Sunday, March 9, 2014

Train wreck, Ed 1.1 - Blame Game!

The train wreck continues!

Lets play a fun game... its called the BLAME GAME! One key component of the Kevin/"Mickey" train wreck is the blame game: Affixing blame to any victim of bad dog behavior is practically a national past-time. This could be a human, another dog, or any other animal.

So, who are the blame game contestants in this particular train wreck?

  • First contestant, the injured party himself... Kevin! Come on down Kevin! How was Kevin to blame? Well, the nuts at the Lexus Project and the Save Mickey page insist that:
    • Kevin tried to "take Mickey's BONE". O the horror! A dog has an unconditional right to rip the head off anyone who he thinks is taking his BONE, right? Yup, this was a totally justified attempted homicide! I recall that when I was a kid, I had this huge interest in nasty dog toys being worked over by large vicious mutts, so this is a totally plausible scenario. Snark off – this appears to be a lie invented by the nutters.
    • Kevin was "trespassing" and as such was 100% at fault. Funny, I was not aware that WELCOME GUESTS were tresspassers! So, taking that line of reasoning to its logical conclusion, I guess I can invite some nutters over to play poker and then simply shoot them in the face when they show up on my front porch! WooHoo! Snark off – Kevin was not a trespasser on the property, but indeed a welcome guest.
  • Now, lets shift the blame to KEVIN'S MOTHER. She left her son in the care of a babysitter while she was working. I don't know if its just me, but I figure many folks have to work to pay bills and they often leave their kids in the care of SOMEONE. Would you expect many working parents to think to themselves: "Hmmmm.... maybe I shouldn't leave Junior in daycare since they might get eaten by a dog?".  Oh, and the best one:  Its her fault for not teaching her children PROPER DOG BEHAVIOR -  I know, I know... we need parenting classes that teach young parents that dogs are likely to rip the faces off their children...wait, doesn't this conflict with the "Nanny Dog" narrative?  Yikes, I am so confused!
  • Anybody note who or what has not been blamed yet? Interestinger and interestinger!
  • OK, who have we not blamed yet? I know, lets blame the BABYSITTER! Now, (in all seriousness), there may be some culpability here... the babysitter was afraid of Mickey and apparently, she knew Mickey had killed another dog (allegedly). With that said, I don't think much blame can be passed in her direction: Remember, according to the pro pitbull propaganda:
    • Man biters were CULLED.
    • Dog aggression does not equal human aggression.
    • Therefore, I expect the babysitter was a victim of pro-nut propaganda like the other 99% of the population. No big surprise.

Now, who HAS NOT been blamed? First, "Mickey's" prior owner (prior to surrendering to the county, anyway and who continues to remain anonymous as far as I can tell). This piece of shit chained a Pit Bull up in his yard which was frequented by young children. You don't think there is culpability here? How about I plant some land mines in my back yard and invite YOUR kids over to play? I guess I would be completely innocent in the resulting carnage, right genius?

Moreover, it appears the Mickey's owner kept him in lousy conditions and he may have been underfed. In my opinion, this piece of shit should get AT LEAST 10 years on prison.

And, of course, there is the dog among dogs, the hero beloved by tens of thousands across the world! There is MICKEY himself!

I agree with the Mickey supporters... at least to the extent that Mickey is NOT to blame. A dog is not a moral actor and as such cannot carry responsibility for its actions. HOWEVER, regardless of Mickey's breed history and poor care, any animal that attacks human beings to get what it wants MUST be destroyed ASAP. I will list the reasons for this in 1.2.

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  1. I wonder how on earth anyone can teach their children "proper dog safety" when the nutters put out so much crazy propaganda on their maulers. Unless by "proper dog safety" they mean your child doesn't go within five miles of a canine, then o.k., that would work.