Saturday, September 20, 2014

Moar gun P0rn

It seems as though life itself has let us down.  Is there anything to be happy for, anymore?

The answer is - YES INDEEDY!  Yes, Mabel you CAN take your neighborhood back - and here is how you do it!

A little video I put together today.  All photos are mine.

Click here for info from the Ruger website.

A decent review video:

I'd encourage you to "YouTube" Ruger LC380.

Here is another video:

Some background - I'd rented a Ruger LCP, which is even smaller.  My hands are above average in size and I just could not articulate the LCP.  The LC380 is "just right".   I have fired hundreds of rounds through this gun with not a single problem.   As usual, Ruger's quality and dollar value are exceptional.

Ruger also makes the LC9, which is a nearly identical piece chambered in 9mm.  I estimate this would kick a lot more, but would have a lot more stopping power.

A good review of the LC9:

Have a great weekend!