Sunday, June 19, 2022

MuttHeads episodes 0 -12

 MuttHeads episodes 0 through 12!  (well, 1-12 coming!)

MuttHeads 0:

MuttHeads 1: Disorder, and return to order ->

MuttHeads 2:  Animal Wrongs.

MuttHeads 3:  Breed Specific Lunacy.

MuttHeads 4:  Nutter debate fails, part A.

MuttHeads 5:

MuttHeads 6:

MuttHeads 7:

MuttHeads 8:

MuttHeads 9:

MuttHeads 10:  (have to shrink the file size on this one)

MuttHeads 11:

MuttHeads 12:

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Some general musings

Good Afternoon!
This is Animal Uncontrol!
Welcome to.... oh, nevermind.

My foray into you-tubing has been less than productive.  All of the MuttHeads videos will be available on this site, and this site only.  They will not be viewable directly on youtube.  For now, they are unlisted, but viewable here.  My intention is to delete them from YT and upload them to this site.  There may or may not be more of them, but for the most part its been just a time waster.  I put a lot of effort into them, so they may as well be viewable for the half a dozen or so that are interested in them.

I've always seen myself as more a writer than a performer, so I'll stick primarily to what I am good at.  My "Letter to My Neighbor" blog got 36,000 views, and my best youtube video got about 200.  So, with that under consideration, what is the best use of my time and effort in this space?  That begs the question.

My next move will be to work on the quintessential dog apocalyptical novel.  People have been bugging me for 10 years to write a book, so how can they all be wrong.

Thanks all,
Animal Uncontrol

P.S. People First