Monday, October 10, 2022

Service dog fail - A summation.


So, what is wrong here?   Why is the ADA service animal [dog] provision such a fail?

It empowers dog people to take their dog everywhere COUNTER to:

- Local and state health and safety laws.   Feds came in and USURPED the rules set by all these states and municipalities that said NO ANIMALS in places that sell or serve food, among other things.

- Feds ALSO usurped the rights of proprietors and the public to a dog-free space.  I have a right to seek a dog free dining experience.  

All of this is VERY heavy handed, and I believe, of dubious constitutionality.   For example, the my state government does NOT allow pets on state park beach areas.  The feds came in and said, YES you must allow mutts everywhere, including the beach as long as the dog owner says "the magic words!".  This is a breach of home rule protections.

I believe it is also a breach of association rights and property rights.  Say you are a proprietor of a restaurant, and you want to offer people a dog free space.  Thanks to the ADA, you are now no longer allowed to do that:   You MUST accommodate the dogs, or else.  

The worst problem with this is:  The Feds bestowed all this *power* upon dog owners WITH NO OVERSIGHT.

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  1. The feds get off on over riding local authority and forcing "nonbelievers" to do things "for their own good".

    Once they got away with it by using the vague concept of civil rights as a shield they started looking for more and more reasons to force their will on other people.

    Then there is the double whammy of dog worship as a force multiplier.
    As a disabled individual I find it odd that having to renew my parking placard every few years isn't an undue hardship yet not taking people at their word about "service animals" is somehow a "civil rights" issue.

    Somehow the nebulous concept of civil rights has expanded to the point it covers the right to bring your dog with you everywhere you go and to not have to provide any proof of your disability, your dog's ability to help with that, your dog's training or even that your dog has up to date vaccinations and doesn't have a history of mauling people.