Sunday, March 1, 2015

Who owns you?

As a much anticipated follow up to this essay, the question for the day is "Who owns you?".  Who keeps you from doing what you want to do, what you have a RIGHT to do?

Hmmmm... who is that?  The best place to start (and end) is:  Who CAN'T you criticize?   If you live in North Korea and can't criticize the government or it's dear leader, then it is THEY who own you.  Simple.

He who is above criticism is the Lord of the Land.

In many places, Fido and his owner are above criticism.  Neil found this out the hard way.  Should we not be able to critique owner of the yard barkers next door?  Nope, that is NOT tolerated.  You LOVE Fido, or shut the hell up! 

Dr. Laura was "PWND" by Pit Nutters.  Again, you can't critique the flooding of our streets and animal shelters with pit bulls, or even present a well reasoned economic analysis of the situation.  You make an argument like that on your radio show, and the entire dog owning universe threatens your sponsors.   Get BACK IN LINE DR!

How about the Walk for the victims of Pit Bulls and other Dangerous Dogs that was CANCELLED due to death threats?  Nope, can't say anything BAD about Fido, even if he is pure bred to kill and then goes on to do so!   If you think that the police or other authorities would take an interest in that, but THEY can't criticize Fido, either!  You protest IN FAVOR OF BITERS or someone will burn your house down!  Get used to it!   The penalty for HERESY is DEATH.

How about where I live?  The dog fanatics in my jurisdiction wanted to update the laws to punish victims and protect perpetrators.  Fortunately, my campaign of reason prevailed so that victims do NOT have to bear a ridiculous burden of proof.   Again, dog nuts want to force all complainants into silence.   Unfortunately, in many places the "one bite rule", the "multiple household rule", and "consecutive disruption laws" are in full effect... this is an INSTITUTIONALIZED ATTACK ON THE RIGHTS OF VICTIMS TO COMPLAIN AND TO DUE PROCESS.

I have a friend in Australia who notified me (update me if necessary) that barking dog complaints had to be accompanied with a $12 Fee... bad enough but now that fee has been upgraded to $65!   Yes, lets fine the VICTIMS to stop their COMPLAINING ABOUT FIDO!  In other words, LETS SHUT THEM UP.

On a similar, but slightly different note:  How do you know when you are intellectually bankrupt?  Well, that is easy:   When you have to silence your critics!   Hell, you can't prove anything, so just shut everyone else up!

You know what, sooner or later our right to free speech will re-assert itself.  The result will not be pretty.


  1. Entirely correct. When I moved into this house I thought I was going to have the garden I'd wanted for years. Nope. I can't even open my back door without my neighbors dogs mouth going off like explosive diarrhea. I can't even complain to the authorities without a WITNESS. If society put a fraction of the effort into educating people how to take proper care of their dogs as they did silencing any critique there wouldn't BE a problem.

  2. You have channeled your frustration into a blatant and intellectually crass, but accurate blog. It speaks the truth in a hilariously personal way. Is it wicked of me to love it, due to the dog-crazy crisis that brought it into existence?

    1. "Is it wicked of me to love it, due to the dog-crazy crisis that brought it into existence?"

      Perhaps! See, under the current regime, agreeing with ANYTHING I say on this subject is the TABOO OF TABOOS! From a social norm perspective, it is worse than cannibalism and incest COMBINED.

    2. You can hate kids, old people, cats, anything BUT dogs. Only Dog Almighty is worthy of the rage and feigned offense of the masses of asses. Saying you don't like dogs, or even that you just don't care for dogs, seems to be the equivalent of saying "I killed baby Jesus". This level of mass hysteria shouldn't exist is a reasoning society over ANYTHING.

  3. Want to give those aho dog owners the middle finger without exposing any of your digits? Well, I'm here to start an anti-barking fashion trend, and here's my online store. Bumper stickers and tee shirts that say "Eff You!" without using any naughty words:


    I dunno about that... kinda like wearing a Charlie Hebdo T-shirt in Iran. Does the shirt come with an AK47, grenades, Kevlar outfit and other tactical gear?