Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hoist at Pet Stupid

So, another god pet owner is hoist by their own petard at PETSMART. What type of lunatic frequents one of those places, anyway? Personally, I won't go within a mile of one. Showing up at one of those places with a SMALL PET merely adds to the stupid points. Here is a better idea... douse yourself in blood and jump into the shark tank at the aquarium... THAT WOULD BE SAFER.

Look, Pet Unintelligent holds regular adoptions for Pit Bulls and other dangerous dogs.  Supermaulers are as welcome THERE as a new set of golf clubs at the Obama White House.  WHY can't you buy dog food and chewy toys at the regular grocery or off the internet? Why the inclination to head to Pet Stupid Smart? Are you insane? Are you looking for a good excuse to kill a Pit Bull? Consider this example from the archives:

Note what Mr. Kersey is doing... he is putting himself in harms way and then killing anyone who tries do kill him. Doesn't he know he has no right to ride the subway after 9pm?  He has the same right to safety on the subway (essentially, none) as you do at Pet Stupid Smart.  Am I getting through to you now?

In any case, I figure if you are going to head to Pet Stupid Smart you may as well show up prepared. Hell, anything worth doing, even if it is the wrong thing, is worth doing right! Right? 

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  1. Its about the only place I can go to get things for my guinea pigs unfortunately. I do use the internet but sometimes it cant wait.That said I would never take a pet or child with me and I always carry a legal weapon incase I have to cut a dog or shitbull (I refuse to acknowledge that breed as a canine)