cares about all of that filthy rabble?  The useful idiots are no longer useful and they get dumped at the curb... its all good!  Well, until they are needed AGAIN but I'm sure their overriding, irrational love of all dogs will get them to support the next "save this killer dog" type cause!

There is something to be learned here:  Dog lovers take Heed!  Getting involved with any of these AR creeps is NOT going to make your life better.  They will take your money and your time and leave you holding the bag.  Consider that they care for nothing but dogs and themselves - its obvious they put zero value on the lives, rights and interests of other human beings.  They have nothing but contempt for you.  To them, you are nothing but a commodity to be consumed!  

The Mick Cam was never re-activated at the new location, arguably due to the Mick Foamer's theory the place would be immediately stormed and overrun by a phalanx of Mickey Haters armed with machine guns, rocket launchers, and flame throwers.   However, the theory amongst the more rational is that a new Mick Cam would reveal that the mauler is not being housed in a manner consistent with the court order.... i.e. a suburban living room or the like with frequent breaks to walk the neighborhood. 

Consider this:

Is that window some sort of unbreakable Plexiglas?  What sort of door is on that "room"?  Mick's digs at MASH indicated that he was not going to escape to maul anybody.  His home was a cell of concrete and steel designed to harbor human prisoners. WHERE is he running and playing?

We the people have a right to some transparency in this matter.  Ideally, every dog that mauls and kills would be summarily put down, this relieving us of the burden of harboring known dangerous animals in our communities.

That said, if its imperative (for some arcane reason) to spare these beasts then we have a right to a FULL ACCOUNTING of where the damn thing is every minute of every day!   How the hell does a DOG that tears up a CHILD have a right to this sort of privacy?   What should we call this....?


Monday, July 13, 2015

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Back from vacation.   Took my RV to a large National Forest Campground in the Appalachians.

Had a good time.

Being who I am, I observed many fellow campers with DOGS.  In a relatively small area in a relatively short period of time I was able to observe the full spectrum of dog ownership.

Lets start with the good.  Some folks in a class C motorhome had a Rough Collie (i.e. "Lassie") that was one of the best behaved dogs I had ever observed.  I am talking impeccable manners here.   The dog lay out in front of it's "home", casually people watching, calmly observing the goings on around it.  Not the smallest hint of hysteria or aggression. It made NO noise.  Why can't all dogs be like this?  Obviously, I do not know the full story - it may have been loaded up on valium for all I know.

Lets continue on with the Bad.  There were a few campers with overstimulated, hysterical little dogs that were just barely contained.   Periodically, something would trigger one or the other to emit a 5-10 nervous yaps before the owner shut it up.  Now, some would argue that a dog like this is not a true nuisance.  I would agree to the extent that A dog like this is not a true nuisance, where A = 1.   While one dog like this does not bark enough to be a true nuisance, if you have several of them in the immediate area they form a collective nuisance.   Dogs like this should be kenneled or left at home.

Now, moving on to the ugly.  There were a couple of archetypes indicated here:

The super yapper.  There was one small dog (a great distance from I, fortunately) that basically barked for the sake of barking.  Nothing triggered it or set it off in any way, it just barked.  And Barked.  And Barked.  Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp! Arp!  And, so forth.  I think you get the picture.  One important point I would like to make here, is, NO ONE goes on vacation in the forest to listen to someone else's pet dog bark incessantly.  The irritating noise is not useful, nor is it natural.  This behavior should be banned in entirety.  This was outside of my state (FL) and state park rangers in MY state would have thrown the dog out.

The aggression projector.  Every neighborhood has at least one of these and there were two of them in the area in question.  Again, I lucked out that neither was near me.  In any case, this was characterized as a Pit Bull/mix chained up near the front of the site.  It would frequently charge to the extent of the chain, growling and barking furiously at anyone who came near.   Again, this behavior would not have been tolerated in my state and both of these should have been thrown out as well.  In addition to the noise, if either of these dogs had broken restraint, someone would have wound up in the hospital.   It was obvious that both of these dogs were "game" and wanted to attack something. 

Read the pet camping rules in force in Florida State parks.  If they are going to allow pets, this is the right way to do it.

From the link above "Pets that are noisy, vicious, dangerous, disturbing or intimidating to other persons or pets, or which damage park resources, are considered to be nuisances and will not be permitted to remain in the park."

Get that, NC Forest Service?   Do it right!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Follow up

A couple of topics for discussion.

First, I think "Dog People are Nuts" nailed "Goose's" breed.  Goose may be a Brindle Lurcher.   Or, WAS LOLOLLULZZZ!

From Wiki:  "The lurcher has as many varied uses as types can be crossbred, but generally they are used as hunting dogs that can chase and kill their prey"  This seems consistent with the behavior reported in the cop's back yard.   Sounds like a great dog to simply turn loose in your suburban neighborhood.  Its all good!

Second, the update on next door IS....

... The dog has not been seen or heard from in a week.  The guy must have been dog sitting, or the visit from AC turned him off REAL fast.  I am assuming the former.  If so, the guy is probably the worst dog sitter EVER - leaving a dog tied out on a short leash, in the broiling heat and then a dangerous thunderstorm?   Why do dog lovers think this sort of behavior is OK?   If we were to ban this type of behavior, the majority of nuisance barking would go away.  It SHOULD be a win-win.  However, when we complain, we are told to shut up and sit down.

The above appears to be more "bait 'n switch" from the dog loving crowd.  "See, dogs are incredibly intelligent, super sentient creatures superior to humans and all other animals!"  OK, then why the hell do you leave your dog chained to a truck axle 24x7??  "Who cares, its only a dog!".

This type of behavior is also referred to as "moving the goalposts" and dog lovers and apologistas must be super athletic from this nonstop frenzied moving of said goalposts.  It is hard to keep up with them!