Sunday, January 2, 2022

A Total Dog Solution

Dog cultists are now suffering under the “Total Dog Solution” that they themselves have created.   They want to blame “Pit Nutters”, but the regime they created has now gone insane and is consuming its own.   Ready to take responsibility, yet? 

One of the leading causes of death in the 20th century was “Democide”, i.e. a government exterminating its own people.   Good examples of this are Hitler’s Germany and Pol Pot’s Cambodia.  Communism and Nazism are good examples of a “Total State Solution” where everything is run by and for the government, and that government and its agents can have no restraint placed on its behavior whatsoever.  An explosion of death and violence are the inevitable result of such a regime. 

Dog worshipers have created a policy environment where dogs and dog owners must never have any restraint place upon them, whatsoever.  Everything Fido does, by definition, is absolutely good and just because Fido did it.  Period, end of conversation.  They have successfully implemented The Total Dog Solution. 

Pit Nutters are the equivalent of the Black SS or the Khmer Rouge, projecting violence and intimidation against everyone in the name of the almighty Dog.   Remember, they are dog owners, too and can’t be restrained in any way.  Anything done in the name of Dog is by definition great and wonderful.  They are the true enforcers of the Total Dog Solution. 

Some argue if we get rid of pit bulls, we can go back to normal.  Nice try, but won’t work as something resembling the pit bull apocalypse is the INEVITABLE outcome of the Total Dog Solution.  As long as dogs and their owners are placed above the rules of good behavior, the problem will not only continue but will get worse.   Pit Nuttery is merely a symptom of the Total Dog Solution. 

Pursuant to the above, one common outcome of a “Total State Solution” is the liquidation of “useful idiots”:  Essentially, morons that promote the revolution and are subsequently eliminated when they are no longer useful.   Lovers of non-pit dogs are the “useful idiots” in the Total Dog Solution scenario:  You and Fluffy got shredded by Pits because the worst among you no longer have a use for you.

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  1. Sadly the Maulocaust is the end result of their final solution.
    Dogs, cats & people are all undesirables to be liquidated by their defective undogs.

    Great to see you posting again.

    1. Heh.... the MAULOCAUST! Love it!

      Great to BE posting again.