Tuesday, November 24, 2015

BSL Collapse 2.0 - the company you keep

Why did I not support The Pit Bull Awareness symposium held on October 24th?

Simple:  They aligned themselves with the radical, criminal group PETA.   The pit bull victim folks shot themselves in BOTH feet with that major, hump-the-bunk, boner.

PETA fails in every way on every level.

First, the entire concept of animal "rights" is a criminal ideology that directly led to the entire "Mick the Mauler" train wreck.  YOU animal rights punks own that disaster lock, stock and barrel!  Mick would have been put down but for the pervasive attitude, that YOU promote, that demands that DOGS have full constitutional protections!

OH, and on that note... guess what?   PADI the ear-eater's lawyer is now claiming protection under Florida's "stand your ground" laws.   Essentially, a DOG has an unconditional right to defend itself against a FOUR YEAR OLD.   Thanks, you bottom feeding, scum-sucking, miserable excuses for life.  Anyone with any ethics or sense of decency would despise each and every one of you with every particle of their being.

Second, while the entire mission of PETA is complete bullshit, they take it one step further by promoting this criminal ideology with various crimes and intimidation tactics..

Check this out:  PETA's "skinned" alive propaganda video was STAGED.  The vile, disgusting PETA miscreants ADMIT it themselves, so don't even try to argue it!   Indeed, this animal "rights" organization is FINE with torturing animals to death if it promotes their sick, twisted, disgusting, foul organization.  Great job, guys! 

You like owning pets?  PETA wants to ban the owning of pets.

You like eating meat, wearing leather or using ANY animal products in ANY way?  PETA wants to ban THOSE, too.

So, yeah, git home from your PETA meeting and feed your cats a can full of dead animals, you scum sucking hypocrites!  I fervently hope that MICKEY eats your face off.  Kiss my ass you pieces of shit!

EDIT:  Read this to learn more about PETA.

“I don’t believe that people have the right to life,” Newkirk has said. “That’s a supremacist perversion. A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy.”

STILL think that PETA endorsement helps you out?  If humans have no right to life, who cares how many are killed by pit bulls?   Indeed, human lives do not matter.


  1. They're so desperate for ANY kind of support from a major organization that they willfully forget all of this. PETA is so wrong on so many levels. They actually paid people to skin animals alive; yeah, that sounds like an animal rights organization I can trust. No one even knows that they were busted for it, and the propaganda message remains "common knowledge", despite it going against all common sense (why would factories use a method of skinning that is more difficult, takes longer, is more messy and will result in a reduced percentage of usable pelts?).

    1. Indeed, and what I wrote above barely scratches the surface. If you dig into PETA it is clear that it is run by a bunch of sick, twisted people.

      Killing adoptable kittens and puppies and throwing the carcasses in a dumpster; PETA euthanizes over 90% of animals placed in their care (better dead than to be a pet, according to PETA); PETA endorses HUMAN drug testing over animal drug testing (animals being superior to people, I suppose); PETA resorts to various criminal behaviors to prove their point, such as dumping a ton of manure in front of a London restaurant that serves meat; They make various absurd claims such as pet CATS should be relegated to a vegetarian diet, which is in complete denial of the animal's physiology; PETA compares ranchers and butchers and the like to "serial killers". Nearly everything they say is a faux pas, non-sequitur, or outright gibberish.

      Note the "comment" written below - PETA defender does not refute one thing I say, instead choosing to refute what I did NOT say. At best, they are totally confused.

  2. I'm disgusted with the idea of animal rights being more important than HUMAN RIGHTS.

  3. Pro-BSL Vegan & ProudNovember 25, 2015 at 6:20 AM

    Yep, Merritt Clifton, animal advocate vegan who has done more for dog attack victims' rights than just about anyone, is a horrible, scum-sucking hypocrite for following his own ethics regarding animals.

    Get over yourself--your hateful, disjointed tirade sounds more like vitriol spewing from the mouths of pit nutters (who also hate PETA and other animal advocates, by the way), than that from the animal advocate vegans, like myself, who fight for BSL.

    1. Look, stupid: Your short-bus argument does not convince anybody. You did NOT dispute ONE THING I wrote above. Instead, you decide to argue against things I did NOT say. Where did I say anything bad about Clifton or vegetarians?

      Anyways, thanks for proving my point that animal rights nutters are a bunch of unethical fools.

      Have a nice day.

    2. Personal ethics are not always morally correct. Prisons are full of people there for acting on their personal ethics. I'm going to go feed my cats some dead animals and then snack on one myself.

    3. I can't help myself. What does being vegan or not have to do with BSL. Which are pointless anyway. Pitnutters have bred that crap DNA into every breed they can.

    4. PETA's position on BSL is so absurd it is laughable. First, one of the organizations first principles is that humans have no right to life. Second, they want to ban pit bulls because.... pit bulls kill too many people?

      If PETA were ethically consistent, they would be in SUPPORT of dogs killing more people. They would WANT more pit bulls in circulation because the human lives they take have no value AND its one less person who will step on ants and such.

      I do not critique anyone's dietary choices. They can eat shit for all I care! That said, I detest the holier-than-thou pompous attitude projected by many vegans and vegetarians. They need to get over themselves. They are not as smart as they think they are, and often have no idea how most of the food they eat is actually produced.

      Animal "rights" nuttery is a good example of a First World Problem.

  4. I'm convinced that the vegan diet leads to malnutrition. And malnutrition can affect your thought processes in negative ways. That's why so many vegans fall for silly things like PETA rhetoric.

    1. You might be right. Personally, I don't look at it from a health / economic perspective as that's OT. What I eat is none of their business. If they want to go veg/vegan to try to lower their cholesterol or lose weight or whatever, good for them.

      What would be on topic would be, is killing an animal and eating it ethical?

      I believe that it is. I believe this for the following 2 reasons 1) It is perfectly natural for animals to kill each other and eat them, and 2) There IS a hierarchy to living things. Those 2 facts exist whether the animal rights nuts want to admit it or not. Whether or not its a great idea for everybody to eat prime rib for dinner every night is another matter.

      Back to the topic at hand, the PETA position on Pit Bulls is completely at odds with the rest of their philosophy. I mean, isn't each and every pit bull a PERSON that has a right to exist just like every other human, dolphin, mouse and cockroach? Who are WE to decide they should be forced to die out?

      In my regime, BSL is completely ethical. Pets have no right to exist, simply because they are a creation of man and as such man can un-create them. Similarly, the animals we bred to be food for the last ten thousand years or so (cows, chickens, etc...) also have no right to exist and serve no purpose but to be eaten by us.

      When contemplating wild animals the ethics get a little more complicated but that's not being contemplated here.

    2. Having all animals on equal footing with humans does not work on a practical level. If we must consider every insect, then what about bacteria, or viruses? What about plants?

      Where do we live then, and what do we eat? Humans need to come first, because we ARE human.

      I think there is a balance of considering animals as entities (not human) that have an existence and the crazy animals rights arguments we are seeing. I notice dog owners often use a variety of that argument, perhaps in hopes of having their dogs considered human. Taking that argument down to its logical conclusion, you can't kill the heart worm that kills the dog. Heart worm is an being that has rights, we would not want to discriminate against viruses and bacteria, now would we?

      PETA seems to try to take it down to a logical conclusion. This does not seem to work. I believe this is because they are using unworkable logic in the first place.

    3. Unknown @9:54

      Good points you made there. Consider that the extreme animal rights movement considers humanity to be the "scourge of the earth" and want humans to die out. Then, according to them, the earth will become a perfect utopia with all of the animals living together in perfect harmony.

      The above viewpoint, of course, is in complete denial of how nature actually works. Animals do NOT have their evolved sensibility. To a wild animal, you are either eating or being eaten. Period. Animals kill each other for food. Animals kill each other in competition for food. Animals fight and kill over mates, territory and other matters.

      Humans are way more evolved than the rest of the animal kingdom. However, we can't completely change what we are.

    4. I would add that animals also cooperate, but it appears to occur because it helps individuals' genes continue into the next generation. Everything animals do is about their genes making it to the next generation, and sometimes altruism is a better facilitator of that.

      That is healthy animal behavior, us included.

    5. I would add that animals also cooperate, but it appears to occur because it helps individuals' genes continue into the next generation. Everything animals do is about their genes making it to the next generation, and sometimes altruism is a better facilitator of that.

      That is healthy animal behavior, us included.