Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Modern Savagery

If you live by the sword, you will die by it.  What goes around, comes around.   Actions have consequences, in spite of the fact that you may have secured “protection”.  These are rules of life from which one cannot escape.  Indeed, if you merely PROMOTE “living by the sword” you may die by it! 

A well crafted set of rules protects EVERYBODY.  This premise is the foundation of civilized society.  In the past, I wrote about non-aggression rules:  In order to enjoy the protections of society, each and every member of that society must respect the rights of all others in that society.  Essentially, I don’t shoot you and you don’t shoot me.   Thank you very much!

Refusal to respect the rights of others is plain savagery.  The savage believes that only the strongest should survive, and he with the mightiest sword always comes out on top.  The savage has a complete disregard for civilization, society, or the rights of others.  To them, “might always makes right”.

However, the Modern Savage is an interesting animal.  Too cowardly to engage others in a true free-for-all, the modern Savage expects protection from the State while demanding that everyone else endure their savagery!  In other words, the rest of us must adhere to a set of rules while the Savage does/should not!  This new Savage selfishly enjoys the various protections and comforts that society provides while disregarding the rights of all others around them! 

The current arrangement represents a huge inequality that will end rather nastily for the Savage one way or the other.  In the past, I wrote a tongue-in-cheek short story about what life would be like for the Savages if their State guaranteed protections were simply removed.  Hey, if there is no protection FROM them, there should be none FOR them, either.   You want to take me for a walk?  FINE, lets go!  I am NOT paying the government to promote your interests over mine!   If you do NOT want the police to respond, then they will no longer do so!

If you start hitting below the belt, sooner or later you can expect your opponent to do so, regardless of the set match rules.  People will assert their rights whether those are legally recognized or not.  AND, you Savages will not have a leg to stand on (perhaps literally) as YOU will have eroded or eliminated the rules with your Savage behavior!  Imagine YOUR life after you have dragged everyone else down to your Savage level!

Consider the excellent article by Your Quiet Neighbor.  Link to the original news item is in the article.  A puppy left home alone was hanged from the neck until dead.  Police are going all out to find the culprit.  A few thoughts:
-          How do we know the owner didn’t hang the dog?  In spite of the modern Zeitgeist, SOME dog owners are in fact imperfect!  Indeed, a few may even be cruel!
-          How do we know the dog was not hanged by its own tether?  This is not uncommon.  Of course, we HAVE to blame the “HaterZ” for anything bad that happens to a dog, right?  Dogs, being divine beings, are NOT subject to the laws of physics or nature, RIGHT?
-          Why was the barking situation (disorderly conduct) created by the dog owner NOT ameliorated by authorities?  Oh, wait, THAT is because they are NOBILE savages and none can take action against them!
-          Why is it that authorities are always “too busy” or “too broke” or “can’t do anything” when a dog is used as the instrument in a crime, but there is ALWAYS PLENTY THEY CAN DO when the dog is the OBJECT of a crime?

So, here is what you have:
-          Savage dog owner refuses to obey the law.
-          Savage dog owner refuses to respect the rights of others.
-          Savage dog owner refuses to care for their pet properly.
-          Savage dog owner demands full protection from the state.
-          State refuses to uphold the law when broken by Savage dog owner.
-          State springs to action and upholds the law to the letter when interest of Savage dog owner compromised.
-          The Savage dog owner receives full protection from state.
-          Victims of The Savage get no protection.

It’s obvious to me that authorities in these cases (and there are many) are promoting savagery.  Our neighborhoods sound like kennels, we are not safe in our own yards and public places, and our soil and water is befouled by dog shit.  These are ALL hostile, aggressive SAVAGE acts!

It’s unfortunate that the animal in question had to suffer for the Savage behavior of their owner.  Indeed, perhaps for the acts of ALL Savage dog owners!  Due to the protections that dog owners enjoy, the DOG had to die by the proverbial sword that their owner had chosen to live by.  The true perps in this case were the dog owning Savage and authorities who had protected and promoted the Savage.  Ideally, authorities would prosecute the Savage for animal neglect and creating a nuisance.   The best way to ameliorate actions of this type would be to restrict the behavior of the Savage. 

Non aggression rules.  Live by them or die without them!


  1. Your Quite Neighbor here with an update to the story that Animal Uncontrol referenced. The Flagstaff puppy killing case is still open, but I thought that you'd find the news story comments to be very interesting.

    I had the feeling that barking would come up very quickly in the comments, and indeed it did. Check out comment #6 at:

  2. "Why is it that authorities are always “too busy” or “too broke” or “can’t do anything” when a dog is used as the instrument in a crime, but there is ALWAYS PLENTY THEY CAN DO when the dog is the OBJECT in a crime?"

    been wondering about this too.

    1. Dawn, selfish and foolish owners and grossly deficient "regulatory authorities" have enabled dog plagues to develop everywhere - by default.

      This major problem is now out of control with the only way of restoring national order being very severe, unfortunately.

      It's tragic that perennial owner stupidity would find other outlets for its foolishness even if dogs were banned everywhere and the ban ruthlessly enforced.

      The answer lies in a revolutionary change in human attitudes.

    2. I think the answer lies in the authorities actually doing their job and enforcing the laws that are on the books and being wholesale ignored.