Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Assault by dog

Assault is legal.

Wait a minute:  Let me qualify that.

If you point a gun at someone in the state of Florida, you automatically get 5 years in jail.

You use a gun against someone, you automatically get 10 years in jail.

So, if you want to hurt someone, choosing a gun is a poor choice.  Likewise, knives, bats, motor vehicles, even bare hands will also get you in trouble.

So, what is a violent miscreant to do?

If you want to project intimidation and bring serious harm to people your best bet is to get a dog.

Think about it.  How many dog owners literally terrorize their neighborhoods?  How many dog owners who "sic" their dogs on others wind up in jail?   A half a million US citizens are victims of a dog attack, serious enough to demand medical assistance, every year... how many of those result in jail time for the perp owner?   The mantra is "blame the owner, not the dog".  Yes, until something happens, then blame is fixed firmly upon the victim.     Consider the case of the dog that murdered a 2 day old infant in McKeesport PA.  The dog was rehomed, and the owner let off with a fine.  Also consider that the dog in question had behaved in a threatening manner in the past, including killing the family cat.   Who would want a dog like this loose in their community?   The dog in question is clearly a threat to human (and animal) safety.

Write your public executives today and demand that any dog that kills or seriously injures a human be prosecuted for the full extent of the crime:  Assault or manslaughter depending on the outcome.  Also demand that ALL vicious dogs be summarily put down.  While the act is the owners responsibility, we are contemplating an animal that will use violence against a human being to get what it wants.

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  1. just recently i had this very same conversation with the police. they do not take menacing dogs seriously. there seems to be an "oh well, nobody was bitten. no harm no foul" attitude.

    we need tougher laws for loose menacing dogs that don't bite too.
    there is no difference between a loose menacing dog and threatening someone with a gun or a knife.

    great blog, i will add it to my blog list and i would happy to announce it on craven. just say the word.