Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I, like most of you, crave a place free of nuisances.  More specifically, free from PET nuisances!   Dog owners are permitted to steal our peace, our health, even our very lives due to societies' Canine Superiority Complex (CSC).

Anyhoo, the other week I was travelling in my RV ("caravan" for you non-USA folks) and I happened to stumble on a DOG FREE CAMPING AREA!   Yes, THERE IS A DOG!   Er... I mean GOD.

Dog worshipers are probably reading this and, after scraping their brains off the ceiling and walls, demanding "HOW CAN SUCH AN OUTRAGE EXIST!  DO NOT THESE PEONS KNOW THAT THIS IS PURE EVIL RACISM!  DOGS MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER, WHY ARE THEY CREATING THIS HELL ON EARTH!"

Apparently, the policy under consideration has to do with the fact that the area in question has a very sensitive ecology.  There are a multitude of protected animal species in the vicinity.  Due to frequent observations of PET DOGS harassing and terrorizing said wildlife, no DOGS are allowed in the area.  These wild animals have enough problems without Fido making their lives a living hell.  The state stepped in and banned dogs completely over a wide area.  And, yes... these government environmental interests have a LOT of "juice".  I know, I used to be networked into that scene when I was a hike leader.  In a political battle, they would crush you like a bug.   They sent the dog foamers packing!

Now, while it is unfortunate that PEOPLE do not get the same considerations as wildlife (in this scenario, at least), I will take any advantage I can get!

At the time, I was staying in a state park about 20 miles away that was under no such restriction.  The Florida park rangers do a very good job of keeping canine visitors under control.  Note that I said "Very Good" and not "Perfect".   There was some yapping to be heard. 

This newly discovered destination will be my #1 go-to spot from now on.  Think about how great it would be to sit out and NOT WORRY about the peace being destroyed by some useless yard barker?   How wonderful would it be to be able to actually RELAX and not worry about someone else's useless, out-of-control, mutt?   Literally, I almost want to cry with relief.  

Note to dog owners, a word to the wise:  If you do not stop blaming everyone else for the problems you cause, and start taking responsibility, there are going to be more and more places like this.  AND, you will have no one to blame but yourselves.   Going forward, you are going to meet your match more and more often.  Just wait until the EPA gets on your shit.... your lives are going to be pure living HELL.


  1. There's a state park a few miles from my house I fish at on a regular basis. A few years ago the "dog people" discovered the park and have really started ruining the place for me lately.

    There's dog crap everywhere, despite metal trash cans and plastic bag dispensers being placed around the park specifically for dog poop.

    Everyone thinks their dog is somehow special and therefore allowed to run loose, attacking other dogs, people, and chasing wildlife. I was personal attacked late last year, then watched the same dog attack a mountain biker, then two other dogs that where on leash, all within the span of about half an hour. Neither the park rangers nor Game and Fish did anything about it. They actually seemed annoyed at me for bringing it up to them.

    There's someone providing horseback tours of the park. It's just a matter of time before one of these dogs goes after a tour group and someone gets seriously injured. I hate to see it happen, but a lawsuit seems to be the only thing that will put a damper on people catering to dogs and their owners.

    There's nowhere to get away from dogs these days. The damn things are everywhere.

    1. Hi Howard,

      I wrote a letter to my state park system director a few years ago. Its on this site (with some info redacted), consider - http://animaluncontrol.blogspot.com/2012/08/letter-to-my-state-park-director.html

      If I were you, I would write a similar letter to your system's director. You can probably find out who that person is from your state park website, or googling. I would play up the potential lawsuit angle that you mentioned (and yes, if the problem continues its not "if" a tragedy happens, it is "when").

      I would also play up the following:
      - Dog crap washes into waterways and causes water pollution.
      - Dogs off leash harass park guests. Play up the fact that the parks are for EVERYONE and not just a few self-entitled dog owners.
      - Dogs off leash harass wildlife.
      - Dogs off leash destroy native plant life.
      - Frequent loud barking destroys the natural acoustic environment and creates a stressful environment for park visitors.

      If you can, get some video evidence and recount anecdotes in the letter. Play up the obvious double standard of the situation - you know that, as a fisherman, if you do not adhere to state fish and game laws you would be fined severely or perhaps even arrested. Should not dog owners be forced to adhere to a few guidelines?

    2. I've already tried talking to them and writing a letter. They say they simply don't have the staff available to monitor things like that.

      It's just one those situations that no one thinks is a real problem until something bad happens.

    3. They say they simply don't have the staff available to monitor things like that.

      I'm sure that's their stock answer. Its also complete bullshit. If someone were to hunt or fish out of season, the resources WOULD be there, and everyone knows it.

      This is another example of the over-arching doggie double standard. When you complain about a dog/owner, there are no resources available to solve the problem. However, if something were to happen TO that dog, say someone left out some "special treats"... WELL NOW... spare no expense trying to find the horrible monster! Call State Police and National Guard! Call FBI !

    4. When a dog is the victims of a crime the authorities stop at nothing, but when the dog is the perpetrator there is 'nothing they can do'. Riiiiiiiiiiight.

    5. The State also has unlimited funds for dog parks, free pit bull adoptions, subsidized veterinary care for dogs, and other "social goods".

  2. We have this problem in the UK. I belong to the Camping and Caravanning Club, which is one of the main organisations that has a chain of sites. When I book a site (any site) I always ask for a tent pitch in a dog-free area. Most smaller sites are only too happy to oblige. Everyone is happy. The non-dog-worshippers are happy because all the snapping, yapping and crapping isn't on their doorstep. You don't tread in dog crap on the way back from the toilet block at night and tread it into your groundsheet. The dog worshippers are happy because they are surrounded by numerous canines and can listen to the melodic barking and watch their pets happily bottom-sniffing other pets. Everyone is VERY happy.

    But the Camping and Caravanning Club do not see it like this. They will not set aside dog-free areas for paying guests who can't stand these animals or who feel the need to relax and not be on constant tenterhooks because they have a young child whose face they would like to preserve. The sites themselves are very good and very well appointed ... but you just can't get away from dogs.

    I keep thinking that I'll cancel my membership but always think I'll belong for one more year and see how it goes (especially as I get my senior discount). It would not be difficult for most of their sites to have a dog-free area, but they simply refuse to do it (I've tried). It is so unfair on people who want nothing to do with these animals and who just want a quiet break.

  3. The SO and I (and his f*ing dog) went camping in August. There were 13 dog friendly sites, must leash. I reported two parties for NOT leashing-the ones with the Rottenweiler and the Bulldog of course, none of the small dog owners.

    There are sites in a camp further uphill that are DOG free that I'd love to stay at. The SO was furious about that. Ha ha!