Friday, December 4, 2015


Happy Holidays!

Two murder by dogs in Michigan in two days!   Fido is rocking and rolling to make this the BEST year ever!  Consider this and this!

On another note...

A new, and if I must say... a very OFFENSIVE Mickey Meme!

Updates on the WMBC page!

Mick has Valley Fever, but not Tick Fever.   This may be a good thing, depending on which is more lethal.

Also, MASH is overflowing with dogs!  WHAT TO DO?   You can donate goods directly via Amazon!   Check out their wish list!

Given that I cannot promote any bad behavior, one of these should NOT be delivered to MASH at any time for any reason.  Got that?  Good.


  1. All shelters and rescues are overflowing and in need. If you have to give something to one give to the one nearest you. I got a gander of the one in the city. Pit Bull Central.

    1. I would rather donate to organizations that help people in need.

    2. The point was while these people send dog beds to the pits in the mash unit local shelters are struggling to feed the animals they got stuck with. Much like the church near here that is forever sending missionaries to south America while they have to step over the poor and elderly at their doorstep.
      But back to shelter begging at the MASH Unit. The idea of shelters was to house pets for a short time until either their owners or an adopter was found. No Kill had condemned millions of animals to live in cages for life. BTW Must be a real cesspool Mickey is living in to get valley fever. I mean being inside and all on that astro truf.

    3. Eileen / YQN:

      Both of you are in Mick's general neighborhood... what is the probability that an inside dog would contract Tick Fever? I understand that Mick's incarceration demands that he stay inside, be limited to indoor runs and NOT allowed to frolic outside.

      Probably further proof that the arrangements stipulated in the indicated court order are not being followed.

    4. Here in AZ, ticks are very prevalent. Especially during the summertime. So, looks like the old Mickster has been spending time outside.

    5. My understanding of Valley Fever is it is in the dirt. Consider he is supposed to be in a high end clinic/boarding situation , exercises alone and is not allowed outside I would say more of the same that was going on at the MASH is happening here.

    6. I won't support any shelter unless: 1. It's not no-kill, and 2. It doesn't rehome pitbulls (which are banned, so that is also illegal). That leaves basically nothing.

  2. Rebecca Hardy's mauling death has been ruled a suicide: (

    Total bullshit. The coroner needs to be fired; he has a very serious and important job and he clearly can't do it. Rebecca was a pit nutter herself, yet the coroner has decided in a feat of circular logic that if she entered the yard willingly (this and whether she entered the yard at all is in question), she therefore intended everything that happened next.

    The Daily Mail is even openly expressing skepticism on the suicide ruling, calling the ruling "bizarre". I appreciate their commonsense approach to both dangerous and nuisance dogs. It shouldn't be as rare as it is. Most news media will side with the doggie woggie no matter what.