Saturday, June 3, 2017

Blog Update

Run for your lives!  Its MickZilla!

Blog update.  Haven't written much recently - my attention has been primarily on other matters.  Animal Uncontrol may become dormant, but never dead.  Some bloggers do a "grand exit":   Farewell world!  I am sailing off into the sunset forever!   Yeah, right, until they again desire to become the center of attention.

The dogocracy / animal supremacy is a rather arcane social issue.  I started this Animal Uncontrol "Project" about 5 years ago when I realized that almost no critical thought or analysis had been applied to said social issue.  At this point, however, I feel like most of the issues have been covered, and unlike a lot of bloggers/writers, I prefer not to repeat myself too often. 

Blog statistics show the blog still gets about 150-200 unique visitors a day (~5,500 per month) MOSTLY this one.   Problems with barking, anyone?

I have ideas for a few essays that include but are not limited to:
- Lawsuits.
- Invasive species, particularly snakes taking over the Everglades.
- Gun P0rn.  (Never gets old).
- More outrageous Mickey memes such as the one depicted above. 

Speaking of lawsuits, long time commenter Eileen is preparing to sue her bark-crazed neighbors.  I hope Eileen keeps us up to date on the progress of that. 

I am also considering changing the blog format:  I'd like to categorize all of the articles, i.e. "Pit Bulls", "Barking", "Humor", etc... I plan to get moving on that in the near future. 

Like many blogs, the comments section attached to each article is often pure gold, so anyone with anything interesting to say is welcome to comment on any article. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. This has been the most consistently quiet lack of loose dogs we have had in 25 years. The question of course remains to sue or not to sue. We certainly have enough video , complaints, logged calls to AC, texts and phone calls to the neighbors A note given to us promising to use bark control collars to throw together a small claims case that would easily make the upper limit of 10K in New Mexico.
    The ball is in their court. To make it fair...and I say that with a laugh about the system we are starting all recording from scratch via them being told if it doesn't cease we are going to sue because the last thing you want to look like in doggy America is that you aren't tolerant of the almighty mutt. So they got a clean slate so to speak and now they can either decide we move forward and treat each other like civilized human beings or they can end up trying to find a way to pay the judgment. I texted some pretty nasty stuff to her husband on a few nights. Nothing obscene but a detailed description of how their crappy behavior was making our live unbearable and what kind of person(s) they had to be morally to behave in such a way.
    It is beyond frustrating to realize this is what we should have done 20 years ago. Of course making a recording now is easy as pie and easy to hide cameras and recording devices so we don't have to play hall monitor. I don't want the money or even the satisfaction of making their life half as miserable as they've made ours. This is about our right to reasonable peace and quiet inside our own home.
    Will we go to court. I hope not. I've sued someone it's not easy fun or even satisfying it's more intrusion into your life and time wasted money spent. Despite what she may think we are both resolved as husband and wife to go to court and sue her and everyone involved in this continued nonsense if that's the only way to make the point.
    Interesting side note the lawyer we spoke to said that it is not unusual for these cases to end up in court a second time. It's very hard to get someone to change their behavior patterns. It's why I see the same cars at traffic court week after week.
    Good luck on your new blog.
    If someone moves in with a barking dog start recording the first time and keep it up until you are able to reach a resolution with that neighbor or you go to court. Don't waste years of your life trying to be reasonable.

  2. I'm glad to hear this blog won't be going away. The other great anti-dog blogs are gone, Dog Haters Unite and too.

    1. I don't like dogs OK I hate them and I solve that by not having one. Round 2 started and ended when a neighbor behind us acquired a nonstop barking hound. I didn't play nice games with this one. Right to the throat.
      Yes there are very few places where you can openly express your less than perfect admiration for man's best friend without being tarred and feathered.

    2. I guess that all niceties aside, yelling at them , calling, texting the only effective way to deal with people who harbor yammering mutts is to inform them you are recording all of their dogs day/night serenades with the intent to use it as evidence in a court case.
      If they has the right to let their dogs bark, which was actually a claim made they would have continued on as usual instead of putting a clamp on the racket. I mean if someone said they were going to video me and sue me for something that was a non matter I would laugh and tell them to have at it.
      AC fails because it's still considered a 9-5 type job when the most vicious noise assaults go on from dusk till dawn. Random night patrols would do a lot to end noise disturbances.

    3. I wouldn't even inform them. I'd just start recording and report them to animal control.

      Of course, we know that AC won't do diddly, but a lawyer once told me that it's best to have a complaint on record. Then you roll out the heavy artillery. Like a court case with the bark recordings offered as evidence.

      Can you win such cases? Yup. I recently blogged about that. Link:

    4. What SHOULD happen when someone's mutt is going off is they should be told to shut their damn dog up, if they don't the OWNER should be arrested for disturbing the peace. If there isn't anyone else to look after the dog it gets impounded too, at owners expense. ONE trip to the big house would cure most of these people.

  3. Quiet Neighbor. We're simply trying to cover the bases and make sure they can't whine no one said puppy was a problem. To date compliance with our county ordinances continues. We have more than enough to proceed with a court case. IN fact I think it would be jolly good fun to have a big judgment hanging over their heads. As long as we understand each other I content with the current quiet and lack of nasty loose dogs in my life. Had someone else behind us start up with one barking from 2AM till the crack of dawn. Didn't miss a beat in telling them I was recording and would haul them into court if the dog was allowed to keep howling all night. I skipped though all the normal pleasantries and went for the throat.
    the lesson here is AC in very few cases is going to be effective in getting a dog owner to act like they're part of the human race. The overriding concern is not for the humans having their lives wrecked by a yammering dog but the dogs welfare including keeping it in it's current home. So while you're making complaints the AC officer is working with the dog owner to figure out why the dog is barking and unhappy and needs enrichment in it's live or more play time. Dog owners also get time to comply sometimes weeks. Meanwhile AC will do Houdini acts trying to avoid you and your desire to file formal complaints. It's 2017, record the bastards and use it in court.

    1. In most places animal control no longer has anything to do with controlling animals but had morphed into doggie social worker. I'm convinced they RIG the system purposely to avoid doing the hard part of the job, dealing with belligerent, asshole dog owners.

    2. Ours has several dogs for adoption that are livestock chasers. Dogs that harass and kill livestock are supposed to be destroyed instead they're being called good dogs that need really high fences. I wonder if our AC does a spot check for potential adopters.
      My SILs dogs continue to be a non issue. It's possible that being forced to keep them from roaming was in itself enough to have her get rid of them. I don't know. Her life is not my business until it spills over into my life. We show here the same consideration by not using marine air horns sitting in her driveway at 2AM honking horns, setting off our car alarms with them pointed at her house or calling AC 20 times per week. Absence of sleep deprivation has made me a more reasonable person to deal with.

    3. This is why livestock owners need guns. End the damn dogs when they're running loose causing mayhem and they won't be repeat offenders. Livestock are valuable, dogs in the vast majority of cases are not.

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  5. Eileen: Having family with dogs is a pain in the ass. My guy had a damn dog when I met him, I foolishly let him keep it. It's a nice dog but still fing filthy and I'm allergic. And of course EVERYTHING is about the damn dog. I'm the useless third wheel in an otherwise perfuckt relationship- between a man and his mutt. My bad, not a mistake I'll make twice. Well now he's been diagnosed with cancer (the guy not the dog unfortunately) so I have a sick guy and a decrepit old dog with physical and emotional issues to deal with at the same time.

    1. I got a REAL treat today! While I was at work and my guy was in surgery getting a GI tube and chemo shunt put in, I was listening to my boss's fing dog screaming at the top of its Satanic lungs. The stupid thing slipped a disk jumping off furniture (another reason dogs should stay OFF it or be kept OUT-side) and so his daughter brought it to work so they could both hold the ten pound dog down and stuff the pain killers, muscle relaxers and other pills into it. Even my boss sounded like he was about to lose his mind (WTF am I supposed to do, have foot high furniture to keep the dog from hurting himself?). I don't understand why anyone gets another dog after having one of these pain in the ass animals.

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