Friday, March 13, 2015

Demand Accountability

The Mickey trainwreck goes round and round... round and round....

A great facebook site to check out is The Truth About the Lexus Project.  They have been my muse on a few occasions (including this one).

So, we have decided to "save" all of our dog killing and child maiming supermaulers.  The big question is:  Who Pays?  And, how MUCH are they paying?

From the facebook site indicated above:

Indeed, a rational person (after slamming a car door on their head) would assume that the costs associated with housing, feeding, and medically administering to these monsters *might* rest with private donations(?)  Or, maybe dog licensing fees (ROFL... good one!)


Ladies and Gentlemen... we have a WINNER!

In all seriousness, I am not sure WHERE the funds to sustain Mickey and his ilk really come from.  That said, here are the questions to ask:

(1) What entity is paying for the care and housing of this animal, and those like him?
(2) From where, exactly, does this entity draw the funds to pay for (1) above?  General taxpayers?  Dog licensing fees?  Private donations?  Another source(s) (please indicate source(s))?
(3) Who determines appropriate care for this animal, and under what circumstances may it be humanely euthanized?
(4) Is the animal to be kept alive as long as possible?
(5) Is there a limit set on the funds to be allocated for the care of this animal?  If so, how much?
(6) Are the acts of removing the animal from the facility (pursuant to veterinary care) consistent with the court order remanding that animal to that facility?
(7) Why is this animal granted resources considered unavailable to:  Other animals currently within the animal control system; Other animal control activities including (but not limited to):  Barking cessation, pursuing animals at large, and investigating dog bite situations; and, the needs of other, unfunded county projects?

All of the above goes to point that saving an animal like Mickey is a TERRIBLE policy.  ALL pets that maul and kill MUST be put down, otherwise we end up with endless predicaments like this one. This debacle, among other things, likely presents an absurd misapplication of public resources.



  1. Why is this animal granted resources considered unavailable to: the victims of these useless maulers.

  2. Richard Rosenthal, the NJ lawyer that runs Lexus Project with his wife, is constantly begging for donations for these dogs and they claim that the legal help is pro bono

    Then they claim in other places that they had to pay for depositions and that is not pro bono, Richard

    So how much of the donated money actually goes to the dogs and how much gets frittered away on the lawyers while they claim it 's all pro bono

    1. My understanding is that "Pro Bono" may mean "reduced" fees, not necessarily work for free. Also, other cost items like court and filing fees need to be covered, also.

      That said, Lexus may not be a true "pro bono" organization if the lawyers are simply charging the trust fund for their hours.

  3. I'm in AZ. Which means that my tax dollars are being wasted on that dog.