Saturday, July 8, 2023

The Ten Commandments of Dog, King Rover version.


Read them.  Learn them.  LIVE them!

The dog culture creed:

  1. Thou shalt worship each and every Dog unconditionally.
  2. Thou exists to serve every Dog keeper, and must pay respects daily.
  3. Thou shalt realize that each and every dog and his keeper is the epitome of absolute perfection and wonderfulness.
  4. Thou shalt pay alms, and put the almighty Dog ahead of all else.
  5. Thou shalt offer no unkind words against Dog, nor shalt thou lift a finger against Dog or his Keeper for any reason.
  6. Thou shalt spread the word of Dog, and convert the Heathen where thy find them.
  7. Grant that what is Dog's upon Dog, also grant everything that is NOT Dog's upon Dog.
  8. Thou shalt respect that the life of each individual Dog is of Infinite Value.
  9. Torment and death must come to thou that not serve the almighty Dog and His Keeper.
  10. Thou shalt go forth and wage war for the sake of Dog.

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