Saturday, January 9, 2016

What time is it?

Happy New Year, all!

2015 was a GREAT year for Fido.  A pit bull kills another in Miami... where they are banned!  Indeed, the city is giving away banned pit bulls!  How much better can it get?

On a related note, we now have the first "suicide by dog" in history!   "O cruel world!  I must depart this mortal coil!  I must ignore all those nasty knives, firearms, pills, large bodies of water and tall buildings!  I will end my live by.... diving into a backyard full of pit bulls(?)"  Maybe its just me, but this seems a little far fetched to me.   Perhaps the "official" outcome was, ahem, "influenced" by the fact that a local cop owned the property in question?   This is shaping up to be a major scandal.

And, of course, we have the 9 year old boy living in a small travel trailer killed by his sister's 3 pit bulls.  Again, (and again, and again...) a pack of large dogs in a small camper is SUCH a good idea, isn't it?   The sister may go to jail, and yadda, yadda, yadda... but nothing ever really changes, now does it?

Happy 2016 folks!

[EDIT]  Here is a video of Griffin-Heady's pit bulls.  You know, the dogs that killed her brother?  Get it while the getting is good... probably won't be on youtube for long:


  1. Do we have the final tally for 2015 ?
    My take on the article I read about suicide by pit seemed to take the gist that only a fool would wander into a yard full of nanny dogs thus it had to be suicide. I dunno, It might have been sarcasm.
    Of course the idea that she really did commit suicide by nose-diving into a swarm of pits doesn't do much to promote the misunderstood dog breed bit.
    As to the child. Obviously the three nanny dogs were having a loud debate on which one was watching the child and killing their ward was purely an accident. The adult should have pinned a star on the dog in charge before leaving. Bad negligent owner. Somehow I don't see a child being turned to hamburger if they had left him with three floor rats.
    Of course the comments on that story rang true to the nutters. You can't leave a child alone with a nanny dog. facepalm.

  2. The sister of the boy killed by her pitbulls really, truly believed that pitbulls were nanny dogs. This is a quote from her Facebook from about a year previously:

    "Too all pit haters, or people who dislike the bread due to being violent., here is a fun fact. Anybody know what they were originally bread for? Anybody? The nanny... to look over and protect the babies. ‪#‎Lovemypit‬"

    (Yes, she said "bread".) So of course she would leave her brother in the care of her precious pibbly wibblies, what could go wrong?

    She also has craploads of photos of her kissing and babying her pits (many of these were screencapped before she hurriedly took down her Facebook) and a Youtube account which is still up full of "cute" videos of the pits such as one spending about ten minutes licking her face (gross), so nutters can't use their usual line of saying they were abused. Well, they're still saying it anyway, the morons, right before they post photos of their pibbles to prove how well they've been raised. *sigh*

    Screencaps and links to videos here:

    1. This is an interesting case. I read somewhere (can't remember where) that the pit owner's boyfriend had been pressuring her to get rid of the dogs (because he was JUST such a bad person, you know) and she dumped HIM. I guess she showed him! Lulz

    2. And she just released a boo-hoo video saying how much she misses her dead brother.

    3. Her boyfriend actually was the one who dumped her, lol! That info was from one her screencapped Facebook posts. I memed it here:

      She responded to the dumping by gloating that the boyfriend was clearly wrong to want to get rid of such a great dog... yeah. Dog was named "Coca" BTW, which speaks for itself. Some people are speculating that he wanted her to get rid of the dog because it must have been aggressive, but it's just as possible that the dog was just really annoying and her overblown love for it got in between them, like any other dog that ruins a relationship.

    4. He dumped HER! Given that she was GLOATING about it, I must have intuited that she got rid of him. Sour grapes rationalization, I guess.

      A trend is emerging where dog people generally, and pit bull fans specifically, are becoming more and more socially isolated. Friends are lost, relationships are terminated, family members become distant BECAUSE of the dog. I know more and more people who say, in effect, "I'd love to spend more time with my (insert aunt/uncle/parent/sibling/friend/etc... here) BUT I cannot stand their dog(s) - they bite / bark incessantly / pee and poop everywhere / indulge in other bad behaviors that are never corrected.

    5. I've noticed that, too. More normal people (including those who like and have dogs) are noticing how unhealthy so many people's relationships with their dogs are and want to stay away because the dog's and owner's behavior is so repellent. I've also noticed that the term "dog worship" is catching on outside of the handful of anti-dogcult sites. In particular, more people are noticing that the wider, unhealthy doggie culture is behind pit nuttery.

    6. The origin of the "dog worship" meme is interesting. While it may be considered a derogatory term in many circles, it seems to have originated with the dog lovers themselves... i.e. "Dog is my copilot" (a riff on God is my copilot), "Dog is God spelled backwards" and so forth.

    7. re: dog worship nonsense, don't forget "who saved who?" they sound born again christian freaks.

    8. And how about the corollary, who RESCUED who? (Gawd, how I hate the misuse of that word.)

    9. And how about the corollary, who RESCUED who? (Gawd, how I hate the misuse of that word.)

    10. Who is going to rescue US from THEM?

  3. Alexandria Griffin-Heady belongs in jail. While she does seem repentant, that is not good enough. A life was lost and many were changed for the worst, forever! There will be no redemption.

    Lets peel back that particular onion and examine the levels of fail. What did she do wrong?

    1) Own PIT BULLS.
    3) She bred PIT BULLS.
    4) She advocated for PIT BULLS.
    5) She left a 9 year old alone in a CAMPER with 3 UN-SPAYED / UN-NEUTERED PIT BULLS THAT SHE WAS BREEDING.


    1. A lot of people in BSL circles are defending her and I suspect it's because she is just so pitiful in those two videos where she came forward. I strongly disagree with the widespread notion in those circles that she just didn't know that pitbulls are dangerous. There are some cases where I feel the owners of pitbulls that killed someone are also victims because they really didn't know how dangerous pitbulls are thanks to all the propaganda, but her Facebook comments hint that she WAS familiar with anti-pitbull activism and just dismissed it out of hand, that she heard both sides of the argument and chose.

      That debate about whether she is also a victim aside, there is NO excusing leaving her little brother alone. Nada. Pitbulls or no pitbulls, that is child endangerment. Anything could have happened. If he had died in a house fire instead, there would quite rightly be no sympathy whatsoever.

    2. She is not a victim. Who put a gun to her head and forced her to own 3 pit bulls? As you note, she was aware of the counter-argument to owning pit bulls and chose to own them, anyway.

  4. She probably sees herself as someone who's a saviour. After all, she said that she was trying to rescue the brother from foster care. And, of course, we all know how crucial pit bull rescue is!