Sunday, August 16, 2015


Time for a celebration!   Padi, the dog that ate the ear off a 4 year old, is FREE!   I know everybody is happy for PADI!

Some back-story on Padi and the other persons of interest:

- Padi the pit mi, er, I mean LAB MIX (wink wink, nudge nudge).
- Dr. Paul Gartenberg, veterinarian.  Padi's owne, er, I mean "pet parent".   Gartenberg allowed Padi to roam free throughout his clinic as a "greeter".
- Cooper Smith, victim.  4 years old.
- Amanda ?, Cooper's babysitter.
- Emily, Gartenberg's daughter.
- Dan Dannheiser, Smith family attorney.

The 10 cent version is this:  Cooper and his babysitter, Amanda, were visiting Gartenberg's office.  Cooper was interacting with Padi, who bit him on the ear.  The injury will require at least 2 reconstructive surgeries.   Cooper was being supervised by Amanda at the time.   This interaction took place with Gartenberg's knowlege.

Typical to a dog attack scenario, or anything involving a dog for that matter, it is difficult to get real "news".  Instead of being given facts, we must endure various canine supremacist narratives shoved down our throats.

Consider this piece from ABC "news".  It starts off with a plea to save the dog, including how sweet and wonderful it was.  Biased much?

As usual, the comments on the above propaganda piece are pure GOLD:

"Euthanize the families lawyer and keep the dog. Fire the baby sitter".   Indeed, isn't it ALWAYS the babysitters fault?   Hell, if an ADULT is attacked by a dog lets just go ahead and blame the babysitter!

"Whip the kids butt and punish the parent for mistreatment of the dog. IF the dog was a greeter it surely was friendly to others.".   Only a dog nutter has the ability to load this much fail into 2 sentences.   They are beyond even self-parody.   Indeed, "whip the kid's butt" because as it turns out, the injury inflicted by the dog was insufficient punishment for not showing proper respect to a dog!   And, of course, there's the usual fail of "if it was nice once, it must have been nice to everybody".  If the dog ever behaved, it always behaved.

The "official" Padi narrative is this:   While being thoroughly ignored by his babysitter, Amanda, Cooper chased Padi into Gartenberg's office.  Cooper proceeded to torment and harass Padi, chasing Padi underneath Gartenberg's desk.  Cooper was behaving very, very dangerously and was indeed threatening the life of the poor, innocent pup.   At that point, Padi had no choice but to defend her very life by inflicting a small nip upon Cooper's ear.   Evil dog haters in county government then proceeded to "arrest" Padi and sentence her to death without any cause or reason whatsoever.  The parent's of the evil, deadly dangerous, 4 year old hired an ambulance chasing lawyer to file suit against Dr. Gartenberg, who is totally unaccountable for anything that happens at his office.

Here is the rebuttal by Dannheiser, Smith family attorney:"

My office, with the agreement of the Smith family, has created a proposal for the release of the Gartenberg family’s dog Padi. We expect the dog to be released to the Gartenberg family shortly.
The incontrovertible facts in this matter are that this four-year-old child Cooper, his babysitter Amanda, and Dr. Gartenberg’s daughter Emily were playing with the Gartenberg’s mixed breed dog Padi IN THE PRESENCE OF Dr. Gartenberg. Dr. Gartenberg did not feel it was necessary to watch over the children while they played with Padi and walked away as his daughter Emily took Cooper and Amanda to his office where Padi’s toys were kept so that Cooper could play fetch with Padi. At all times BOTH Emily and Amanda watched over Cooper and Padi. Both young ladies are responsible and intelligent girls who cared a great deal about Cooper.
Unfortunately, even though Emily and Amanda were standing there, Padi bit Cooper causing serious injuries. At no time did Emily, Amanda, or Cooper provoke Padi. Padi had carried a toy under an office desk and when Cooper walked to the desk to pick up another toy, while picking the toy up Padi lunged from underneath the desk and bit him and very unfortunately tore off a large portion of the child’s ear which will require the child to undergo multiple surgeries after which Cooper will be left with disfigurement.
The issue that is being missed in social media frenzy is that the confiscation of the animal and attempt to euthanize the animal has nothing to do with the Smith or Gartenberg family. It was a decision by the Manatee County Animal Control to utilize Florida statute 767.13 that provides that where a dog causes certain delineated injuries of the nature suffered by Cooper the dog is to be confiscated and destroyed. It provides for no judicial or administrative consideration of a totality of facts and circumstances. I believe that statute to be unconstitutional and have expressed that position. Whereas it is my responsibility to ensure that Cooper’s family is able to pay for his upcoming surgeries, we have no interest in this dog being euthanized and have worked diligently to encourage Manatee County to release Padi back to the Gartenbergs. I personally created an agreement to facilitate the return.

I do not know if the above account is super-accurate, either.  I would take it with a grain of salt, so to speak.

Interestingly, as per the above, Dannheiser facilitated the return of PADI to Gartenberg.  A lot of inquiring minds are asking:  WHAT THE HELL?   Why is the victim's lawyer advocating for the dog, and possibly even the DOG'S OWNER?

I found that situation VERY strange - here are a few of my theories:

- Dannheiser is a foaming at the mouth, raving dog fanatic and canine supremacist.  He is ignoring his client's best interest and pursuing a bogus animal rights agenda.   Consider:  ... It provides for no judicial or administrative consideration of a totality of facts and circumstances. I believe that statute to be unconstitutional and have expressed that position.   Again, IANAL, but exactly how does a dog have access to full constitutional protections?  Shall we issue PADI a pistol permit while we are at it?

- Dannheiser used PADI as a bargaining chip in the litigation.  In other words, pay up big time and do it NOW or we are going to kill your dog.  This is something I might be inclined to agree with.  I am sure Gartenberg would fight the lawsuit for years.

- Dannheiser and the family caved to various external pressures including social pressure, economic pressure, and death threats.  This is also very likely.

With the disclaimer that I was not there and probably do not have all the facts, I am going to render my judgement:

The dog should be killed and the owner confronted with civil and criminal liabilities.

Why kill the dog?   Simply because the threshold for using force against a human being is very high, and there is practically nothing this 4 year old could do to meet that threshold.  Enough of this "self defense" bullshit.... dogs should not be allowed to decide when force should be used against a human being - that is a right reserved for human beings.  Ergo, what PADI did was unacceptable, regardless of the surrounding circumstances.

Why go after the owner?   Gartenberg allowed the dog to run free in his facility.  He should be held accountable for anything it does in that facility.   Ergo, the dog was an "attractive nuisance".  If Cooper had found a loaded gun on Gartenberg's desk and proceeded to shoot himself or someone else, Gartenberg would be in jail right now.  Q.E.D.


  1. Any vet has some education in animal behavior. it's part of the diagnosis process when pet mumsy and daddy are having issues with their furkid.
    In one account of the saga of Padi it is mentioned as a rescue he can sometimes be sort of skittish.
    Add that to a vets office full of strangers, stressed dogs and cats .
    I took my cats to a highly recommended vet that was supposed to be excellent. I never seen him. We were greeted at the door by some pit mix thing upon which I opened the door and left.
    I did find a lovely vet who has a limited practice who took up on and she provides a separate area for cat and dog owners.
    Any loose dog in a vets waiting room is just a matter of time before shit happens.
    So really I don't care who done what in this case. If the dog hadn't been loose no one would be dealing with this blither.

    and yet another mess caused 100% by a loose dog with a billion excuses and misplaced emotion. If my neighbors dogs return when they do this is their fate.
    I'm pretty normal. But the antics of my neighbors have pushed all the boundaries past any limit. I meant what I said. I am not going to be their dogs free bite.
    Now unless this man has a rap sheet I doubt this is his normal reaction to a chance encounter with a dog.
    Let me be clear, I think it should be perfectly legal if you have a CC to shoot any dog that is invading your personal space. Warning shots are dangerous as shooting into the wrong place in the ground can ricochet and in the air that bullet comes down. When you draw its with the intent of defending yourself.
    Yet another person is being lynched by the facebook posse. Someone needs to take these tools to court for slander.

    1. According to the dangerous dog apologists, self-defense rights are reserved FOR dogs and dogs only. IOW's they can project force in response to the most trivial thing (picking something off the floor, say), but if a HUMAN is attacked.... well, thats just something they have to put up with.

      This fits very neatly with the dog foamers core principle: YOU have NO RIGHTS when in the presence of a dog!

    2. Considering my neighbor here. The one that's out of the country and her dogs are gone happy happy joy joy.
      These people are not animal lovers. They are narcissists with props. Fringers who have latched onto the dog rescue gravy train and are riding it for their own twisted purposes. Nothing projects aggression like a pit bull by your side. Legal open carry of a deadly weapon upholstered and pointed an anyone at random.
      What power it must be to have your dog mangle someone and then ruin their lives and reputation to boot. The rootin tootin internet posse.
      As per the story of the man who stabbed the pit. The officer determined that the GSD did not have evidence of being attacked. Which clearly suggests that for it to be justifiable to kill a menace you have to need reconstructive surgery or your pet must have its entrails all over the scene. Much like saying if someone is coming through my window at 2 am I have to wait and see if they are an actual threat.
      At some point expect one of the targets to get a lawyer and go after not only the dog nuts and their followers on FB to go after FB itself. I have noticed a few of the newer slander someone pages telling posters they will not tolerate threats of violence etch when the whole purpose of the page is to do just that. A classic case of covering your ass and shitting through your fingers.

    3. Eileen - are the dogs GONE GONE, or just at a sitter's you think?

      I have a funny story about that, will write more later.

    4. Well I took the trash bins out tonight and was greeted by both of their charming mutts running down the road. Best guess is the sitter ( stooge) couldn't stand them or all their neighbors are calling AC . Which is what I did. And it wasn't just about my neighbors refusing to contain their dogs. I don't' care what continent they're squatting on. I had some choice things to say about the lack of performance on their part.
      The only reason I've went this route in the first place was to try and break the cycle of them getting a dog, or any animal , neglecting it and then using the tractor to bury the evidence. I really just want peace. It would have been much easier to prop myself up on the porch one morning with a cuppa and take them out as they round our shed snarling and barking. Its a game over situation. I've wasted a lot of time on this mess and if the conclusion is their dogs get shot while acting like shits on my property so be it. I haven't heard a bark and it's her parents taking care of them i think. They let their dogs bark but never let them run.
      I really had no idea if they'd shot them , dumped them or had someone watching them. There are no clear winners in that category. Each was as likely as the other. Reality is their animals are their possessions and considering the hoarding over there nothing that comes in ever goes out.

    5. The dogs have vanished again. I don't care if they're being stored in underground pits as long as we aren't hassled by them.
      Of course the option to fence in a secured yard and engage in training their dogs is always available to them. That would require they devote time, money and energy to animals they clearly place little value on.
      I value them even less.

    6. If the dogs are in the road wouldn't it be the perfect time to take the truck out for a spin?

  3. MOAR good comments, on an article from last month:

    Mike Okey • 25 days ago

    I could be wrong but the kid and parents need to be put down. Damion has not been raised by humans. Just people with an Egg And Sperm. The kid has no hope for a future.

    This idiot has been all over the internet defending dangerous dogs, and shamelessly blaming victims so I figure there is no real need to mask the handle. What a $%^&'ing reprobate.

    1. This is a classic Mike Okey comment. He is a pitter loon.

  4. I have obeyed the call of the Pit Borg, emailing Chief of Police Railey as commended to do here:

    though I don't think I wrote what the Pit Borg wanted me to write. I hope lots of us will do the same. It'd be nice to make these public appeals to their terrorist group backfire on them every time they do it.

  5. I make a point of using their handy links.

  6. If I were a gambling man, I might bet a few $$$ that this is not PADI's first offense. I am sure this dog has been a nuisance in the past.

  7. I also like the way they hijacked the "Black Lives Matter" / "All lives matter" meme thats been circulating the past year or so.

    I estimate that this dog's life does NOT matter!

  8. I am staggered that a dog was running loose in a vet's surgery. I hate dogs, and if I took a pet there the last thing I would want is this thing sniffing and slobbering around me and my non-canine.

  9. I don't have pets. So, I'm not in the habit of going to vet's offices. If I went to one with a loose pit bull, I'd be gone in a flash.

  10. This is the stupid vet's fault for letting his dog run loose in the vets office. What kind of crappy, unsanitary vet has a loose dog wandering around, anyway? If I encountered that bullshit at the vets, I would cancel my appointment and let them know I was taking my business elsewhere.

    A goddamn bully breed (lab mix my ass) was always going to be a massive liability, more than any other kind of office pet, not that they should have any pet. Dog lovers taking up this story don't seem to realize: Even many pit nutters will acknowledge that their precious shitbulls are "dog-aggressive" (lame way of saying they destroy animals, especially other dogs), so obviously the safety of the unwell dogs visiting the vets to be cared for doesn't matter to them any more than the safety of human beings.

    1. Massive liability? Those are words that spell o-p-p-o-r-t-u-n-i-t-y for the plaintiffs' bar.