Saturday, January 1, 2022

Self defense my ass or "he was just doing his job"

 Left a comment on today.  Apparently, a woman was killed when breaking into her own home by the 4 mutts occupying the residence.  

This is the primary reason that lethal booby-traps are illegal as hell everywhere.  Even your hard-core survivalist types refuse to use them.  Why?   They frequently result in a "hoist with your own petard" type outcome where the "booby" turns out to be the very person that laid the trap.  

However, this again reveals the insane doggy double standard:  Lethal booby traps are perfectly fine and acceptable when the booby trap in question is a DOG(s).

"Self defense?".  Anyone arguing self defense in a case like this needs to be told to go find a tall building and jump off it.  Dogs do NOT have the same rights as people, and a dog does not have a right to defend itself against a human being in ANY scenario.  When and where is is appropriate to use force against a human being is a right reserved for HUMAN BEINGS, period.

Take careful note of what I wrote above:  Your dog should NOT be allowed to attack anyone, anywhere for any reason.  I used to be tempted to give a pass if someone was threatening or tormenting the animal, but dog fanatics have repeatedly demonstrated they are unable to reason and insist that any and all violence committed by dogs is absolutely, 100% acceptable.  So, screw them.  

Happy New Year!!!

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