Saturday, July 18, 2015


I just can't seem to get the following song out of my head these days.... I wonder why that is?

I have no idea.  In any case, a few interesting developments on the MICKEY front!

It appears there was some dissention within the Mickey Inner Party.   A voice mail message from John Schill to Annie Duddy (both part of the inner sanctum) during January went as follows:

"Annie I'ma having to delete your posts and if you continue to post Mickey is not there I'm gonna have to ban from Save Mickey. You cannot say he is not at MASH. That is not your pwace and you should never do so. Mickey cannot leave Mash. The only reason it is because I'm involved. You can't do it. Mickey cannot be known to be not at MASH. Why would you post like that? Who are you to post like that? You can't post that."

Extra consideration to the phrase Mickey cannot be known to be not at MASH.  Indeed, because that would have been a violation of a COURT ORDER.   Again, note this was back in JANUARY, and Mick was not released to his new digs until May.   This is consistent with the "Mickey Cam" being down for days at a time.  It would be no surprise that these "glitches" were intentional and the Mauler was released from confinement during those times.  Obviously, I cannot prove that but the theory is very plausible. 

Much to the consternation of Mick's rank and file (proles), the WMBC page has devolved into a spam page for "save this biter" or "prayers for that mauler" and the like. Very little info on the Saint himself.  The "Proles" of the Save Mickey movement had been more or less abandoned.  And, why not?  The big shots got what they wanted:

- Mauler is spared.
- Mauler is free from the jail.
- They have the legal precedent they need to save more maulers.

So, who cares about all of that filthy rabble?  The useful idiots are no longer useful and they get dumped at the curb... its all good!  Well, until they are needed AGAIN but I'm sure their overriding, irrational love of all dogs will get them to support the next "save this killer dog" type cause!

There is something to be learned here:  Dog lovers take Heed!  Getting involved with any of these AR creeps is NOT going to make your life better.  They will take your money and your time and leave you holding the bag.  Consider that they care for nothing but dogs and themselves - its obvious they put zero value on the lives, rights and interests of other human beings.  They have nothing but contempt for you.  To them, you are nothing but a commodity to be consumed!  

The Mick Cam was never re-activated at the new location, arguably due to the Mick Foamer's theory the place would be immediately stormed and overrun by a phalanx of Mickey Haters armed with machine guns, rocket launchers, and flame throwers.   However, the theory amongst the more rational is that a new Mick Cam would reveal that the mauler is not being housed in a manner consistent with the court order.... i.e. a suburban living room or the like with frequent breaks to walk the neighborhood. 

Consider this:

Is that window some sort of unbreakable Plexiglas?  What sort of door is on that "room"?  Mick's digs at MASH indicated that he was not going to escape to maul anybody.  His home was a cell of concrete and steel designed to harbor human prisoners. WHERE is he running and playing?

We the people have a right to some transparency in this matter.  Ideally, every dog that mauls and kills would be summarily put down, this relieving us of the burden of harboring known dangerous animals in our communities.

That said, if its imperative (for some arcane reason) to spare these beasts then we have a right to a FULL ACCOUNTING of where the damn thing is every minute of every day!   How the hell does a DOG that tears up a CHILD have a right to this sort of privacy?   What should we call this....?



  1. I think there is a lesson to be learned here-kill the dog at the time of the attack. It's called the 100% solution. No court circus, no neutered judge, no pissed on court order. Don't let the dog live to maul another day.

    Entirely offensive but aptly describing the world. Dogs are like a boil on the ass of the problem. I have no doubt that at this point the court order is little more than TP by the dog lawyers crapper.
    The only invasion that would happen if the maulers location was known would be from the degenerates who support this dogs right to rip a child's face off.
    If the mauler was out of the jail before being taken to his new secret location then the sheriff would have had to be complicit .
    In light of all this I hope a copy of this supposed voice mail was sent to the local DA for review. If as claimed the mauler is now well he should be back at the MASH unit.
    Supposedly the money in the trust fund to support the dog is gone and yet they aren't accepting donations.
    The location of this dog is a matter of public safety. Would you use a vet clinic for your own pets or as is often the case take your children with you knowing that there is a dangerous dog being housed there ?

    1. I estimate that they are not soliciting donations for kennel fees because.... there is no kennel. Mick is being housed at the personal home of Schill or another Inner Party member. Given that no one is officially keeping track of the mutt, they figure they can get away with it.

      I would like to see the DA, or at least a neutral party, verify that the mauler is being housed continually at a facility that meets the conditions of the court order.

      I just had the thought that they put trackable ankle bracelets on humans under "house arrest". Why not force the Mauler to wear the same or similar as a collar? The collar tracks his position to within a few yards, and it can NEVER be taken off.

      All of that said, I agree with KaD - he should have just been killed on the spot. Oh, well.

    2. Well it wasn't so that's irrelevant in this case. All this nonsense over a dog that ripped of a child's face. It seems to the mauler crew that the more violent and dangerous a dog is the more desirable it becomes to save and even possibly own it.
      In all likelihood if the dog is at a private home it will be someone innocent that pays the price. Just like last time.
      There's a chink in the armor I hope someone can exploit that and end this nonsense. It was agreed he would be at the MASH or dead. Since he's not at the jail it should be disposed of.

    3. If that residence is like many in the Phoenix area, it has a 6-foot wall around the back yard. But a neighbor with a good security camera could see over it.

      And I'd also be willing to bet that Mickey barks when he's outside. Which is another way of announcing his location to the world.

    4. And we all know a six foot fence is not a barricade to a fully charged pit with an agenda. Anyone have a guess what the mauler weighs.

  3. I hope this canine IED mauls one of its handlers, badly. Karma bites.

  4. What is so amusing is that the 'John BANNED Annie' Facebook page, which lasted all of two days and on which the Mauler-is-not-at-MASH voicemail first saw the light of day, was set up by a female devotee of the exalted one to draw attention to the amount of time, effort and money that a fellow female devotee had put into preserving the Mauler. Allegedly, when the money ran out, the female devotee was no longer considered to be useful. The person who set up the site was so focused on this issue, it seems, that they did not realise the implications of broadcasting the voicemail and the issues that it raises.

    For six days there was not a mention of the Mauler on its own site. The site was becoming a sort of generic adopt-a-pit site. THEN the voicemail saw the light of day, and the Mauler's site went into overdrive (there was no connection, of course). There was a long piece on how the Mauler was doing and news that the MASH webcam would soon be up and running so that people could view nanny dogs for adoption, or words to that effect. The person who set up the 'John BANNED Annie' site took it down because she had not realised that it would attract the haters (haters, of course, being people who care more for a mauled child than a vicious dog).

    1. Indeed. The "John banned Annie" site indicated an internecine conflict in the Mickey Universe. Obviously, none of these people give a crap about public health or safety.

      Divide and conquer.

  5. Has Mickey been declared on the insurance policy of his current residence? (A lot of insurers won't cover a property with a pit bull.)

  6. And, if you want to find property ownership records, here's where to start:

  7. I took a screenshot of the page because I suspected that it wouldn't last long. As well as the revealing voicemail, there was this (reproduced verbatim):

    "JOHN banned ANNIE: So sad that such a kind person, (we all know who that is) who gave so much, was treated like dirt. Paid many of "said dog's" expenses, gave "said dog" so much love, but when the pot ran dry and there was no more money to give, nice person gets kicked to the curb by selfish, manipulating, media whore who truly uses people and takes advantage of them. Let the truth be known!"

    There is a reply from someone who has the initials AD: "Thank you. If people only knew."


    1. I don't have sympathy for Ms. Duddy. ANYONE who was part of the Save Mickey bandwagon, or anything like it, is an embarrassment to the human race. Hoist with her own petard, she was! I don't care how badly these miscreants screw each other over.... they all deserve it.

      Now, if she were to fully repent and admit that the whole thing was a huge mistake, fully disclose each and every illicit act committed by Schill, Arpaio and the like, apologize to Kevin and his family and become a crusader for realistic animal control (i.e. killing maulers), etc... THEN she would be someone worthy of sympathy. Until then, she remains a degenerate like the rest of them.

    2. Allow me to modify my above statement a bit (coffee has not kicked in yet). I actually DO care about these miscreants screwing each other over - to the extent that I find such acts very entertaining.

    3. Pioneer we would so much appreciate your sharing of the screen shots and recording, please please. Privately of course

  8. That photo taken next to the presumably non-Plexiglas window could be of any ol' pit! Why the secrecy?

    1. I haven't been awake long enough to twist your statement into a "pit bulls can't be identified" joke.

      All the secrecy aside, I don't know who would have the gall or the guts to get that close to a known mauler.

      (loophole: If a dog did something good than it was totally a pit bull!! See how ridiculous you haters are being? Spreading lies like that, saying pit bulls are dangerous out of your goshdarn ignorance. You're liable to get someone killed. Go educate yourself, it's for the good of all pit bulls. I mean everyone.)

    2. You two have added a whole new dimension to the claim "pit bulls can't be identified".

      Before, it was "If a pit bull cannot be identified, how do you know your dog is a pit bull?"

      Now: "If a pit bull cannot be identified, then how do you know its the same/your dog?"


  9. From the Recycle-A-Pit site formerly known as The Mauler's site, 26th August 2015:

    "Mickey and John had a great visit today!

    Mickey is now doing play bows, and running zoomies around the park! Mickey loves to run and have fun. Mickey has also started to play fetch!

    Mickey is totally relaxed and happy at his new home!"

    So the vicious dog that was supposed to be euthanised but wasn't euthanised on the understanding that it would be kept in a secure facility after it attacked Kevin is now running around a park, eh? Does the judge know about this?

    1. I saw that. Indeed, the entire Mick fiasco has been one bait and switch after another, and it seems like almost everyone is falling for it.

      First, given that the dog is a PERSON, give it full legal due process and sentence it to jail as they would a human perp. Dog should not be summarily "executed" as it is a PERSON, and we don't do that to PEOPLE, now do we?

      Second, after euthanasia is off the table (pursuant to the FIRST point, above) move the goalposts and push the narrative that the dog is just a dog and does not have any quality of life in a jail the same as a human prisoner. He is just a dumb dog and can't be held accountable. The dog is sick (supposedly) and needs to recuperate at some 5 star facility (probably Schill's home).

      Third, wait until the heat is off and ignore the court order and everything else because "what possible difference could it make at this point?"