Monday, February 23, 2015

Mickey Dick?

No, that is not a sexual reference... you dirty minded people!

The Mickey train wreck/debacle has become my "great white whale". Hey, nobody is perfect!

Anyways, I was checking out the Mickey Cam just now, and Mickey got a visitor.  For those of you not in the know, Mickey has a life sentence in JAIL in Arizona where he is cared for by female convicts.

In any case, I tune in to "Mickey TV" and he is lounging in the bed opposite the camera when one of the convicts comes in to mop up the piss on the concrete floor.

Mickey is all tail wagging, but does not get off the bed.  The convict does NOT acknowledge Mickey in any way, pat him on the head or anything like that.  She just mops up the piss and leaves.

Mickey lives isolated with almost no contact with humans or other dogs.  What kind of way is this for any pet dog to live?  You know what, Lexus Project, you really scored big time:  Nice job, idiots!

It would make my year if MICKEY tears up one of his caregivers and that is captured on video... that would be PROOF that there is a GOD!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Barking's greatest hits

Welcome to HELL!   We have some GREAT hit songs, and you are going to hear them over and over again for all eternity!

First, I would like to "bump" some past barking essays.

Throw your pro-barking neighbors and authorities for a LOOP:
How about:  What about barking is so annoying, anyway?

With that said, an extremely serious barking predicament came to my attention the other week:

New "Animal Uncontroller" Neil B sent me the following link to his blog.

In any case, Neil has some rather severe medial issues that require him to REST IN HIS HOME.  Indeed, we ALL have a right to rest in our homes, a RIGHT that has been STOLEN by the canine supremacy movement.  However, those chains will rest heavily or lightly depending on the exact circumstances.

My Summary of Events:

Malicious dog owning neighbor refuses to control their dogs, and is probably committing multiple  violations in the process.  They exploit the goodwill and generosity of the victim to its fullest extent.  They proceed to slander the victims throughout the community and expend serious political and social capital garnering support from the HOA and the rest of the community to further crush the victim.  This is somebody they believe that they can screw over and get away with it, and of course they DO.

I also believe that Neil did not have adequate legal representation.  This may be a case of legal malpractice.  I am not a lawyer, but I have been through the litigation process a few times.

I am thinking the issues with the HOA and the other neighbors may not be dog cultism per se, but simple cronyism.  That situation was a little like my state trail association "implosion" a couple of years ago:  I tried to set some limits on dogs on the trail, but one particular malicious dog owner (who owned a golden retriever, by the way) was deeply entrenched in the organization's crony network and none of the other leaders would take any action against him.  Some of those folks didn't own dogs and at least one HATED dogs.  However, cronyism carried the day so it was time to say goodbye.

A few takeaways from this situation:
  • You MUST take care of yourself.  Do whatever you have to do to protect your health, your job, your relationships and your sanity.   If you are in a situation like Neil's, and have to perform a "strategic retreat" to a hotel, or a friend's or relative's house DO IT.  NOBODY is going to penalize you for taking a "vacation" from the neighborhood nuisance.  Furthermore, this may bolster your case against the dog owner, HOA, government, etc.... as you have now "proven" your house is not habitable BECAUSE IT ISN'T
  • Do not be kind or generous to the dog owner.  They are OFFENDING against you and you should treat them like any other criminal.   NOTE that you should stay within the limit of the law so not to give the neighbor any leverage against you.   THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS!
  • Do not wait to put the neighbor on notice.  The longer this goes on the harder its going to be to get rid of.
  • Always scope your neighborhood before buying/renting.  A good way to do this is to conceal a voice/sound activated audio recorder at the site for at least 24 hours.   There are plenty of good devices on the market.  I own one of these.    Of course, this is no guarantee that a neighbor from hell will not move in later (one probably will) BUT you have confidence that you won't have one from day one.  Its a bit like getting a mechanical inspection on a used car. 
  • Pursuant to the above point, if you hear any barking while touring the property, quit the process immediately and tell the realtor/owner why.  You think a realtor is going to miss out on a juicy commission because of some useless yard barker?   Owners and landlords do not like the value of their capital depreciated either.
  • Actively campaign against any and all laws that give the dog owner an unfair advantage.  Neil ran head first into the draconian "multiple household rule", one of the most absurd rules ever put on the books.
Peace, everyone!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

On False Equivalence

False Equivalence FAILS promote the Animal Uncontrol problem.  Indeed, it is probably the #1 rhetorical gimmick employed by the "enemy".  Victim Blaming/Shaming is probably #2, although the 2 gimmicks may overlap.

In any case, here is a good example of False Equivalence:

Me - Did you see those last 2 ISIS videos?  Those ISIS guys are total savages!
You - If you want to see a "savage", go look in the mirror:  You just ate a cup of yogurt that contains HOW many live bacteriums?  You are a genocidal monster!

Note that the two are not equivalent.  Generally (amongst the sane population), the lives of bacteria are considered to be of less consequence than that of human beings.  Therefore, the latest ISIS outrage is not comparable to eating a cup of yogurt.  Yes, both actions took lives but they are not the same thing.  The 2 scenarios are falsely equivalent.

Pursuant to that, the dog bite epidemic in general, and the Pit Bull mauling scenarios in particular are likewise "protected" by fools and liars that regularly engage in false equivalence.  They say, "Chihuahuas bite MORE than Pit Bulls!  Lets ban them first!"...  Is an excellent example of false equivalence.  Even if that were true (I don't know and I don't care) the claim simply does not matter as a chihuahua can not do anywhere near as much damage to a human body as a pit bull.  Hamsters and gerbils bite too... has anyone had their head crushed by a gerbil recently?  I am thinking never.

Moving along, false equivalence has promoted the pro-barking movement, and is indeed one of the main reasons our neighborhoods, parks and public places now sound like kennels.

"Hey, parakeets CHIRP, Cats MEOW, and gerbils have SQUEAKY EXERCISE WHEELS!  So what if Fido barks for 29 minutes out of every half hour, day and night and that can be heard for a half mile radius???  QUIET YOUR PARAKEET YOU THUG!"

Comparing the noise LEVEL and DURATION of dogs to ANY other animal, wild or domestic, is classic false equivalence. Indeed, it is the GODZILLA of false equivalence!

So, we have 2 things to consider.

1)  Noise LEVEL.  Decibel level.
2)  Noise DURATION.   How long the noise disturbance occurs.

Dogs win on both counts by a huge margin - they are the majority of low hanging fruit.

Indeed, it is rare that I can go ANYWHERE and not hear dogs barking.  Due to my aggressive elimination of the nuisance barkers across the street, I have no nuisance barkers within 100 yards or so.  At present, I have no critical dog related noise issues.  However, if you extend that radius to ~250 yards, you have NOTHING but barking.  I step outside and pretty much any time of the day or night and I hear:

Barking to the WEST
Barking to the NORTH
Barking to the SOUTH

Why no barking to the East?  Simply because that is empty land (owned by the local public water utility).  It is devoid of human beings, which translates into DEVOID OF MALICIOUS DOG OWNERS.

Moreover, I am subject to barking:
- When camping.
- When hiking.
- When grocery shopping.

The only reason I am not subject to the non-stop barking of others dogs INSIDE my home is due to the block war I started and won over that a few years ago.  While I can hear dogs bark outside, they are at least far enough away that I do not hear them INSIDE.

Going forward, anyone trying to "defend" or deflect the barking scourge with false equivalence will have their ass handed to them.  Strictly for your own sake - DO NOT TRY IT.

Have a great evening!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A new level of crazy

A commenter made the point the other day that I covered the "Mickey" trainwreck like no other.

So, what does make "Mickey" so interesting?

First, he is the devil  The Mickey debacle covers a LOT of Animal Uncontrol Ground:
- Multiple time mauler.
- Corrupt animal rights group (Lexus Project).
- Sleazy lawyer.
- Hordes of Apologistas.
- Victim blaming.
- Abuse of social media.  Micky is now a 24x7 TV star!  Mickey has a Facebook page with 75,000 likes!
- Strict adherence to political correctness.
- Etc...

The Mickey debacle is a gift that keeps on giving.  If someone asks you "What dog worship?" "What dangerous dog fetish?"  Point them here and here and here and here and here and here and here!

It appears that an entire new movement, perhaps even a whole new religion has spawned:  Not content to merely worship dogs in the abstract, the 75,000+ Mickey fans appear to idolize an individual dog.  The fact that Mickey had killed another dog might alarm your typical Canine Supremacist, but the Mickey idolizers simply do not care.  Mickey could kill a thousand dogs and they would still love him.  They just love MICKEY.  AND, they want everyone else to love Him too!

That said, is this the future:  Hordes of armed fanatics swarming the world forcing all to LOVE MICKEY?

On a more serious note, it turns out that MICKEY now has cancer.  Check out the Save Mickey site for more info.

Here is my prediction on the Mickey cancer predicament - the hordes of Mickey worshipers demand that Mickey be kept alive as long as possible, even if it merely prolongs his suffering.  Even if the Cancer goes into remission,  MICKEY is not going to live forever, and his acolytes will NOT let him go without a massive fight!   They cannot let their Dog God die!   This, of course, all goes to the point that it is all about THEM the malicious dog worshiper NOT the animals they profess to love so much.  

Got Popcorn??

Things need to get worse....

... before they get better!

Following the meme of things "need to get worse before they get better", I've decided to open my own Super XXXXXXXL Pitbull breeding kennel.  Worst case, it will cover my beer expenses.

We have four fine bloodlines to choose from.  Choose your new super mauler carefully!

XXXXXL Pitbull.  Shown next to an African elephant for comparison.  You will be the envy of your entire neighborhood after picking up one of these beauties!!!!

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL Pitbull.  Forget about being the ENVY of the neighborhood, now you ARE the neighborhood!!!!

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL Pitbull.  Just tell your HOA that it is Fido's "job" to scare off aliens... they WILL buy it!  Here, Fido is about to take a dip in the Gulf of Mexico.  Watch out New Orleans!

 X*10^50000000L (thats an exponent for you math challenged folks)
Pitbull.  OK, now perhaps doggie worship HAS gone a little too far!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Barking for Dollars

What are the real, quantifiable damages associated with dog barking?  I have had MANY folks email me about a recent civil case.   Apparently, a dog owner loses a $500,000.00 lawsuit over their allegedly barking dog.

Relevant actors:
- Woodrow Thompson, plaintiff.
- Denise Norton, defendant.
- Cawper the superbarker.

"In a sprawling 36-page complaint, Norton's neighbor Woodrow Thompson alleged that Cawper is known for "raucously, wildly bellowing, howling and explosively barking" and that he is an outrage, with intentional infliction of emotional distress -- and that his barking caused "profound emotional distress."

I am with you there, brother!  People often use their dogs to project aggression, since almost everyone knows that aggression of all types via dogs is perfectly acceptable.  Indeed, my ex-neighbors across the street would respond to complaints about their dogs by moving them to their front yard so as to increase the noise level in my home even further.   This type of behavior is so common in these sorts of cases it is now my default assumption.

"Thompson's complaint suggests Cawper is capable of barking at 128 decibels through double pane windows. According to Purdue University research, that would mean Cawper is louder than a chainsaw, a clap of thunder and just a hair quieter than the takeoff of a military jet."

That may be a bit of an exaggeration.  I think the world record for loud barking is ~113 decibels.  Consider that a Decibel is a logarithmic unit:  For example, 110 decibels is NOT 10% louder than 100, it is MANY TIMES AS LOUD.  This would mean that Cawper is generating MULTIPLE TIMES more sound energy than any other dog recorded.   I believe your typical superbarker generates 105 decibels, still enough to damage human hearing in close proximity, and carry for long distances and through solid objects.

Not that I dismiss that portion of the claim out of hand:  They keep breeding pit bulls bigger and bigger.... why not keep breeding barkers louder and louder?  It is only a matter of time before we have 200+ lb pitbulls in our neighborhood, so a superbarker loud enough to shatter concrete may not be far behind!  Forget about mere noise trespass and harassment - Fido can now level buildings with his exclamations!

On to the legal aspects:  One interesting thing about this case is that the plaintiff did NOT win the case on merit.  The case was won by default.  The defendant did not take the complaint seriously, and ignored it.  She flat out disregarded the summons.  Who are those lowly peons to complain about the almighty Dog?

I am a relatively experienced litigant:  You do NOT ignore a summons!  Even a frivolous case can and will be won if you don't defend it.  If the case truly is frivolous, for example if the defendant had the dog debarked years ago and can prove that, then they need to offer that as an affirmative defense AND perhaps counter sue the plaintiff for harassment.  DO NOT THUMB YOUR NOSE AT THE COURT.

So, the takeaway is this:  There is a BIG difference between (A) doing the right thing, and (B) doing the wrong thing and getting away with it.  If you let your dog bark all the time you fall squarely into the (B) column.  While dog owners enjoy "noble" status (for now) that does NOT grant you unlimited political and social capital.  Keep up the bad behavior and you WILL get into trouble eventually.   Do not be wildly overconfident when dealing with the lower (i.e. non dog owning) underclasses as they CAN rise get you if they try hard enough and/or you are irresponsible enough.


Friday, February 13, 2015

First Amendment Apocalypse - Part I

Burn, baby, BURN!

I get a kick out of the “Save Mickey” Facebook page.  There, you have a bunch of degenerates PUBLICLY CELEBRATING a worthless mutt with not one but TWO notches in its belt (another dead dog and a kid with his face ripped off), yet these miscreants have the unmitigated CHUZPAH to demand the SILENCE of their critics.  Additionally, the page has now “evolved” to protect the interests of OTHER known maulers.

Hey “Save Mickey”:  YOU run one of the most offensive sites on the internet.  YOU should be grateful for freedom of speech every day!  You don’t like what other people have to say?  You want to shut everyone else up?  How would you like it if WE shut YOU up?  I don’t think you would like that too much.  Facebook COULD pull your forum, you know.

Pursuant to that, it looks like Mickey’s lawyer, John Schill, flunked his Constitutional law AND his ethics classes:  Note that I added a few comments of my own in [brackets].

We have been asked to post this message.

To Dogs Suck:

Rarely, if ever, do I get involved in the workings of this Page. However, today you tested my patience with your vile hatred towards Mickey. Mickey, a dog whom I have worked very hard to save, and care very much about.

I am sorry you do not understand people's love for dogs, and for that I feel sorry for you.
For myself, I do love Mickey. Yes, he has a checkered past [that is one way of putting it… Ted Bundy had a “checkered past” too!], there is no denying it. However, I do care very much about him, and I was devastated today when I found out he may have cancer.....

Now I see your posts, in which you hope Mickey dies, and they infuriate me. Whom are you to wish that upon any dog or any of God's creatures?  [Pit bulls are a creation of Man, genius.  They are consumer products designed and produced by one group of people to meet the needs of another group of people].

It was easy to ban you from this page, all it took was the admin to press a button. However, I still cannot get your harsh words out of my mind. [Kind of like the rest of us can’t get the image of Kevin’s face out of our minds?]

So Dogs Suck or whomever is hiding behind that name, I am calling you out. Post as yourself, and take responsibility for your posts. [how about YOU take responsibility for the carnage your monsters create. Words don’t rip faces off, counsellor] Then agree to meet me, so we can openly debate the value of dogs in our lives. I would be more than happy to pay for you to fly you to Phoenix, pick a neutral location, and even arrange to have the media present for this debate. Then you and I could debate this issue in the open, rather than hiding behind a keyboard. [So you and your dog-nut buddies can pile on?]

So Dogs Suck, it is time to put up or shut up.

John Schill

Somebody said something bad about dogs on the internet!  O the Dogmanity!

I am half-tempted to tell Schill that *I* am “Dogs Suck” (I am not) or at least filling in for the guy in this “Debate”.  I would be glad to debate Schill ON MY TERMS. 

Now, I grant that simply purging someone from your forum, by itself, is not outside the (legal) boundary of the Bill of Rights:  A right to speak does not translate into a right to be heard and no one should be forced to grant you a forum to promote your agendas.

That said, dog fanatics have clearly stepped over those bounds as they DO appeal to authorities to silence anyone critical of dogs:  Consider this essay from a couple of years ago.

Additionally, these fanatics will employ physical threats to silence their opposition. For example, the last “Walk for victims of Pit Bulls and other dangerous dogs” was cancelled due to death threats.  That sounds like an infringement to me.  What’s the point of the first amendment if anyone and everyone can bully others into silence?  Is it any wonder those who critique this status quo want to remain anonymous?  

It seems to me that these folks have escalated to "outing" their critics, which seems like a thinly veiled threat to me.

Moreover, freedom of speech is not merely a rule, it is an ETHIC.  It is simply what is right.  I catch flak from various people on this forum on a frequent basis:  Defenders of Jerry Lenton, folks who believe dogs are “persons”, left wing nuts on my “public assistance” essays, flak from the “HaterZ”, and a few other examples.  All these “Critiques” are left up for all to see*.  I don’t HAVE to do it, but I do so for the following reasons:

1)      Silencing your opposition is unethical and counter to the civilizational values that we ALL LIVE BY.  The bill of rights is not merely a set of laws used to limit what the government can do (it does that) it lays down our core rights as people.

2)      My critics do an excellent job of making fools of themselves, so why would I prevent them from doing so?

3)      (This is a knockout blow).  Your position either stands on its own or it doesn’t.  If you are in a position where you MUST silence your critics, you are admitting you own a lost cause.  “Save Mickey” CAN’T be criticized, simply because it can’t hold up to any criticism.  To them, facts and logic are like sunlight and holy water to a vampire.  

(* note that I DO delete commercial spam and there are a couple of other scenarios where I might censor a commenter – freedom of speech is not an “unlimited” right).

Everything I put forth has a foundation in First Principles.  When considering the Mickey/Kevin fiasco, it’s important to consider that there were FACTS of the matter that were DELETED from the “Save Mickey” page, such as:

-          Mickey had attacked and killed another dog prior.

-          Kevin was a GUEST on the property at the time NOT a trespasser.

-          The “bone” was lying on the ground.  Kevin did NOT take it from Mickey’s mouth.

Not that the above factoids really matter too much, in my opinion:  There is no reason for a dog to rip the face off of a 4 year old, so Mickey should have been destroyed on the spot and the owner jailed regardless.  However, the “Save Mickey” people will delete anyone posting the known FACTS of the matter as that conflicts with their agenda.

This tracks back to the overarching topic of the blog – what we are seeing here is the product of a degenerating society – one that puts the interests of individual killer animals about that of all people.  

More on this later… Happy Lucky Friday!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dr. Laura Pwnd by Pit Nutters!

While in decline, the power of the Pit Nut, AR fanatic and dog worshiper reigns supreme!

Dr. Laura Schlessinger put in her place by angry pit nutters.  Who is SHE to challenge their overclass status?!?

Read more about that here.

Schlessinger promotes a version of social conservatism that I generally do not agree with.   She is a hypocrite on at least one issue.  That said, this case is interesting because a MAJOR celebrity was forced to her knees for the suggestion that a breed of dog is not the greatest thing since satellite TV!

Consider this:  Dr. Laura was considering adopting a pet dog (oh, how sweet).  Upon landing at her local animal shelter she realized that it was OVERRUN WITH PIT BULLS -

“So I went there one time, seeing what dogs they had. Well, it was about 95 percent pit bulls, or pit bull mixes,” she said. “Now, I know this is going to get somebody angry, but I think they should all be put down. First of all, they were taking up space and nobody was going to adopt them. That’s why they were all there. People were getting rid of them. So, all this money, and I spoke to the ladies there, all this money is going to feed pit bulls.”

But, isn't an individual dog's life worth more than every other living thing on earth COMBINED?  Hell, lets take our entire FOUR TRILLION DOLLAR Federal budget and spend it all on dogs!   Geez, Laura, you gots it all WRONG!

Laura follows up with:  “I remember when I was younger you could go to one of these places and find any kind of dog,” she said. “ So, that was kind of annoying.”

See, that was then, and this is now.  NOW we all hoist by our own petards as an unconditional love of dogs has reduced us to the lowest common denominator.... game bred pit bulls for everyone!  Only Hitler and Pol Pot would object!   Resistance is Futile!

In all seriousness (for a change) consider what Laura was getting at:  We have a MAJOR oversupply of pit bulls.  Pit Bulls are like hot weather in FL in July.  Pit Bulls are like snow in VT in January.  See, there ARE TOO MANY PIT BULLS!  We DO NOT NEED ANY MORE PIT BULLS!

Here is the question for the day:  Why do we have so many Pit Bulls?  Trailer trash looking for a quick buck?   Dangerous dog fanatics looking to PWN their neighborhood?   Social Justice Warriors  looking out for the "underdog"?  An 80 year social engineering project to make us all hopeless dog addicts?

Here is what I find interesting:  Pit nuts brought a MAJOR right wing talking head to her knees.  This woman never apologized for anything, as far as I can tell UNTIL NOW.  Consider:

“After reading the emails from pit bull lovers, I realize that my comments were hurtful. I apologize for causing any pit bull owner/fancier any distress,” she wrote.

Oh, the pit bull lovers have their panties in a bunch.  What am I to do?  BOO HOO!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy Belated New Year

Hello my dozen or so regulars!

Happy 2015 to all!  Check out on the right... 2015 is shaping up to be a banner year for dog on human killings.

Got a message from an individual regarding a mega barking dog FAIL.  Will be composing an essay on that within the next week or so. 

Thought for the day:  First principles.  These are foundational laws/truths from which everything else flows.  If you accept a first principle, you must accept all secondary and tertiary principles resulting from that first principle.  In other words, if you accept that 1+1=3, then 10+10=30 and so forth.  When you hit the wall, you must examine your first principles.

On a lighter note, this dog needs an owner.   The little bugger actually looks a bit cute.   A pit bull head on a dachshund body?!!!  How much better can it get?!   Look, everything above your knees are safe... how can you go wrong?