Friday, May 11, 2012

Dangerous dogs Part II

In an interesting turn of events, Maryland's highest court has declared ALL pit-bulls and pit-bull mixes to be inherently dangerous.  Don't these judges know that a pit-bull is just like any other dog?

As per my last post, the statistics of the "pit-bull" dog speak for themselves.  When it comes to maiming and killing humans and other animals, pit bulls vastly outperform all other dogs.  In a sick way, the weaponization of this particular dog breed has been a huge success.  The pit bull dog is like weaponized anthrax or other similar biological weapons:  You take something inherently dangerous and via selective breeding and other methods make it even more dangerous.  Pit bull breeders have been given a de-facto license to create a biological weapon and turn it loose among us.

Aren't biological weapons ALREADY Illegal?  If the bio-weapon in question is a dog, then apparently not.

In my last post, I posited:  How did we come to this ridiculous point?  It is due to the fact that dog owners are granted a high social status and with that comes a pass on most bad behaviors.  Again, if you doubt me check out your local laws on barking and biting.  I had to nearly threaten to sue my county government over a proposed noise ordinance that allows dogs to bark (at 105 decibels... enough to damage human hearing) for 30 minutes straight but has zero tolerance for noise generated by fireworks or boom-boxes.  In regards to biting, the 2 dogs that killed Roy McSweeney in his own backyard had seriously injured 2 others on 2 separate prior occasions and nothing was done after those 2 discrete incidents:  Not by the owners, not by authorities, nobody.  The 2 dogs went on to kill McSweeney and while the dogs involved were FINALLY destroyed, Mr. McSweeney's human murderers walk free.   The list of equal protection violations is endless, but the bottom line is:  Dogs and their owners enjoy a level of legal protection that no one else has.  This spawning and release of this canine biological weapon into our communities is the logical end game of this absurd social policy. 

I support the Maryland Supreme court and the citizens of Maryland in FINALLY deciding to push back against the worst of the worst.  My only criticism is that they do not go nearly far enough.  They should proceed to hold ALL pet owners FULLY responsible for ANY and ALL actions of any animal the choose to house.  While I agree that taking affirmative action against pit bull owners is a big step in the right direction, this law barely scratches the surface.  We need to rid our neighborhoods of endless loud barking, we have a right to use our public places in peace and safety, we need to clean up our waterways.  Hold the owners of ANY animal FULLY accountable!

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