Monday, February 27, 2012

Animal Uncontrol

This is a blog dedicated to ameliorating the various animal control problems that exist in world society.  These include but are not limited to:
- Dog attacks on humans and other animals.
- Endless loud barking.
- Animal waste polluting our waterways.
- Dog at large.
- Property Damage.
- Sloth and corruption in public animal control agencies.

We will agitate for positive change with the goal of restoring peace and tranquility to our communities.


  1. With over 326 people killed by Pit Bulls I believe that breed should be outlawed to produce further dogs. Too many bleeding heart dog owners who have little common sense and or caring for human kind support the breed. The statistics speak for them self.

  2. This small community in Australia is contemplating putting down noisy dogs. I think it is a great idea. They have concern for their human population and are to be applauded.

    1. One of Adelaide's suburban anti-barking activists has been tormented for years by street barking that his council leaves unattended.

      No matter what he says and does, his council refuses to address the matter, even denying the blatantly obvious.

      Saying there's no problem is a common council reaction to barking complaints. It means they refuse to get involved in law enforcement.

  3. I am going to address pit bulls and BSL in a new header, soon.

  4. It's now alarmingly obvious that the so-called regulatory authorities have failed to protect society from its animal-abusing or animal worshiping psychopaths.

    When such social failures occur without fair cause, I believe that society is automatically empowered to devise its own solutions regardless of any law to the contrary - the legal system having failed us.

    Thus morally empowered, society's main obligation in Operation Fight Back is to ensure that its devised solutions are those which are MINIMALLY offensive - those just enough to restore peace and safety and order and to ensure that this state continues.

    Society has this right as a whole and the distressed/tormented/attacked individual does, too.

    Society and individuals forgo this right as soon as appropriate standards of order are restored and appear likely to continue.