Monday, June 25, 2012

Throw 'em under the bus!

Take note:  The inept, corrupt and malicious among you are a huge liability.  Who am I am talking about?  That could be ANYBODY:  Political parties, special interest groups, professional organizations, even families.

I am a 2nd amendment supporter, firearm enthusiast, and self-defense activist.  I support “stand your ground” and “Castle Doctrine”.  Without that, we are legally obligated to surrender to violent criminals.  Who does that benefit?

That said, I have deep contempt for anyone who abuses those protections.  On this blog, I wrote about Paul Miller of Flagler Beach, FL who shot a neighbor who complained about his barking dogs.  Miller deserves to fry BIG TIME and not just for murdering his neighbor.  He deserves to fry for the additional reason that he has contributed to a statistic that anti-self defense whackos will try to use to take our guns away.

Most of my colleagues in the pro-gun and pro-self defense movement feel the same way.  Anyone who abuses their 2nd amendment and/or self-defense protections is a HUGE liability to our interests.  We would NEVER say that Miller “is a gun owner and that is what they do”.  We are smart enough to realize that would be nothing but a talking point for the OTHER side!   We realize that ALL inept and malicious gun owners must be sacrificed IMMEDIATELY for the sake of public safety AND the maintenance of our interests.

We accept that, indeed, everyone is NOT fit to own a gun.  Gun owners should have some restrictions placed upon them.   Some weapons should not be available to the general public without special licensing.  Training classes are a good thing.  If those protections are abused, they should be removed.

Unfortunately, dog owners have not reached that intelligence level, yet.  Every bite and barking statistic and incident adds to public outrage and contempt towards your “interests”.  OK, maybe your dog is not a problem but if ANY of the pro-bark or pro-bite “talking points” indicated on this blog have EVER passed your lips then DAMN YOU, you deserve everything that is going to happen to you and your dog!  If you do not self regulate and do so in a hurry, your privileges are going to be GONE. 

Lousy dog owners?  Throw ‘em under the bus!


  1. Complete agreement with your last sentence. I wish I knew how to do some kind of self-regulation, though. It seems right now like society has gone insane re dogs, and most of it not good for the dogs either (individually and as a species).

    Sad times we live in.

  2. I want barking collars made law. If your dog is outside it is to have a bark collar. Inside your home is your buisness as long as the windows are closed. This does not breach any security measures that a dog owner might own a dog.

    1. I'd like Debarking, spay and neuter, and Defanging to be the law.