Friday, March 27, 2015

Another juicy Pit Bull Predicament!

Another trainwreck a happenin'!   And, just in time, too!  I squeezed the "Mickey" debacle for all its worth,  and now its time for another juicy pit bull predicament!

Meet "Gus" a multiple time supermauler!  Gus has his own facebook page, though not nearly as popular as our cherished "Saint Mick"!

From a lawsuit filed against Gus' Mommy and Cesar Milan, Here is the backstory on Gus.

From the link above:  "She claims Gus had an "extensive history of vicious and unprovoked attacks on individuals and animals," and that the dog was previously impounded in Texas after attacking a trainer."   Hmmm... sounds like a great family Pit Bull to me!

STRIKE ONE:  "Feb. 7, 2013, Bitney says, Gus attacked trainer Amber Rickles ..... During a 20-minute attack, Bitney says, the dog bit Rickles on the right arm, and then latched on to her left breast when she tried to put it in a kennel.
     "With the pit bull still attached to her left breast, Ms. Rickles backed into a laundry room where the dog released his grip, enabling Ms. Rickles to close the door," the complaint states. "The pit bull then broke through the door and attacked Ms. Rickles a third time, latching onto her left arm and breaking it in two places."  
Now, that is ONE game pitbull!!!

" Three men eventually pulled Gus off Rickles."   That must've cause poor 'ol GUS some real FEELBAD!

THEN!   "On Feb. 26, 2013, a Montgomery judge ordered the state to destroy the dog. But the rescuer who brought the dog to Rickles' boarding and training center, co-defendant Jennifer L. Romano, appealed the order, Bitney says.
     Milan's Dog Psychology Center then agreed to take the pit bull and rehabilitate it, according to the 27-page lawsuit."  
Thank Dog for that!

STRIKE TWO:   In April 2014 the pit bull [Gus] bit an Alaskan malamute on the neck, [Awww.... he was just PLAYIN'!]  Bitney says. Knowing that the dog was still a danger to the public, the center released the dog on Sept. 17, 2014, according to the complaint.  Hey, DOG aggression does NOT equal human aggression!  A million pit bull rescue angels can't be wrong!  Its not like Gus attacked a person, or anything.... derp!

STRIKE THREE:  "Bitney says the dog [attacked] her at Vazzoler's home six days after Millan's center released it.     Her injuries allegedly included "disfiguring open wounds, deep muscle and tendon lacerations and open comminuted fractures to the radius and ulna of her left arm and permanent loss of feeling and function in her left hand."  Quite the party, Indeed!

Its my understanding that GUS finally received a well earned, and long overdue, DIRT NAP.  This was AFTER his "rescue mommy" Jennifer Romano pulled out all the stops to save GUS AGAIN!


  1. You are a great writer. The dog debacle came to my attention when it seemed impossible to get any help in making dog owners shut their dogs up and keep them shut up. New set up is running now as their jackhammer barking craphound is allowed to do it's thing.
    PIts eventually rear their ugly maws into the scheme of things. One notable thing about pit attacks is that a fully aroused pit will often be pulled off its target with no one else receiving significant injury. In fact I've seen some Youtube where they would crash through a circle of people trying to protect the original victim and start mauling that same person again.
    For the record AC failed to show up today. I have no idea if the dog owners were. Given the area that one person has to cover here I'll take it back up Monday. The yammering seems rather squelched. Today trying to get the message number for AC I had to call the shelter. The shelter worker seemed very sad that dogs were making my life miserable. Told her to quit apologizing and do home inspections before handing out dogs. She shut up and I hung up.
    If the glorified dog walker hand any morals he would pay that woman's medical bills and settle with her. Of course my sympathy is limited since no matter what the facts are about pits cute hats and bow ties in pictures render them harmless.

    1. Eileen: Thanks. Barking is a genuine scourge. I was checking the blog stats earlier today, and you know what the #1 article on this site is? "Letter to my Neighbor". And, its #1 by a LOT. In fact, after 3 years, its still in the top 5 page views.

    2. Barking is a scourge. Night 3 of peace and quiet aside from the occasional yap or two. Something that could have been accomplished without a visit from AC since when forced it was obviously accomplished in one day. Without her dogs stirring up the countryside its totally quiet.
      I have seen these dogs harass several people jogging and others walking their leashed dogs. Chasing and nipping at a group of children out on the main road, such as it is. And it really pisses me off that not one of them stopped and used their cell phones to call AC. I despise them more than the fools that own those dogs.
      AC is still a toddler out here. It's now handled by an actual sheriff. And maybe he has an idea of how situations can escalate. I could have put both of those dogs down on several occasions. It solves nothing since the dog owners simply pull another one off the roll and repeat the nonsense.
      Of course shooting a dog used to solve a lot. Seeing fido nailed to a fencepost with a spike through the top of the skull sent a real message. That of course is insensitive. It's also now insensitive to expose them to the carnage their mutts cause. I am positive that rabbit started the whole thing.

    3. Glad to hear you finally got peace. Yes, it IS interesting that, when faced with severe consequences, all of a sudden the "IMPOSSIBLE" (i.e. "there is nothing we can do", "dogs bark its what they do", etc...) not only becomes possible but readily doable!

    4. Sounds like my AC! My neighbors went out of town for THREE DAYS and left their demon Bernard on the back porch to go off randomly like explosive diarrhea. I can't even report a barking complaint to them unless I have a 'witness'. As if I have NOTHING better to do with my life than complain about a neighbor. This dog is SO loud there is no room I cannot hear its barking in-not even the bathroom with the door closed and the water running. I did report the dog was left alone-I don't think they showed up to check on it but they did call to offer some lame excuse as to why they don't do their job I'm sure.

    5. A Border Collie and a Westie, a breed that should be debarked at birth.
      Dogs that are allowed to run loose 24/7 with little human interaction start to behave like a pack of dogs. What one dog would never try two will.
      I was bitten by a floor rat years ago. Despite going to the ER and follow up treatment I had an infection that took several courses of antibiotics to clear up.
      Right now in this country countless children are not being given proper treatment because the pet parents are afraid they'll loose their mutt.
      All dog bites are serious.
      Ka D. A witness should inlude your own video. Go to town hall meetings and start demanding your rights. Call your local reps. We have a one bite law in this state. I'm working with others to end that nonsense. A dog that bites should not leave the owner free of responsibilty.
      Contact your Congress and Senate reps. vitims of dog attacks should not run up against people who are judgement proof becasue they are on welfare, disabilty or poor. Dog bites outside the owners property or control should be criminal and treated as such no matter what the income of the poor dog owners.
      It's important to fight this from your personal loss of peace and quiet. Real change comes when you go for the throat of lazy elected officials and outdated laws. Livestock has more protection than humans. Think about that. Learn to climb the food chain. Everyone has a boss.
      You are not the only one , just the first to speak out. All of us have the right to reasonable enjoyment of our homes.
      In case my admission to being involved in animal rescue made anyone dubious. I'm interested in stopping abusers. Not saving every animal or horse. Shelters offer better pets when they have to euthanise and I fight for humane slaughter and transport. Molossers should never leave a shelter unless it's in a dumpster. As long as people think puppies, kittens and foals are cute there will be a need to dispose of excess dogs, cats and horses.

    6. "All dog bites are serious. "

      Indeed. Agreed 100%.

      This reveals one reason I don't necessarily trust all of the Anti-Pit/Pro-BSL folks: Too many of them think is perfectly OK for a dog to run around and assault people if its not a pit bull. To me, that's like saying that: "Since its a given that a Swiss Army Knife is less dangerous than a Samurai sword, we conclude that stabbing and slashing people with a Swiss Army Knife is perfectly OK!" The hell it is and keep your bloodthirsty mop dog under control!

      RE: Your Horse rescue. Done properly, that is a worthwhile effort. I occasionally catch some heat for not focusing on non-canines enough, but there are BIG differences between dogs and our other 4 legged companions: Outside of the doggy world you 1) Do not have the level of human crazy, and 2) you do not have the same level of harm inflicted. To anyone who wants to debate that.... what is the Equine equivalent of "Save Mickey"? Easy... there isn't one because horses do NOT have anywhere near the same level of political capital that dogs do.

    7. Dogs that attack should be put down. I don't care if it's your 3 pound floor rat or you status pit. Before spay and neuter breeders culled dogs with undesirable traits. Now the more undesirable a dog is the more people are vying for the right to take it home.
      The closest equivalent to pits would be the OTTB ( ex racehorse) Novices wishing to save a horse often go this route. These horses can have wonderful personalities. Excellent stable manners but they were bred to do one thing. If they have not been raced or simply don't have that game in them they can and do make stable reliable mounts for show and pleasure. The ones hardwired that have been on the track but don't make the cut are a whole other game. I watched one go off years after leaving the track. It's like they zone out , it's why you see a racehorse run with a broken leg. And the harder someone pulls the faster they run. This can include going through or over fences and into traffic.
      And like with pits , while they struggle and face serious injury good solid horses that have been sold for financial reasons go to the meat hook. Horse racing needs to end or the Jockey Club needs to come up with a solution to the numbers of horses bred or people need to accept the idea that horses go to slaughter.
      For the record I'm not in favor of the trap neuter/spay and release of feral cats. They live horrible short lives often punctuated by cruelty at the hands of humans and dogs along with other wildlife.
      I've been heckled for calling myself an animal lover. I cry myself to sleep at night.

  2. Pit bulls are the number ONE breed for failing a 'second chance'. You can't rehab DNA.

  3. Good riddance to Gus.

  4. I got this Gus confused with the other white pit bull named Gus that The Lexus Project saved after attacking someone, and then went on and attacked someone else! These dogs need trading cards with mini bios!

    1. Yes, there is (was?) another white pit bull named Gus of some notoriety that mauled at least one person.

    2. "These dogs need trading cards with mini bios!"

      i like the us military's approach. remember the decks of playing cards they issued the soldiers after 911?

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  6. Once again, we see a pit bull doing what it is bred to do. Why is that such a surprise?