Thursday, August 6, 2015

Open Thread .02C

Happy almost Friday.  Some conversation starters ->

You two legged peons will be AZZIMILATED!   Mickey of Dorg will make it so!   You exist to serve the DORG.

Hey, its never the wrong time to bring up a justifiable use of force argument!

Defining justifiable force is easy:

Justifiable:  Any use of force BY a dog.  A dog may kill anybody ON his (owner's) land.  Also, a dog may kill anybody OFF his owner's land!!!   Indeed, a dog can attack anybody or anything, anyplace at any time for any (or no) reason and IT IS ALL GOOD!   Look, all dog behavior is good by definition... who are we mere mortals to argue seamless logic like that?

Not justifiable:  Any use of force used AGAINST a dog.  Look, dogs can do no wrong, so who are we mere mortals to interfere in the affairs of Dog?   A dog has an absolute, unconditional right to kill everyone (and everything) on AND OFF his land!  Who do you think you are trying to interfere?   Be a pal and let him chow down on your 4 year old, OK?

Dog works in mysterious ways.  Got a few tips on a hot case.  So, if the nutters are correct, I may simply SHOOT THEM DEAD when they come around looking for their DAWG?   Wait... I guess not.... I have LESSER RIGHTS THAN FIDO!   Read the comments.... they are true classics!

Hey dog owning morons - Fido needs a change in job description and that goes for BARKING and Biting!

Have a happy Friday!

[EDIT]  Hot off the presses!  Asheville (NC) Humane Society not to blame for adopting out killer dog!   Again, read the comments they are CLASSIC!

Hopefully the parents are better supervising any remaining children they have - and will teach them to respect other people's property.


I agree, the parents failure is tragic. They are 100% responsible. Nobody else.

Yep, the dog AND the owner are both as pure as the driven snow!   


  1. Another account of the Fat Boy incident stated the owner was kicking and screaming at the dog and it refused to let go of the woman. Only after the owner dragged the woman into his house did the attack stop. That goes beyond "what any other dog would do." Well, unless the other dog was also a pit bull.

    I'm willing to bet the "right to defend your property" suddenly wouldn't apply if you injured a dog that happened to wander into your yard.

    This dog worshiping nonsense just keeps getting more and more ridiculous. I'm expecting it to become illegal NOT to own a dog soon.

    1. ......and everyone would point at the people who didn't want a dog and say, "See, it's all about the owner!"

    2. I'm expecting it to become illegal NOT to own a dog soon.

      YES! We will all be assimilated into the Dorg hive! Then, we will leave all of our non-dog-owning flaws behind and be just like them!

      In all seriousness, we already ARE expected to bear the costs of dog ownership to some extent. We indirectly subsidize it in various ways. The nuts have sort of a "it takes a village" type mentality when it comes to dogs in the community.

    3. It's not just dog ownership. The second anyone involved in a rescue , usually at the pet food store, determines I have a cat there is a guilt trip to take one more. Sorry I am not lured by a few free vet visits and bag of cheap cat food. I promise that my two feral born girls don't want a brother or sister.
      However dog ownership to save their lives is the overwhelming push. The claim this dog is good with cats makes me laugh since any of my friends with cats that have fallen for that end up with issues, or a dead cat. BUT THE DOG GOT IT'S FOREVER HOME. Because of course the dog was just doing what dogs do.

  2. Fighting BREED dog should be the number ONE criteria for the use of euthasol at every shelter.

  3. Ka D until recently it was. AC caved to the lie of breed discrimination.

    1. I think AC was overrun in many areas by animal rights whackos and pit advocates.

    2. Overrun by AR rights wackos? Happening right here in Pima County, Arizona!

  4. Fat Boy can be a perfect gentleman. The 80 pound pit bull can show great dedication and protection, according to authorities.- Quote from a story about the poor pit bull. I seen a no trespass sign on their fence but not a beware of dog sign. It seems they knew the dog could be a problem yet there was no warning about a dangerous dog and the gate was not locked.
    There is a legal remedy for trespass through law enforcement not self help. This dog by the admission of who ever made the above statement is acknowledging this dog is vicious in the most PC way possible.
    As to trespass, there is a world of difference between coming through an open gate and climbing the fence or gate to gain access. For all we know this woman wanted to leave an Avon catalog in their door.
    You can in most states detain / citizens arrest a repeat trespasser while you wait for the police. Even that can get dicey. A No Trespass sign on an unlocked gate means she didn't see it, didn't care or couldn't read. It really doesn't matter.
    All this woman needs is a good lawyer and the previous posting the same.
    I put a link on the previous post from a blog where it lists the pit bulls that had to be stabbed to get them to stop attacking.

    1. Can't you PULEEZ save FAT BOOEY!

      You have it in you! I know you do!

  5. Funny, "Fat Boy" is also the name of the pitbull that killed its owner on Christmas Day last year. The victim's partner defended pitbulls to the media afterwards (

  6. If Padi hadn't been running free he wouldn't need to be liberated now.

  7. Padi should have been euthanised.

  8. I have just seen that Mickey the Mauler is no longer a pit bull but a bulldog!

    From the recycle-a-pit site formerly known as the Mauler's site:

    [Name]: Cutie!! I'm sorry but what is Mickey breed again?
    WMBC: Actually, he is a Bulldog. But everyone knows him as Mickey the Pit Bull
    [Name] Thank you guys! [heart emoticon]. I wasn't sure because he looks like a mixed of some sort.
    WMBC: Definitely mix, but mostly bulldog.

    In other words, a pit bull.

    1. I visited the WMBC page today, took a look at the recent photos. That "room" in which he is housed: What IS that? A window going almost all the way to the floor? Some would say its a kennel, but the tile work on the wall seems too nice for that. It almost looks like a shower stall.

  9. Oh, Mickey's a BULLDOG, now, is he? I suppose technically a pitbull is a type of bulldog, but it's obvious they're deliberately obfuscating his breed to play the "No one can ID a pit (unless it's a hero)" game. And "bulldog"—Bull-killing—is not something benign to hide behind, btw, Mickey-lovers.