Sunday, March 9, 2014

Trainwreck Vol 1.2 - Kill Mickey NOW

So, why kill Mickey? Hell, even I said Mickey is not responsible, so why not give him a second chance? He was just a dog being a dog, right? Tolerating these creatures among us is just the price we have to pay for civilization, would you agree?

 Baloney. Mickey needs to be euthanized for the following 3 reasons:

  1. It grants closure to the victim and his family
  2. It prevents Mickey from savaging another human being or animal.
  3. It prevents the moral hazard created by letting dangerous dogs and their advocates off the hook.

I believe that (3) is of paramount importance. People obtain these "power" dogs to project aggression and assault people legally. This needs to stop and it must stop right now.

If Mickey is spared and re-homed, that sends a BIG message to the nuts that not only may they possess these beasts, but they may use them as a weapon in legalized assault OVER and OVER and OVER again with no repercussion.

The message we SHOULD send is this: Your dog tears up my kid, I will see to it that your dog is KILLED and your dead ass is thrown in jail for a LONG time. THAT is the message that needs to be sent. I do not care WHAT breed it is or how badly it was treated.

The above segues into the BSL debate. As I have said in the past, BSL is a totally legitimate animal control arrangement. With that said, between now and then, or even after the fact – individual pets that maul and kill have no place in our society. Pet owners that use their pets to maul and kill have no place in our society. We do not tolerate maulers from any other species and we should not do it with Fido, either. Kill Mickey NOW. Jail his owner TODAY.

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  1. I agree with your points. And I agree that pit bulls are likely being used in assault cases. Well, probably not ONLY pit bulls, but I think they are the cheapest kind of dogs that can maul an adult to death.