Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Barking is torture

Stop the Torture

“Unnecessary noise is the most cruel abuse of care which can be inflicted on either the sick or the well,” Florence Nightengale

Why do we allow this torture to continue?   Malicious dog owners torture us on a regular basis with the needless, loud exclamations of their pets.  The noise pollution in question serves no useful purpose... or does it?  Perhaps the purpose IS to torture!?

A barking dog can generate a noise level in excess of 105 decibels.   Lets compare that to a few other common noises.  Consider this:

Now, a barking dog is nearly as loud as an automobile horn!   Consider someone honking their horn with no good cause.  Now, consider many of YOUR neighbors doing the same, throughout the day and night with no good cause.

A barking dog is 4 times louder than a garbage disposal.  Would you want your garbage disposal running day and night at 4 times its normal volume?

Back to the torture angle.  The US Government deployed loud noises, including loud animal noises, against the Branch Davidians in Texas Knowing full well that animal noises was an intolerable irritant that would bring people to the psychological breaking point.  The US Military did the same to Manuel Noriega in the late 1980's.

So, the above raises the question:  Why are our neighbors allowed, by law, to deploy a military weapon against us?   Military weapons such as artillery and flamethrowers are not protected by the 2nd amendment, so why would a military weapon such as tortuous noise be tolerated?   Particularly in a suburban neighborhood?

This also raises the question, why would someone want to do this in the first place?  Who are these monsters among us who subject us to unrelenting torture on a daily basis?  How can the public authorities, paid by our taxes, allow this to continue?

Write your public officials TODAY and demand that the torture cease immediately.  Empower law enforcement to seize yard barkers and punish the owners.  Demand Full Civil and Criminal liability for those who use their dogs to torture you.


  1. The moron local officials do it because the pet industry is a 60 billion dollar enterprise and they have no guts to step and shut the damn dogs up.

  2. So the morning newspaper has a big article on boarding your pet (dog)in a doggy hotel. Give me a break. We have kids starving to death in Africa, 45 million children in America in poverty and those poor excuses for human beings want to put their fur ball in a animal hotel. Makes me angry as hell. We are becoming a Nation of morons and we see the severe cases of those that have a leash in their hand as the mental midgets of the country.

  3. John, there must be an explanation behind your perceptive description "we have become a nation of morons" and I'm wondering if it's to do with the ancient practice of idolatry, that is, the worship of idols - in this case the living idol called "dog."

  4. "Dog" is "God" spelled backwards... perhaps a backwards religion?

  5. Yes Bill, I'd noticed that spelling mirror myself long ago.

    Perhaps the God of all Creation realised what a hideous mistake he'd made in creating dogs, and unable to concede that He was not really perfect after all, branded that animal with his name in reverse as a warning to all mankind.

    This explanation is of course absurd, but it sure fits many of our horrible experiences.

    Dog worship is idolatry. All idolatry is wrong and is punished somehow.

    Those nearest an idol when it eventually falls, as they all must, are those who get crushed first.

  6. I wonder why the media plays to the pet industry as well. We have approximately 29k children dying per day world wide from all kinds of things mostly hunger in the world and diseases but no headlines or anger, yet just this morning I see a big story from a large network about the smallest dog being born and how cute it is. Not to me, all I see is a animal that will be a pet as another child dies somewhere from lack of care. It is truly disgusting.

  7. regarding the media's pandering to the pet industry, we spent 50 BILLION on our pets last year. think of the advertising revenue that generates.

    i agree with you bill, we have begun to idolize dogs. as an atheist i find all forms of idolatry disturbing.

  8. Come on... Even as a child I knew eating my broccoli wasn't gonna stop even one child in Africa from starving. If you get rid of pets, people still won't spend the money on solving other people's problems. If it did work that way, I'd like to sacrifice big status cars, vanity plastic surgery, idiotic advertising, bank exec multi-million bonuses for running us into the ground, and a few other things before talking about pets.

    The problem is that we've become a nation of pathological narcissists (a malevolent subset of morons). So the problem is self-idolization by (I hope) a sub-population among us, not the idolization of dogs.

  9. I must put up with this torture constantly, the local SPCA board their dogs in my neighbours premises, I am desperate but they have been given permission despite my objections, the neighbours got rent a gang to come round and threaten me til I had to give up my work , some days I just cry and cry, I feel suicidal over it.

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    1. AnimalUncontrol ---- Look at one stupid dognut here trying to promote his dirty site and agenda here.

      "BALANCED DOG FOOD" (writte incorrectly as usual)

      Those people are disgusting, truly.

  11. Tormented by dogs;
    These are trolls of the multi-billion pet industry

  12. Dog owners have a deficit of empathy so barking doesn't affect them. Dog owners are also stupid enough to believe that their dog loves them unconditionally, instead of their dog loving the food and attention they are given. Dogs are extensions of troglodytes. They belong together.