Sunday, August 10, 2014

More foul, useless, noxious BARKING

So, here I am on my last day of my epic, 2-week, 6-state road trip.  I was going to land back at home last night but I got tired and decided to overnight in South Carolina.

I don't have much time to write, so I will keep this short...

Guess what woke my ass up this morning?  Anybody?  Was is meowing cats?  Squeaky hamster wheels?   Mooing cows?   Birds chirping?   None of the above?

Correct answer would be "none of the above" given that my rig is built well enough to block out those type of noises.

Indeed, there is NO rig built well enough to block out the type of shrill, screeching, explosively loud yelps that woke my ass up on a SUNDAY MORNING.

Indeed, the noise in question is SO incredibly loud, and has SUCH a nasty penetrating nature that using ANYTHING to block it out is like using a police issue bulletproof vest to stop the shock wave from a 2,000 lb bomb   If you are in the vicinity you ARE going to be disrupted.

Now, not that I SHOULD have to block it out.  I have a RIGHT to peaceful use of my personal space.  Indeed, it is the DOG OWNER that should control their "emissions".

And, you know what, if they refuse to control those emissions, we should do what we do with ANY other polluter - shut down the source of the pollution.   If individual shut-downs to not prove productive, then an en-mass solution must be implemented.

Oh, and the little shit carried on for at least a half hour - longer than most "consecutive disruption" laws.



  1. Barking is noise pollution. Nothing more, nothing less.

  2. It's disturbing the peace and should be treated as such. You get ONE warning; then the cops haul your ass off to jail and your dog to the shelter. When you get out you pick up your dog. IF you get another trip then your dog gets surgically debarked and the court sends you the bill. Problem solved.

    1. Another thing that boggles my mind is how the person with a robobarker fails to realize the dog is UTTERLY MISERABLE living with them or it wouldn't be barking its fool head off. The dog WANTS to be gone from you. Do it a favor.