Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Trainwreck Ed. 1.6: Juxtapose

A new update on our pal "Mickey" who ripped the face off a 4 year old earlier this year.  It looks like Mickey is doing just great!

Hell, Mickey should have ripped the face off a 4 year old SOONER!  Now, he has a new BONE!

Of course, that dastardly devil that put POOR OL MICKEY in SUCH a bad situation, AIN'T doing so well.  Consider:

Lets check the scorecard:

Mickey:  74,099 supporters.
Kevin:  967 Supporters.

That's 75 Mickey supporters for every Kevin supporter!   Remember, according to new math, the Mickey supporters support BOTH the dog and the kid!

More on Mickey and Kevin:

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Aren't you all just GLAD at how well Mickey is doing?   To all you dog lovers:  That 60 year social engineering project you've been working on... you know, the one where everyone must be convinced that ALL dogs are absolutely perfect, and that NO dog or dog owner can do wrong, ever?   That the life of an individual dog is worth infinitely more than every other living thing on earth?  Well, it has paid off in spades.... look above, these are the fruits of your labor.  YOU own this one and every other situation like it. 


  1. this is why i love your blog. thanks.

  2. Mickey should have been pts! Any animal that mails a child should not get a second chance! It's a shame that some people value a dog over a human child! Wtf is wrong with you people!

  3. It makes me ill to think that shit hound is still drawing breath. As to mickey's supporters, may they rot in hell.

  4. I still question Kevin's parents and the babysitter. Why take a child to a home where the person keeping the dog is afraid of it? (the parents) Why keep the dog and not turn it over to animal control or have it pts before this happened? (the babysitter) Yes he should have been pts, BEFORE he mauled an innocent little kid. It's still more the idiots who put the boy in that situations place to take the blame over the dog, doing what it was created to do. Kevin gets all my sympathy, the adults get none.

    1. The scenario was this: Kevin's babysitter took him to visit her boyfriend. The boyfriend was Mickey's owner. I agree that this shows poor judgment on the part of the babysitter (not that this absolves Mickey or his owner in any way).

      See what YQN wrote below - a chunk of the "blame" belongs on the social engineering project pro-dog, particularly pro-pit, advocates have been working on for decades.

    2. Mickey had killed another dog prior to this incident. It should have been PTS THEN. The judge should be disbarred for allowing this POS animal to live. As for Mickey's supporters I'm not sure if prison or a mental institution is more appropriate.

  5. @Anonymous, the parents may have believed the Pit Bull Propaganda Machine. You know, the one that keeps pumping out pictures of pit bulls with babies and saying that it's all in how you raise them.

    Up until very recently, the PBPM ran the show. But now our voices are getting louder...