Monday, June 4, 2012

Hoist with your own petard

This phrase originates in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and is a metaphor for turning the plot against the plotter.  Literally, it means “blown up by your own bomb” as a “Petard” or “Petar” was a small explosive device used by the military during Shakespeare’s time, essentially a primitive hand grenade.   Precise quote is "For tis the sport to have the enginer Hoist with his owne petar". 

You’ll note that I have been rather hard on dog owners on this blog.   I believe that most dogs and dog owners are able to live in peace with their surrounding communities.  However, there is a large minority within that population that is incompetent, malicious, or corrupt in some way.  Power breeds corruption and it is apparent that too much power has been granted to the dog owning population.  I have provided many anecdotes of this, including the ridiculous protections provided “Precious” and her owner, Greg Zelzinnis.  It is noteworthy that at my county’s “noise summit” last year, the #1 noise complaint was barking dogs.  The government’s response?  Make it even more difficult to prosecute owners of noisy dogs!   I started a letter writing campaign and the offensive new legislation has been shelved (for now) and we are now “protected” by the original, weak, mostly unenforced legislation.  It is also noteworthy that they DID change the dog at large laws so that you get “2 free” dog at large complaints before a citation is written. It is also noteworthy that they never cite anyone regardless of how many times they turn their dog loose.   They can do WHATEVER they want to ANYBODY.

How did it come to this ridiculous point?  At some point, the Zeitgeist became such that we are expected to contemplate ALL dogs as Noble creatures, and ANYONE who houses a dog is by definition a Noble person.  Note my use of the word “Noble”.   In a classic sense, a Noble is a person of high social and legal status who is answerable to no one.   A pretty SWEET deal if you are in that class, right?   Maybe you don’t abuse the power that comes with the title, but isn’t it great to know you’ll never be held accountable for any damage you cause?  Anything and everything you do with your dog is someone else’s mess to deal with.

That said, dog owners have become sort of an entitlement overclass, backed by the state.   This is codified in most places.

Great deal for you dog owners, until you fall victim to one of your own class.  It’s nice to know you can go around raping, killing, and pillaging (proverbially speaking) on a whim BUT what if that’s done to YOU by someone in your own group?  What is your recourse?  A duel with muskets?! Remember: THEY can’t be held accountable, either.  Accountability is for the unwashed rabble!   Personal responsibility is for PEONS!

I am seeing increasing incidents where BOTH the victim and the offender are dog owners.  These situations often manifest as Pit Bull attacks on other dogs, given that Pit Bulls were bred primarily… to attack other dogs!  The dog owner is often “collateral damage” in the attack.   There was an attack in my neighborhood a few months ago where 2 at-large pit bulls attacked a man walking his dog.  Both owner and dog were injured pretty badly, and owner managed to fight off both Pit Bulls, killing one with a knife.   Dog owners the world over are treated to the horror of having their pet ripped to pieces in front of them and having that attack then directed at them.  They are then victimized AGAIN when they are blamed, ruthlessly harassed and slandered by “Power” dog community, authorities and apologistas.  It is a true triple threat.

So, here is how it plays out.   You are walking your dog.  Your dog is attacked and killed.  YOU are attacked and sent to the hospital with serious injuries.  You are blown off by authorities.  You are ruthlessly slandered by the Power dog community.  The offending dog owner gets their dog back and MAYBE gets hit with a small fine.

Here is what I can say to YOU:  Welcome to the party, Pal!   There are innumerable bite and bark victims out there who NEVER get any relief.  Again, we all ran into the solid brick wall of protection dog owners enjoy.  They are free to strip our rights at will.   And, that includes other dog owners!

The point here is, while it is unfortunate that you are unable to walk your dogs in peace and safety, you are now “Hoist with your own Petard” (blown up with your own bomb) as your entitlements have now worked against you.   Pit Bulls are dogs (Nobles) and Pit Bull owners are likewise Noble.  Their actions CANNOT be restricted in even the most marginal way.   THAT means they can KILL your dog and attack you whenever it suits their interests, AND there is nothing you can do about it!  The streets, sidewalks, your own backyard AND your living room BELONG to them.  There is NO due process and it is STRICTLY survival of the fittest and YOUR dog was not fit enough to survive!

When your dog is attacked by another dog, you need to just accept it and move on.  Repeat after me:  It is my fault;  I just have to get used to it;  I need to get a life;  Blame the deed not the breed;  I provoked this; This is the price I have to pay for civilization;  Its just a dog being a dog;  I need to be more careful;  I need to modify my behavior;  I am anti-social;  I did not do enough for the other dog (owner);  I need to learn more about dog behavior;  It didn’t bother anyone else;  It didn’t bother the other dog owner;  There was nothing the other dog owner could do;  I need to stop making frivolous complaints; Etc… Etc… ad nauseum.  We victims and victim advocates are drilled in this endlessly.

See, now YOU are in the PEON class, too!   YOU are now one of US!  Learn to like life at the bottom!  As soon as you became a victim, you LOST your status.  You are hereby DEMOTED and “Hoist with your own PETARD!”.


  1. Well-said, Animal Uncontrol! I couldn't have said it better myself! This is exactly what happens to victims, and we are DAMN tired of it!!! Not only are peoples' pets getting attacked and killed, but so are guide dogs/service dogs, children and adults...and all by the Pit Bull type dogs. I'm utterly disgusted with pit bulls and their vile owners! I've come to your blog through Your Quiet Neighbor's Blog, which I have now added to mine. We all need to work together to GET THESE LAWS CHANGED!

    I will add your blog to mine. Please check mine out as well, and note the Thank you so much for saying what needs so desperately to be said OUT LOUD!!

  2. I love your blog!

    Meanwhile, I've been mulling over your entitlement point. I think it was a really wrong turn when lawmakers let pit bull fans convince them that owning a pit bull is a Civil Rights Issue. [Which then of course must apply to all dogs.] As you point out here, they've taken it to mean that these bearers of Civil Rights can rob others of not only *their* Civil Rights, but also of their much weightier Constitutional Rights (such as the right to life and liberty).

    I can't say how insulting (and trivializing) I find this when I think of the real Civil Rights movements throughout history: the American Revolution, the women's suffrage movement, the fight for basic rights for black citizens of our country, for Catholics in Northern Ireland, and so on.

    These battles were never about trivial, stupid consumer choices and anyone's 'right' to harm others by those trivial, stupid consumer choices. It's insulting to have dog-ownership put on the same level of importance as, say, the right of black children to attend good schools without being lynched.

    I love what you're doing here and how you're clarifying these issues. Thank you!

  3. The author states: " It is noteworthy that at my county’s “noise summit” last year, the #1 noise complaint was barking dogs. The government’s response? Make it even more difficult to prosecute owners of noisy dogs!"

    This imbecilic reaction compares with the perverse response at a major discussion gathering my state's councils where, in response to the increasing number of dog complaints, it was recommended by a senior official that the legal fee paid by complainants to officially launch a barking investigation be raised as a deterrent.

    Thus one council raised the fee from $10 to $65, thereby effectively denying the poor the usual avenue to lawful resolution of barking complaints.

    This council,in common with others, corrupts due process by confiscating this fee (normally refundable if a complaint is deemed to have substance) and refusing to give the money back according to law.

    To cover this corrupt behavior the council sends the complainant a letter declaring "that upon investigation, no nuisance was found."