Sunday, June 3, 2012

Countering dangerous dog propaganda Part II

This essay is in honor of Pit Bull “Precious” who has been legally terrorizing the town of Godfrey, IL.    While these types of situations are occurring all over the world, this particular one is a good illustration of the legal protections granted dogs and their owners.   This one is for YOU “Precious”!.

The defense of “Precious” is SO overtly outrageous, that it smacks of Black Propaganda.  For anyone unfamiliar with this term, here is a quote from Wiki:

Black propaganda is false information and material that purports to be from a source on one side of a conflict, but is actually from the opposing side. It is typically used to vilify, embarrass or misrepresent the enemy.[1] Black propaganda contrasts with grey propaganda, the source of which is not identified, and white propaganda, in which the real source is declared and usually more accurate information is given, albeit slanted, distorted and omissive.
It is covert in nature in that its aims, identity, significance, and sources are hidden. The major characterist of black propaganda is that the people are not aware that someone is trying to influence them, and do not feel that they are being pushed in a certain direction.[2]

The excuses made on behalf of “Precious” and her owner, Greg Gelzinnis, are indeed SO outrageous I believe the function primarily to further outrage and provoke the larger community against Pit Bulls, and to a lesser extent publicly embarrass the entire dog owning community.  Are Pit Bull owners REALLY this stupid?   I find it surprising that anyone who would behave this stupidly would be able to feed themselves or put on a pair of pants.  Who puts on YOUR pants, Greg?

More information on this “situation” from blogger Pit Bull Attacks in Illinois:
Don’t forget to read the comments, as they are indeed “Precious”!

Craven Desires ALSO has a great writeup along with some superb artwork:

To summarize, a dog that has THREE confirmed attacks against human beings and another animal (bringing the grand total to FOUR confirmed attacks) has now been “quarantined” and will ultimately be returned to the owner.  Go get ‘em “Precious”!

Animal control authorities claim “there is nothing they can do”.   Actually, there is plenty they can do, they could ALL resign in disgrace for starters.   They do an excellent job of proving that they are totally useless… no help from anyone else is needed.   I don’t know how they can stand to live with themselves.

Anyways, this is for YOU “Precious” and Greg:

It’s all in how you raise ‘em.  Their point being, the breed history of the dog to attack is irrelevant and the offending animal must have been trained to attack or abused in such a way that it will meet its needs by attacking humans or other animals.  This is used by Pit Bull aficionados to obfuscate the truth about their dog’s breed history and vaguely transfer blame to the owner

Counterpoints:  First of all, who cares?  How does this justify turning a FOUR TIME MAULER loose in the community?  THERE IS NO WAY we would tolerate this from a human being or ANY other animal, so WHY do we tolerate it from THIS DOG?  I am SURE those 3 human victims and the owner of the mauled pet could CARE LESS if the drive to attack everything in sight was bred in or trained.  Secondly, anyone who knows anything about any domesticated animal knows they are typically bred for all sorts of attributes including behavior.  Pointers point, retrievers retrieve and fighting dogs FIGHT.   In either case, there is only ONE good outcome… destroy the dog and jail the owner.  Lastly, this is a rather scathing indictment of Pit Bull owners, isn’t it?   Most of them must be raising them to attack us for no reason.  FAIL.

It was an accident.  Their point being, their dog attacking you or your pet could not have been prevented in any way.

Counterpoints:  Let’s examine the meaning of the word “accident”.  From Websters.  My comments in bold.
Definition of ACCIDENT
1a : an unforeseen and unplanned event or circumstance.   Exactly.  Who would have thought that this multiple mauler would attack ANOTHER human or fellow dog?  No, that could not have been forseen by ANYBODY even the 3rd or 4th time.  Whodathunkit!
b : lack of intention or necessity : chance <met by accident rather than by design>   No, Greg never INTENDED to get a Pit Bull.  You see, the folks at BFAS told him “Precious” was a gerbil.
2a : an unfortunate event resulting especially from carelessness or ignorance  Yes, on the part of the owner!
b : an unexpected and medically important bodily event especially when injurious <a cerebrovascular accident>  As in, if I keep reading about this stuff it is going to give me a stroke or a heart attack!
c : an unexpected happening causing loss or injury which is not due to any fault or misconduct on the part of the person injured but for which legal relief may be sought  Yes, in imprisonment and civil liquidation of the owner. 
d —used euphemistically to refer to an involuntary act or instance of urination or defecation  That’s when the dog poops on my lawn and the owner leaves it there.   You see, there was no way they could have picked it up... Wait that is a rant for another essay.


You should have been more careful.  Their point being, we need to steer well clear of their pets when we are walking down the sidewalk.  Its not like we pay taxes to maintain these public right of ways, or anything.  Pit Bull owners own them by some sort of divine right.  Also, we need to be ever vigilant when we are in our own backyards and in our living rooms with the doors and windows shut.  Always wear something fashionable and made from Kevlar.
Best quote from the comments section of the article:  “This is an unfortunate accident, but it could have been any breed of dog. I agree that owners of dogs have a responsibility to train and maintain control of a dog on a leash. However, I also believe that runners and cyclist need have a responsibility for their own safety when they approach a person walking a dog.”  

Counterpoints:  Hey Pit Nutter:  It’s not like the victim got drunk and passed out on the railroad tracks.  She was jogging on a sidewalk where SHE HAD A RIGHT TO PASS IN PEACE AND SAFETY.  Listen, I don’t need to constantly worry that I’m going to be attacked by some moron’s worthless mutant when checking the mail!  This is the BEST reason I have heard that NO Pit Bull or Pit Bull owner can be trusted! TRIPLE FAIL.

My dog and I have special legal protections that you do not.  Their point being, their entitlement status empowers them to attack you in ways that no one else does.  They can use their dog as a weapon anyplace at any time for any (or no) reason and there is very little you can do about it.  The government will run interference for them at every opportunity.   Rather like a canine James Bond…. License to kill (and do just about anything else).

Counterpoints.  I have none at this time, as this is completely true.  Bow down to your masters!  This is from the article comments section, and you can get a feel for this from a true Pit Nutter:

Normal Person:  Imagine yourself in this position. You are casually walking with your leashed dog on a public sidewalk and suddenly someone shoots your dog, with a gun or an arrow, causing severe injury to your dog. Nothing can be done, because it was a misunderstanding, stuff like this happens, and you shouldn't have been outside if you didn't want your dog to be injured/killed. See, it makes it all better, doesn't it (NOT!)

Dog fanatic:   Except firing a gun inside of city limits is 1) Against the law 2) Could get them charged with attempted murder because they were aiming so close to me 3) I will likely be shooting back immediately. Not exactly the same situation at all, now is it?

How can you argue with seamless truth and logic like that?  He is 100% correct:  He can ‘sic his dog on you or your pet whenever he wants, with no good cause, and get away with it but if you were to do anything remotely similar YOU would go to jail.  Q.E.D. 


  1. Actually, there is something that the local animal control can do. And that is defend itself in a lawsuit filed by at least one resident in its jurisdiction.

    I think that animal control's failure to protect public health and safety makes it quite vulnerable. I'm sure the plaintiffs' bar is just itchin' for the opportunity to get involved.

  2. I forsee a neighbor having a "unfortunate accident" with their gun shooting this dog eventually.

  3. you need to consider that AC is just doing its job: Defend the powers granted to dangerous dog owners at all costs.

    In regards to shooting the dog, as per the post above anyone contemplating doing so should be reminded that any action against the Pit Owning Overclass will be met with extreme prejudice. Not only do you have NO protection from the State, your rights to self-defense have likewise been removed. That dog has rock-solid, airtight legal protection.

    Again, you need to limit YOUR behavior, bar your windows and hide under your bed for the rest of your life. Your life as you know it is OVER, and you better get used to it! You are OWNED.

  4. i love this MORE! i will add a link in craven blog post.

    these fucktards are now blaming the parents. they should have taught her that it is not safe to jog at night! FUCK!!!!

    i can't remember when i have been this riled up over an attack. thank you for adding to collective outrage over this slap in the face of justice.

  5. Please keep in mind that Illinois law was written by ledy vankavage, formerly of ASPCA, now with Best Friends. The law was sold to the Illinois legislature as THE tool to fix pet overpopulation in the state and protect residents from vicious dogs. In truth the law was designed to exactly what it does, protect violent dogs. Complete fail for Illinois residents but total success for vicious dogs and their owners. Best Friends also wrote the new Ohio law, the proceedure for obtaining a dangerous dog designation is so outrageous that pretty much any vicious dog will simply walk.

    1. April: I do not find this surprising. Most places, the "laws", if there are any, are almost always a complete joke. They may as well just word them this way: "YOU ALL LIVE TO GET BIT!" Ultimately, this is going to blow up in their faces as the 97% of the population that does NOT have a "power" dog will bite back rather hard at some point.

  6. I'm so mad I could spit!

    I just came home from walking with friends, and what should I see running loose on my street but a pit bull. Thing came charging at me -- in my own driveway!

    I put my bicycle between my body and the dog. And, fortunately, the dog decided to run away.

    Unfortunately, it ran into a public park full of joggers, dog walkers, kids, you name it. I called 911 and animal control.

    Cop just stopped by, and guess what? He saw the dog running loose too.

    I've just sent warning e-mails to both of the neighborhood associations in this area. I do not, repeat DO NOT want to get hurt. And I don't want anyone else to get hurt.

    I'd really like to be able to come home without fearing a pit bull attack.

  7. i saw a pit running loose yesterday on the outskirts of town. glad you are safe. it's people like greg gelzinnis that make me happy when nutters are mauled by their own dogs.

  8. Just this morning, about 10 minutes ago, I am drinking my coffee, looking out my kitchen window and what do I see?!? A loose pit bull in my back yard! LOVELY

    Pursuant to my "trouble in paradise" post, a loose pit bull pulled a "Cujo" on one of my hikers at a National Forest Campground back in March. She literally dived into her car and shut the door to avoid the charging dog. The dog glared at her through the window for a few minutes then took off to intimidate someone else. She told me what happened and I got a forest ranger and we went looking around for the mutant but no luck. The owner probably took off or put the dog inside their RV.

  9. Animal Uncontrol.....YOU are BRILLIANT

  10. FANTASTIC POST, Animal Uncontrol!

    My dog and I have special legal protections that you do not. Their point being, their entitlement status empowers them to attack you in ways that no one else does. They can use their dog as a weapon anyplace at any time for any (or no) reason and there is very little you can do about it. The government will run interference for them at every opportunity. Rather like a canine James Bond…. License to kill (and do just about anything else).

    Counterpoints. I have none at this time, as this is completely true. Bow down to your masters!

    This perfectly describes how I feel. And I'm SICK of it!

  11. Speaking of dog owners kowtowing to their masters, have a look at one actually doing so here