Friday, February 14, 2014

An unpreventable tragedy, Part I

Past performance is always a good indicator of future returns. There is no real surprise when a situation comes to its entirely predictable conclusion.

Klonda Richey of Dayton OH was killed by her neighbors PitBulls while taking out the trash this past February 7th. has all the details.. read about that here.

Before I dissect that, I want to dissect a similar situation that happened in my area a couple of years ago. The dissection of that situation will segue into a dissection of the Richey incident in later essays.

On June 10th 2011 Roy McSweeney of Hawthorne FL was attacked by his neighbors pit bulls while he was gardening in his back yard.

The dogs tore off one of his arms, partially severed his other arm, and bit down on his head in a manner that "left his brains hanging out". The dogs belonged to Deanna Blitch and her son William Braxton.

Blitch and Braxton hid the bloody dogs from authorities, claiming they had shot them and dumped the bodies in a nearby lake.

McSweeney died on June 15th 2011 as a result of the injuries sustained in the attack.

Guess what boys and girls! The dogs had Prior Attacks.

Strike one: In January 2010, another man was bitten by the dogs, according to police reports. The man said he was caring for the property next door when the animals "came through the fence and knocked him down and attacked him," biting him all over his body, according to the reports. Now, that man is suing Blitch and her ex-boyfriend for his injuries.

Now, what was done about so called "Strike One"? Not much. The dogs were quarantined and returned to their owner. Well, I'll be dipped in shit! Attack by dog is legal as long as they are up to date on their shots!

Strike two: According to police reports, the dogs attacked a 23-year-old man last month [ this would be May 2011 ] as he entered the back door of Blitch's home to visit her son. He had to get more than 40 stitches and is still having trouble using his hand, according to his family.
Blitch, however, said the man wasn't invited and shouldn't have been trespassing.

Whats a hand between good friends, anyway? Good news is, the dogs got what they wanted. This scenario is proof positive of Overclass Status: Pursuant to Strike One dog owners not only have an unconditional right to unlimited violence on their land, they also have an unconditional right to unlimited violence on OTHER people's land!

Strike Three: Two pit bulls that mauled a 74-year-old man who was gardening in his own yard, ripping his right arm off and partially severing his left arm, ultimately leading to his death, were no strangers to attacks, according to police reports. 
Yes, but it seems like the police are strangers to holding dog owners accountable for the behavior of their mutants! Who could have seen THIS coming?!? Look, they can't be psychic. Give them a break, already!

Listen dog owners! In my state, killing somebody with your dog is a SECOND DEGREE MISDEMEANOR! Its way up there with other heinous crimes such as: Driving with a malfunctioning tail light, building a tool shed without a permit, and other unspeakable acts so WATCH IT.

On a lighter note, Deanna Blitch Pleads Out.

Yes, boys and girls, BLITCH was sent to jail for the horrendously long duration of NINETY DAYS! Oh, joy – I get three WHOLE MONTHS of peace and safety! Thank you Government! Justice is served. Well, if you want to be technical it was 45 weekends in jail. I am safe on Saturdays and Sundays at least.

Interestingly, BLITCH got the hard time NOT due to the canine homicide, but due to the fact that she and her son lied to the cops about the dogs. See, killing someone with your dogs is Okey-Dokey if you are upfront and honest about it. Lying to the cops bumped it up to a FIRST DEGREE MISDEMEANOR. I am really glad they throw the book at these criminals! Moral of the story? If you kill your neighbors with your dogs, please be upfront about it... remember that Fido was "just doing his job"!

So, what do you think is going to happen in the Richey case? More on that later...


  1. I have heard about Roy McSweeney before, but never how truly horrendous his death was. There are several types of dogs capable of killing an adult human, but to do something like this... is there another one?

    I want to cry for him and then I am furious at his criminal owners and their foul beasts. What kind of person would even want dogs that tore up a man like these did? I see why the police believed they shot the dogs... most people would shoot those dogs out of fear and disgust.

    I don't think pit bulls used to be so insanely dead set on breaking into people's yards and mauling them to death in such a gruesome manner. Or maybe in the past their owners kept them securely penned.

  2. I love your posts AU.