Monday, March 24, 2014

Trainwreck Ed. 1.4 Save MICKEEE!

Tomorrow is the BIG day! A judge in Maricopia County, AZ decides the fate of MICKEY, a pit bull that ripped the face off of four year old Kevin Vicente on February 20th.

The Save Mickey facebook page now has over 60,000 likes! The pit nuts, unrestrained dog lovers and A.R. Extremists have pulled out ALL the stops to “Save Mickey”. They have poured out of the woodwork in the tens of thousands to mercilessly stamp out any and all opposition to their cause... that being, SAVE THIS MAULER AT ALL COSTS! After all, he was just a dog enjoying his BONE, right? That makes EVERYTHING he does just perfectly acceptable, now doesn't it? He would NEVER do something like that again, would he? Well, of course he would... and then it would be 100% the fault of THAT victim. Ha!

Brace yourselves, the Mickey supporters are coming for us!  Prepare yourselves for this juggernaut of dangerous dog fetishists!   Save yourselves, run for your lives!

Note that the Kevin support page still has under 800 likes. So much for being for BOTH the child and the dog!

All of that said, I am going to reverse my opinion regarding Mickey. I now want Mickey to be spared, for now at least. How come, you say?!? Again, this is an epic, uncontrollable train wreck and there is NO good outcome, only a series of very bad outcomes and we have to pick the least bad of them all.

Here is why Mickey should be spared:
  1. Pit nuts will use Mickey's euthanasia to build political capital – if Mickey is put down, pit nuts now have the “martyr” they NEED to push their agenda. Mickey must NOT become a martyr. Mickey NEEDS to live (for now). If Mickey is put down, there will be protests all over the WORLD, politicians will come out crying that Mickey should have been spared and given a good home with lots of kids that will love him, media and celebrity people will come out in droves: It will be a DISASTER.
  2. The overall situation must become worse before it becomes better. Mickey should be spared and re-homed where he has access to children, other animals, the UPS guy, etc... But, won't he attack them, you say? Of COURSE he will, THAT is the point... someone (or something) has to die (or at least become injured) for the cause. The pit nuts figure they can just re-home Mickey in a pit-loving home and everything will be just fine. But, “things” WON'T be fine. Its imperative that Mickey become a further liability to THEIR cause. I say, let Mickey be THEIR political disaster.  In other words, the victims need vindication.
This is a very cynical policy, to say the least. But, what else is there? If cynicism is my only weapon, I might as well use it.


  1. It really makes me ill that they want this creature spared over a fictional bone they believe he was gnawing as his last recourse against starving. They have railed against a four year old boy whose ONLY mistake was to go within chain range of Mickey (which I do not know for certain if he realized). There are eye witnesses who say Kevin was attacked from the back anyway.

    And there is a simple fact that I do not believe he could get a bone away from a pit bull in the first place even if the bone existed and even if he had tried to pick it up, I do not believe he would EVER get it out of Mickey's maw.

    Do these pit bull enthusiasts not all tote around break sticks to break their dog's grip on whatever might in its mouth? Do they believe that Kevin had or could even use a break stick? Thus, Mickey would have "defended" his bone by holding onto his bone.

    This attack, as anyone not hopelessly deluded should know. is nothing more than Mickey taking out his wrath over his situation on a little boy who is very lucky to even be alive at this point. Yet I have seen people give example after example trying to explain how what Mickey did is perfectly fine.

    People keep saying "oh yes, but if someone tried to take your [whatever, an example I saw was a phone], would you be all right with that". I'm sorry, I have a really nice phone. But, if I did to someone what was done to poor little Kevin over my phone, I would go to prison. If the person was only FOUR YEARS OLD and I could circumvent the whole thing just by being taller than a four year old so they couldn't take it in the first place, then there would be zero need for me to do anything else. I would get to keep my phone and the would be thief wouldn't even be hurt. Maybe someone would need to remind him not to try to take other people's things and THAT'S ALL. A normal dog would've just growled. And an adult would have told Kevin that you can't take a dog's bone (pretending the bone even was an issue which I do not think it is). If Mickey had growled or even snapped at Kevin, then I would give him a pass. But, he didn't. He horribly mauled Kevin and now Kevin's life is altered forever. And tax payers will be paying his medical bills because I don't think his mother or Mickey's owners are billionaires (Kevin's treatments will be insanely expensive).

    The people who own Mickey want to put him to sleep. They were there. They saw what Mickey did. They know that Mickey should have died before he even got a chance to attack Kevin and they regret their decision to keep him. They own him. How does the Mickey fan club expect to get Mickey away from his rightful owners?

    I do kind of see your point about all of this, but I am afraid that if they get their paws on Mickey then they will change enough stuff about him that no one will realize he is the same dog when he mauls another person. And very likely he will kill the next person.

    Do they even consider that maybe there is something wrong with Mickey? Maybe Mickey is in pain or horribly miserable and it is cruel to keep him alive. I mean, if we are going to think of things from Mickey's side... dogs usually like children because children will play with them. A lonely dog might even temporarily sacrifice a bone to get some attention. So, what is wrong with Mickey? If they're going to insist on being so sympathetic to the point of insanity, maybe Mickey attacking Kevin was Mickey's attempt to get someone to kill him and put him out of whatever misery he's in and they're just prolonging his suffering. Mickey wants to go across the rainbow bridge!

  2. Best case scenario would be Mickey gets adopted by a rescue nut, a reporter and cameraman shoot footage a week or two later of him playing nicely with his fur mommy (because you *know* it will be a woman!) when he suddenly goes ape shit on her... she is ripped apart and the gory spectacle is put on liveleak within hours.

    Oh well, I can dream.

    1. Yes! Have the pit rip her throat open, while the media is there. So the entire thing starts up again, and 100.000 people start to save Mickey, bc the victim was walking into a room.

    2. Yeah I agree that some of these rescue/AR idiots would defend the dog regardless, but if more people saw with their own eyes what a pit bull mauling looks like they'd be much less forgiving (or at least less indifferent) about it. Like with Kevin... this boy looked so bad after his degloving that it traumatized the medical staff. If there was footage of the attack (including his face immediately after) and the public saw it, they would be shocked and outraged far beyond what they could ever be just from hearing about it. One can't truly grasp the brutality just by reading descriptions, no matter how good those descriptions are.

    3. News flash Mickey is not a pit bull...... he's an AMERICAN BULLDOG......DECLARED IN COURT.......

    4. Anon. 10:33

      "pit bull" is an umbrella term for several genetically very close variants, including American Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers, and yes, American Bulldogs.

    5. News Flash: American Bulldog is short for American PIT Bulldog; a term used by the AKC in the early 1900's.

  3. Anon@12:12 - Agreed, a "Darwin" attack would be the best outcome.

  4. Do we have an answer yet?

    All 50,000 people that are trying to save Mickey, should be ashamed of themselves. It just shows how many people are misinformed, and infatuated with pit bulls. Disgusting.

  5. Verdict is in:

    Mickey has been spared. He will be neutered, microchipped, and defanged. Not sure where he is going to go, yet.

    Also noteworthy - upon entry to the shelter, Mickey appeared docile. HOWEVER, after acclimatizing himself to his surroundings he has become aggressive and territorial... WHODATHUNKIT!

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio has offered to take Mickey into his MASH program. MASH is some sort of prisoners and pets program. Anyways, that name rang a bell with me - Arpaio is a true nutjob! Consider:

    Now the better news: Military grade buckshot is on sale at Cabelas!!

  6. I put the good read on Arpaio on hold for the moment. i don't know if I can handle how crazy he is.

    As far as Mickey, WTF? Hopefully he'll put his fangs to good use BEFORE they're removed. On any of the nutters that thought he was worth saving.

  7. De-fanging this Pit Bull will purely mean that any future victims will have to endure a prolonged attack involving blunt-force trauma from the strength of his jaws and remaining teeth. He's a big strong boy, with or without his fangs and his crown jewels; he will need watching like a hawk, 24/7, forever. I would have welcomed news of his impending euthanasia simply because it will NO life for him in a sanctuary setting. He's already shown predatory and aggressive behaviour towards those who were holding him prior to his trial, including showing aggression towards other dogs and puppies, AND barking, growling and charging at those who approached his holding pen. This dog has had his genetic trigger pulled, twice now. From killing a puppy to trying to kill a small child, his blood is up and all things are possible. I doubt he would have become much of a martyr to the Nutter movement; it has been proven there WAS no bone; he DID kill a puppy previously; his owner DID want him put down; Kevin will NOT make a perfect 100% pre-attack conditions recovery from the maul. He's frankly a sad, sick, deviant, aggressive and highly dangerous Fighting Breed dog who is not going to improve to the point where anyone can 'trust' him. He will cost umpteen dollars to keep alive. The forgotten victims in all this will be the millions of adoptable, non-aggressive, frightened, lonely and confused dogs of ALL sizes, breeds and ages, who will be euthanized during Mickey's life as a known-aggressive, man-biting, dog-killing Pit Bull Sanctuary inmate. Millions of dogs - old and confused, young and hopeful, the frightened abandoned ones, tiny dogs, big friendly dogs, dogs in need of medical attention, pregnant dogs, lost dogs, gentle dogs... all will pass through Shelter doors all over the country, unloved and unwanted, un-noticed, and out through those doors, lifeless, in black plastic bags. Never given a chance, simply because THEY did not attack a child and were therefore not deemed newsworthy or (in)famous enough to save. Mickey's redemption comes at a high price, higher than any of us can ever know.

    1. Da Ninja - good comments, and agreed (for the most part). Trying to find the good in all this is rather difficult, as all we had were a series of bad outcomes. Mickey is now an even BIGGER liability.

      I'm confident that the judge's choice to spare Mickey was largely due to social pressure, not an interpretation of law or concern for public safety. Will write more later.

  8. I refuse to believe they will do enough to Mickey's teeth to matter.

    For some reason, some people who feel "misunderstood" think the pit bull is the animal that symbolizes their personal struggles. It does not. It is the most well-understood dog that exists. It is strong. It is determined. It will fight. And when it gets a good hold, if it's game... it'll never let go. When it's in a good mood, it will allow you to even put a tutu on it so you can try to forget what it is and what is was really bred to do (not "nanny", not be a "nurse".. wtf?... not FFS HERD... it FIGHTS in a pit).

  9. I would be surprised if they do ANYTHING to Mickey's teeth. The judge ordered these various things be done, but who is going to follow up on them?